Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 87

Gu Ningyu's pair of beautiful eyes were about to shed tears of blood!

She cried out in pain, "Didn't you decide that I cheated on you? You still won't let me go? And still want to marry me?"

"I'll tell you the truth today, although I haven't cheated physically, I'm already in love with him in my heart! I am not going to marry you!"


Shangguan Qing raised his hand and slapped Gu Ningyu:

"Grass! You think I'm willing to marry you? If it wasn't for the fact that you're good looking, plus the fact that your big brother is a bit powerful, I wouldn't want to marry a bitch like you!"

Gu Ningyu's eyes were filled with despair as blood spilled from the corner of her mouth from his beating!

"Shangguan Qing!"

Ning Tian Lang didn't expect him to dare to hit someone!

In an instant, anger erupted, and a majestic fury exploded out of his body!

With a loud shout, he flew up and kicked Shangguan Qing directly!


Shangguan Qing's back slammed hard against the carved bedpost behind him, drawing cold air in pain.

"Cursed mud horse, you kid dare to hit me with your hands ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tian Lang shouted loudly, "Wang San Heng, come in!"

With a command, Wang Sanheng rushed in with a dozen or so of his men in an aggressive manner!

Frightened, those erstwhile ancestors dodged to the side, practically wishing to go through the wall and hide in the next room!

Looking at the group of brawny men that suddenly appeared, Shangguan Qing was so frightened that he forgot about the pain!

He stared wide-eyed and said in horror, "What are you ...... what are you people ...... doing here ......"

Ning Tianlang untied the ropes from Gu Ningyu's body and carried her to the bed before he waved his hand at Wang Sanheng and the others, "Tie them up!"

As soon as the words fell, those strong men immediately tied Shangguan Qing solidly to the chair that Gu Ningyu had just sat on like they were tying up a small chicken.

"Let go of me! You guys are committing a crime! I'm going to sue you guys!" Shangguan Qing frantically wriggled and screamed, screaming that

"I'm the young master of the Shangguan family! How dare you guys do this to me? You'll all wait for me! The Shangguan family will not let you go!"

"Since when can you represent the Shangguan family?!"

A huffing, icy voice came out, causing the hairs on Shangguan Qing's body to stand up!

"Big ...... brother ......"

In his terrified to the core gaze, Shangguan Hong, dressed in a black suit, walked in with an iron-clad face.

Upon seeing Shangguan Hong, those Second Generation Ancestors beside him all respectfully hung their heads, "Shangguan Da Shao."

The family that these people belonged to was simply the difference between heaven and earth compared to the Shangguan family. It was only Shangguan Qing, the unpopular commoner's son, who would mix with them.

As for Shangguan Hong's circle, they were not even qualified to enter!

Shangguan Hong coldly glanced at them, then walked straight to Shangguan Qing and said in a deep voice, "Explain to me what's going on?!"

"Big, big brother ...... I, I just had a party with my friends and drank, didn't ...... not do anything bad ah ...... "

Shangguan Qing was scared for a while and chilled straight away.

In the Shangguan family, Shangguan Hong's status is very supreme, and is the next head of the family as recognized by his grandfather.

They were a dozen or so siblings who hated and feared Shangguan Hong.

At this moment, seeing Shangguan Hong's face as black as the bottom of a pot, Shangguan Qing was so scared that he couldn't even stick his tongue out straight.

"Didn't do anything bad?!" Shangguan Hong pointed at Gu Ningyu who was sitting on the bed shivering, and said angrily, "Then what's wrong with her? Didn't you do the injuries on her body?"

Shangguan Qing's lips turned white, "She ...... was the one who cheated on me with that brat first, that's why I taught her a lesson!"

Hearing this, Shangguan Hong was so scared that his legs went soft and he almost directly fell to his knees!

Dare Shangguan Qing hit or Ning Tian Lang's woman?

Isn't this looking for death?

He clenched his teeth tightly and said fiercely, "Are you planning to lose the entire Shangguan family for the sake of a fucking woman?"

"What does this ...... have to do with the family?"

Shangguan Qing was dumbfounded-

He had only beaten the daughter of a second-rate family, could it still have any effect on the titular Shangguan Family?

Shangguan Hong peeked at Ning Tianlang's face and shouted angrily at Shangguan Qing:

"You live-streamed a beating on a live-streaming platform, do you know that this will have a very bad impact on the family's reputation?!"

Previously, Ning Tian Lang had instructed him to pretend he didn't recognize him when he called him.

Therefore, Shangguan Hong didn't dare to mention Ning Tianlang, and could only bring up the live broadcast.

Hearing Shangguan Hong's words, Shangguan Qing's face instantly turned pale:

"Big brother, I really didn't think that much ah, I'm just trying to have fun ...... You just spare me this time, okay? Please ......"

"Spare you?" Shangguan Hong looked at Ning Tian Lang's eye color again, "You stabbed such a big basket, and still want me to spare you?!"

Everyone else was standing behind Shangguan Hong and couldn't see his eyes, but Shangguan Qing could see it clearly -

His elder brother was clearly looking at that "adulterer's" eyes!

In an instant, the cold sweat on his head flowed wildly!


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