Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 86

Shangguan Qing's entire face was twisted like an evil ghost as he pointed at Ning Tianlang and roared:

"Today I'm going to fucking kill you alive along with this stinking cousin!"

He was on the verge of going mad with anger!

Originally, as the concubine son of the Shangguan family, he couldn't raise his head in the family!

The day before yesterday, someone told him that his fiancée had cheated on him!

He had become a laughing stock in the Shangguan family!

Not only were his half-brothers and sisters sneering at him, but even the uncles' family branches dared to point their noses at him and ridicule him!

Shangguan Qing's eyes turned red and he punched the wall:

"You dog adulterer simply don't fucking put me in your eyes! How dare you appear in front of me in a dignified manner!"

Gu Ningyu, who was tied to a chair on the side, seemed to have been drugged by them with something, and her entire body was dazed.

When she heard Ning Tian Lang's voice, she struggled to raise her head and cried, "Shangguan Qing, I really didn't cheat! I was wrongly accused! Don't you take it out on others!"

Shangguan family that was one of the top big families in Qing'an city, although Shangguan Qing was only a commoner son, his power was not to be underestimated.

At this time, there were so many rich second generation who were on the same front with Shangguan Qing, she was afraid that Ning Tianlang would suffer in front of these people.

However, it was fine if she didn't say this.

After she said it, Shangguan Qing was instead so angry that his veins were about to explode!

"I'm a grass mud horse! You bitch! You're already having trouble protecting yourself, and you're still thinking about your 'adulterer'? Simply looking for death!"

He bellowed, scurried directly in front of Gu Ningyu, and grabbed her long hair!

Shangguan Qing clenched his back teeth and said through his teeth, "Bitch, is it true that I beat you too lightly?"

Gu Ningyu had her head tilted back in pain as he yanked her hair, revealing bruises on her neck.

Looking at her agonized appearance, Ning Tianlang's eyes almost spewed out fire!

"Shangguan Qing! Let go of her! Otherwise I will take your life today!"

"Hahahahaha...... you threatening me?" Shangguan Qing pulled Gu Ningyu's hair with force and rampantly said, "Do you have that strength to take my life?!"

With that, he looked at Zhu Yingjie, "Young Master Zhu, this is your territory! You throw this brat out! I'll let you be the first to enjoy Gu Ningyu!" Zhu Yingjie's face stiffened, "This is between you two, it has nothing to do with me."

He hadn't even figured out his own family's affairs yet, so how could he have the leisure to interfere in other people's affairs?

Although Gu Ningyu was indeed delicate and alluring, Wang Sanheng's gang of fierce men were still blocking the doorway, so he didn't have the guts even if he had the heart to do so!

Seeing Zhu Yingjie wanting to stay out of it, Shangguan Qing was slightly stunned, "What do you mean by that, Mr. Zhu?"

"I don't mean anything." Zhu Yingjie said with a sullen face, "I just want to advise you that it's best to let go of Miss Gu."

Xu Huan also hurriedly squeezed his eyebrows and said, "Yes, Shangguan, I don't think there's any misunderstanding here! Miss Gu doesn't seem like someone who would cheat on her ......"

The other rich second-generation also echoed: "Yes, it's better to check it out, don't wrongly accuse a good person ......"

"You guys ...... didn't you just monkey around with Gu Ningyu? Now all fucking pretend what good person?!"

Shangguan Qing's face turned blue, not knowing what kind of evil these people had gotten into!

"What are you talking about! Who's monkeying around?" Xu Huan glanced at Ning Tian Lang's expression, "Shangguan, don't spill blood!"

Seeing that the always flirtatious Xu Huan had become serious, Shangguan Qing also sensed that things didn't seem quite right.

He slowly let go of Gu Ningyu's hair and looked at Ning Tianlang with an extra layer of scorn in his gaze.

"Kid, what exactly do you do?" Shangguan Qing gradually calmed down and asked in a deep voice, "Why are you trying to cuckold my old man?"

"No one has ever cuckolded you, and Gu Ningyu has never cheated on you."

"You still dare to argue? The two of you kissing each other in public in Motor City was witnessed by someone!"

Gu Ningyu took a deep breath and choked, "Shangguan Qing, I only accompanied him to buy a car that day, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary at all!"

"A lone man and woman going to buy a car? Who would believe it if you say it!"

"What about you?" Gu Ningyu's tears fell like rain, "You've already been engaged, aren't you still taking a young model in and out of various nightclubs? Have I ever questioned you?"

"I'm a man! Can you fucking compare to me?!" Shangguan Qing shouted angrily

"Little bitch! I'm telling you, even if I get married in the future, I can still go out and play around! It's none of your fucking business!!!"


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