Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 81

Seeing Wang Sanheng take out his cell phone to make a call, Guo Le's face turned white with fear.

He anxiously whispered, "Mr. Ning, it seems like he's going to call Jianghu Big Brother! I'll stall them, you run quickly!"

"Don't worry, it's fine."

Ning Tian Lang casually pulled over a chair and sat down, lighting a cigarette and said indifferently, "I've already said, even if Song Jinshan comes, he'll still have to kneel down obediently for me!"

Wang Sanheng, who had already finished his phone call, had a fierce look in his eyes:

"Kid, you'll just have to go through the motions again! In less than ten minutes, Army Master Song will be able to arrive! You'll definitely die then!"

"Hahahahaha......" Liang Peng finally laughed freely, "Little trash, you only have ten minutes left to brag, you'd better hurry up and enjoy yourself!"

Ning Tianlang spat out a mouthful of smoke rings, "I'm telling the truth, why don't you guys believe me? Why don't you believe me? Do you have to see the coffin before you shed a tear?"

"You really don't stop bragging for a minute!" Liang Peng laughed his ass off.

"It's just a bit of a pity that when you die, this young master won't be able to hear such wonderful bullshitting anymore!"

As he was laughing, he heard a clutter of footsteps coming from outside.

Liang Peng exulted, "It's Armsmaster Song arriving!"

Wang Sanheng and his men all straightened their faces and stood respectfully on both sides of the front door to welcome Military Master Song!

Only Song Jinshan's arrogant voice resounded at the gate:

"I've heard that there are people here with weapons? This military master would like to open his eyes and see what kind of god dares to ......."

As he spoke, he had already stepped into the front hall.

The moment he saw Ning Tianlang, he swallowed all his words back into his stomach!

His face turned pale with a swish!

It was as if his blood had been drained out of his body in an instant!

Liang Peng was extremely colorless and whispered to Ning Tianlang, "Military Counselor Song has arrived! You brat is completely wasted!"

His words had just fallen.


Song Jinshan, who had only stepped into the threshold of the front hall with his front foot, directly softened his legs and knelt straight in front of Ning Tianlang!

The entire person was shivering madly, shaking as if he had touched an electric door!

Liang Peng: "......"

Wang Sanheng: "......"

Crowd: "......"

Everyone looked at each other face to face!

No one knew what was going on!

"Military Master Song ......" Wang Sanheng had just carefully shouted out three words when Song Jinshan violently turned back to him and glared viciously at him, so hideous that it was as if he wanted to eat him alive!

"Wang Sanheng! You fucking punked me!!!"

Wang Sanheng was dumbfounded, "Jun, military division, I didn't ah ...... how would I dare to pit you ah ......"

Song Jinshan's eyes filled with blood and hissed, "You wait for this matter to finish! I'm not going to skin you!"

He simply hated Wang Sanheng!

Originally, he helped Zhang Wenchang to fix those investors, but also happy to think, when to invite Ning Tianlang to have a meal to pull the relationship!

As a result of this Wang Sanheng good, directly to his head to a stick!

He was sitting at home, the trouble came from the sky!

Wang Sanheng looked at Song Jinshan's bloodshot eyes full of hatred, the original fierce face became a blank.

He did not understand until now, in the end, which link went wrong!

Liang Peng was even more completely dumbfounded!

He had thought that when the legendary Armsmaster Song arrived, he would be able to waste this brat straight away in three strokes!

He even fantasized about how to feed Ning Tianlang shit!

But how could he not expect that this Military Master Song would directly kneel to the other party as soon as he arrived!

"What the ...... hell is going on here?" Liang Peng looked to Wang Sanheng and cried out, "This can't be a fake Military Commander Song, right?"

"I don't fucking know what's going on!"

Wang Sanheng slapped his thighs, simply dumbfounded!

It wasn't just him, everyone around him was confused.

One by one, they rubbed their eyes, unable to believe what they saw in front of them!

Song Jinshan walked on both knees to come to Ning Tianlang's feet and wailed:

"Mr. Ning, Mr. Ning this matter has nothing to do with me at all! I just finished eating in the neighborhood, and I was tricked into coming over here in confusion!"

He turned around and pointed at Wang Sanheng, "That man just got out of prison, and I've only had him under my command for a short while! I don't know anything about what he did! If he messes with you, as long as you give me a word, I'll directly clean up the door!"

Hearing Song Jinshan's tearful voice, Wang Sanheng's blood ran cold!

This was clearly the rhythm of sacrificing him!

"How can you, Military Master Song ......"

Before he could finish his words, Song Jinshan hissed:

"You fucking kneel down for me! How dare you mess with Mr. Ning's head, you've lived enough Laozi hasn't!"


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