Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 82

"This ......"

Wang Sanheng slowly turned his head towards Ning Tianlang as a frightening thought surfaced in his mind!

I'm afraid I've really kicked the bucket today!

"Kneel down!"

Hearing Song Jinshan's roar once again, Wang Sanheng's legs trembled and he directly fell to his knees with a loud boom!

He finally understood!

This calm looking young man in front of him was an existence that even Military Master Song didn't dare to mess with!

As Wang Sanheng knelt, the twenty or so men behind him all followed suit and fell to their knees!

Immediately after, Zhou Xinghua and the others also fell to the ground with horrified faces!

At one time, in the entire hall, only Liang Peng and Guo Le were still standing!

Liang Peng was so scared that his face was devoid of human color!

He froze in place like a demented fool, neither standing nor kneeling!

Ning Tianlang sat on a chair and said to Song Jinshan indifferently, "Sergeant Song, we meet again, you're here to get back at your men?"

"No, no, no ......" Song Jinshan waved his hands repeatedly, "I'm just passing through, just passing through ......"

Upon hearing this, Wang Sanheng was about to cry.

Just now on the phone Song military division also patted his chest and assured him that he would absolutely help him and Liang Peng to take revenge!

How did he turn into a passerby in the blink of an eye?

"Wang Sanheng."

Ning Tian Lang's icy voice suddenly entered his ears, Wang San Heng was jolted and hurriedly said in a trembling voice, "It ...... is me."

"Last time on the bus, you knelt for two hours, and you haven't grown any memory at all?"

"I ......" Wang Sanheng suddenly had a bright idea and turned his head to point at Liang Peng, "It's all him! Not only did he ask us to threaten our partners, but he also asked us to help him out with his competitors!"

Ning Tianlang's eyes narrowed slightly, "You mean, you're not at fault at all?"

Song Jinshan cursed angrily, "If you don't want to die, then fucking hurry up and honestly admit your mistakes to Mr. Ning!"

"I ...... was wrong, I was wrong ......" Wang Sanheng instantly sweated like a river, confessing his mistake, "I shouldn't have helped Liang Peng do his evil deeds, and I shouldn't have provoke you ......"

A strong man of over one meter ninety had shivered into a ball at this point!

Ning Tian Lang turned his gaze to Liang Peng again, "Young Master Liang, what about you? What you promised me, when do you plan to accomplish it?"

Liang Peng was so scared that he was about to go into cardiac arrest!

His voice was weak as he said, "You ...... you mean the matter of eating shit live?"

"Is there anything else?"

"No, no more ......"

"Nothing?" Ning Tianlang slammed the table, "What are you going to do about this Ning Family Mausoleum contract?!"


Liang Peng finally couldn't withstand the pressure and knelt to the ground, crying out in pain, "Sign the free contract! We, Cheng Liang Construction, will build the Ning Family Mausoleum for you for free!"

"Draw up the contract on site! Sign it on site!"

As soon as Ning Tianlang's words fell, Zhou Xinghua hurriedly crawled to the table on his knees and nodded, "Yes, yes, yes, I'll change the contract to free right now!" "As for you ......," Ning Tianlang returned his gaze back to Wang Sanheng's body, "You'll follow Liang Peng and eat shit live as a punishment."

"I ......"

Wang San Heng was just about to say something else when Song Jinshan roared, "Try refuting Mr. Ning if you dare? Believe it or not I'll rip your head off right now?!"

"Yes ...... I, I'll eat shit with Liang Peng ......"

Wang Sanheng's tears were flowing down his face.

He himself, a bully who mixed the tip of the knife, was actually going to eat shit on the live broadcast platform!

Who would he be able to scare in the future?

I'm afraid that in the future, instead of being scared, others might laugh out loud when they see themselves ......

Song Jinshan hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Mr. Ning, I'll supervise them on this matter! Tomorrow at twelve noon, it will be broadcast live on the Quick Shake platform on time!"

Before long, Guo Le had already signed the contract with Zhou Xinghua.

"Mr. Ning, we'll immediately arrange for people to start construction this afternoon! Just rest assured, it's definitely the best work and the best materials!"

Zhou Xinghua patted his chest and assured.

"Good." Ning Tianlang stood up and said to Guo Le, "Then you'll be in charge of the rest."

"Yes! Mr. Ning!"

Guo Le's gaze towards Ning Tianlang was filled with fervent admiration!

Seeing Ning Tian Lang step away, Song Jinshan hurriedly knelt down and sent two steps towards the door, saying in a loud voice:

"Don't worry, Mr. Ning, I'll definitely teach this ungrateful thing a good lesson!"


The next day Ning Tianlang slept until after ten o'clock.

Only after slowly washing up did he open the live broadcast platform.

He was ready to see how these two people, Liang Peng and Wang San Heng, live-streamed eating shit.

Entering the live broadcast room number that Song Jinshan had sent him, he saw the two people, Liang Peng and Wang Sanheng, sitting side by side like elementary school students.

Wang Sanheng's face was ashen and he whispered, ''Are you watching, Mr. Ning, Mr. Ning? We have ...... vomited ...... already prepared for shit ......"

By this time, the live broadcast room had already had many visitors come in, and everyone was typing away:

"What is this? Live streaming and eating shit?"

"Crap, did I see it right? These two people can't be crazy, right?"

"People nowadays really have no lower limits in order to make money! They can do anything to get attention!"

"Shit, I'm having lunch, I'm in the wrong room, bye!"

Just then, one person posted a comment:

"You're all sick, right? Watching two grown men eating shit here? The young master of the Shangguan family next door is live-streaming the abuse of his fiancée, that's what's so exciting!"

Seeing this comment, Ning Tianlang's eyelids jumped.

Young master of the Shangguan family?


Could it be Gu Ningyu?


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