Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 88

Shangguan Qing turned her gaze to Ning Tianlang, her voice trembling, ''I ...... I gave Gu Ningyu to you! I don't want it anymore! You let me go!"

He was completely scared!

Someone who could make even Shangguan Daoshao look carefully at his eyes, what kind of amazing status must he have!

Ning Tianlang looked at him coldly, "Who told you that Gu Ningyu and I had been to Auto City?"

"It was ...... a woman named Tan Qiaoqiao ......"

Shangguan Qing didn't dare to hide it and hurriedly told everything one by one.

"That Tan Qiaoqiao found me through a Boss Zhao, saying that Gu Ningyu and a man were hugging and being intimate in the Auto City ...... Then this matter spread out somehow, and I felt that I had no face, so I decided to look for Gu Ningyu to take revenge... ..."

Hearing Tan Qiaoqiao's name, Gu Ningyu finally couldn't help but cry out in pain.

She kept shedding tears and muttered, "Where exactly did I offend her? Why did she harm me so much ......"

Ning Tian Lang's eyes narrowed slightly, killing intent surging in his eyes!

This snake woman with an evil heart, her methods were so underhanded!

He said to Wang Sanheng, "Can you find this Tan Qiaoqiao?"

"Yes!" Wang Sanheng nodded, "Isn't she just a saleswoman from Auto City? Finding her is easy!"

"Get her dead! But, don't make her death too easy!"

"No problem!" Wang Sanheng hemmed and hawed, "Just watch and see, Mr. Ning, this is our old job! I guarantee that she'll never see the sun tomorrow!"

With that, he waved his hand, "Brothers! Go! Go kill someone!"

Looking at Wang Sanheng's evil smile, everyone shuddered for a moment.

Shangguan Qing was even so scared that his face turned ashen, crying out in pain as he begged Ning Tianlang for forgiveness:

"Big brother, I already know I'm wrong! It was me who wrongly blamed Miss Gu! I'm wrong, I'm really wrong, just spare me this time ......"

Ning Tian Lang looked at Gu Ningyu, "Ningyu, do you want to spare him?"

"I ......" Gu Ningyu bit her lip, "As long as he breaks off the engagement with me, I'll pretend I never knew him as a person!"

She originally didn't have an ounce of affection for Shangguan Qing.

The reason why she was engaged to the other party was also entirely due to the pressure of the Gu family elders.

She didn't want to provoke the Shangguan family, and only begged Shangguan Qing to take the initiative to break off the engagement with herself.

Ning Tian Lang said in a cold voice, "Did you hear Miss Gu's words?"

"Hear hear!" Shangguan Qing nodded his head busily, "I'll go back and immediately break off the engagement with Miss Gu, and from now on, I will absolutely not appear in front of her!"

After saying that, he raised his head and pitifully prayed to Shangguan Hong, "Big brother, can this matter not be told to grandpa?......" "Not tell grandpa? Think beautiful!" Shangguan Hong snorted coldly, "Deadly sins can be avoided, but living sins are hard to escape! You'll just wait for the family law to deal with it!"

"Family ...... family law ......?"

Thinking of the severe and horrible punishment of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Qing directly rolled his eyes and fainted!

Ning Tianlang helped Gu Ningyu up, "How is it, can you walk? I'll send you home."

"Can ......" Gu Ningyu wiped her tears, "Thank you for today ......"

"This matter started because of me, there's no need for you to thank me." Ning Tian Lang wrapped Gu Ning Yu's slender waist, "Don't worry, tomorrow the Shangguan family will definitely send someone to the Gu family to break the engagement with you."

Shangguan Hong hurriedly said, "That's right, I'll personally keep an eye on this matter, so don't worry, Miss Gu."

With Young Master Shangguan's promise, Gu Ningyu was finally relieved.

Unloading the big stone in her heart, her body also lost its strength and directly fell softly into Ning Tian Lang's arms.

"No...... sorry, my feet are a bit soft."

She had a red face and didn't dare to look at Ning Tian Lang's eyes.

"It's okay, I'll hold you."

Ning Tian Lang didn't say anything, and with a direct force of his arms, he lifted Gu Ningyu up by the waist.

Gu Ningyu buried her face into his chest, sniffing the unique manly flavor of his body, and her heart was at peace.......

Seeing this scene, those second generation ancestors standing nearby all had strange faces.

This ...... Shangguan Qing didn't seem to have wronged them ah ......

Ning Tianlang held Gu Ningyu and walked to the door, and suddenly, as if he thought of something, he stopped his steps and turned back to Zhu Yingjie:

"Young Master Zhu, Zhu Yingyi's funeral should be held at the Enci Hall, right? Let's meet again tomorrow at the funeral!"

After saying that, he directly hugged Gu Ningyu and left.

Xu Huan looked at the mess in front of him, gulped and shivered:

"Old Zhu, that ...... I drank too much today, I may not be able to wake up tomorrow ...... I won't go to the third young master's funeral ah ...... "

The others also said:

"I also have a headache, I may not be able to go tomorrow ......"

"Zhu Da Shao, I'll give you the deposit to your bank card, so you won't be able to make it ......"

Hearing that Ning Tianlang would also go to Zhu Yingyi's funeral tomorrow, they all found various excuses to reject Zhu Yingjie's invitation.

No one wanted to wade through this mess!

Zhu Yingjie's face was extremely ugly as he directly flung his sleeves and left the scene, driving back to the Zhu family as fast as he could.

As soon as he entered the house, he went straight to Zhu Yongfeng's study.

"Dad, what exactly happened seventeen years ago? What kind of grudge does that surname Ning have against us in the end?!"


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