Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 90

"When ...... when ...... when ...... when ......"

Three deep and mellow bells rang out between heaven and earth.

Those who came to pay their respects were dressed in flashy black suits and held bouquets of yellow and white flowers.

The ladies, on the other hand, wore black dresses and covered their faces with black veils.

When they suddenly heard the sound of the bell, all of them felt a sense of grief and sorrow in their hearts.

"I wish the family head, my condolences."

A middle-aged man walked forward and mourned in a deep voice.

And then he picked up three pillars of incense from the side and lit them for Zhu Yingyi himself.

Immediately afterward, a Zhu Family's friends, family, and business partners all came forward one by one to pay their respects.

The crowd looked at Zhu Yingyi, who was lying in the luxurious coffin, and all of them sighed for a while.

"Zhu San Shao was so young, how did he suddenly get sick with an acute illness and leave?"

"Ai, of the three young masters of the Zhu family, one is far away in a foreign country, one is separated from heaven, and now only the eldest young master is still at the side of the Zhu family master ......"

Zhu Yingyi's tattered corpse had already been repaired and finished by the make-up artist, his face was peaceful and his mouth was smiling.

No one at all knew how miserable he was when he died!

They all thought that he had been stricken with an acute illness as the Zhu Family had claimed before he spilled his life away.

Listening to the low voices of the crowd, Zhu Yongfeng's eyes filled with tears and turned red like blood!

He forced back his tears and said to Zhu Yingjie, "Are you sure that brat will come today?"

"He said yes he will come." Zhu Yingjie looked back at Han Baoren, who was offering incense, "I'm guessing that he didn't dare to come because he heard that Old Monster Han was here?"

"It would be just as well if he didn't come!" Zhu Yongfeng clenched his fists, "If he really dares to come, I'll make sure he's buried with my son!!!"

His words just fell.

A tall and upright figure appeared in his eyes!

It ...... was him!

Zhu Yingjie's heart trembled as he suppressed his voice and said, "Dad, it's this kid!"

"Zhu Family Master, I've come to give Zhu San Shao a farewell!"

With a thunderous bellow, Ning Tianlang stepped in!

Zhu Yongfeng's eyelids fluttered as he looked at the well-defined face in front of him, and a monstrous wave rippled through his mind!

It was too similar!

Whether it was that clean-cut appearance or that soaring and confident aura, it was the same as the Ning Zhixue of seventeen years ago!

Ning Tianlang came close to Zhu Yongfeng, a cold and stern smile on his face as he faintly said, "Zhu family head, I'm sorry for your loss."

"You ......"

Zhu Yongfeng only felt a fishy sweetness in his throat!

The other party had killed his own son, but he still dared to come to the funeral to pay tribute in a dignified manner!

This was simply trampling the Zhu Family's face under the ground! "Kid, you really dare to come?!"

He clenched his teeth tightly and whispered, "The hatred of killing my son is not shared!"

Ning Tianlang's face was grim, "Zhu Family Master, everything has a cause and effect! The fire tragedy seventeen years ago was the cause of everything!"

Zhu Yongfeng's face suddenly changed, his voice hoarse, "I don't know what fire tragedy! Don't talk nonsense!"

"You don't know?" Ning Tianlang smiled coldly, "When I find out the truth and put it in front of your eyes, I'll see how you can still plead your way out of the case!"

"If you can find out, then go ahead and find out!" Zhu Yongfeng's pair of crimson eyes were filled with hatred, "But, you also have to see if you can live until the day you find out the truth!"

With that, he turned back to Han Bao Ren, "Old Monster Han, this person is here to smash the scene! I still hope that the brothers will come to his aid later on!"

Smash the scene?

The moment these words came out, the hundreds of guests in the hall all cast their gazes over.

Surprisingly, there was still someone who dared to come to the Zhu Family's funeral to smash the scene?

Wasn't this looking for death?

Han Bao Ren's face showed his ruthlessness, "Don't worry, Zhu Family Master, I've brought more than twenty brothers with excellent skills today! If he dares to act recklessly, I'll make sure that he comes in vertical and goes out horizontal!"

Hearing this, everyone pinched a sweat for Ning Tian Lang.

Everyone knew that one of the Seven Old Monsters, Old Monster Han, was a big shot who ran a black boxing ring underground.

The brothers under him were all professional boxers who came from black boxing!

All of them were so tough that it was not an exaggeration to say that they were one for ten!

Ning Tianlang smiled faintly, "Master Zhu, what's so unpleasant about smashing the venue? I'm here to give Zhu San Shao a farewell!"

With that, he waved his hand, "Guo Le, bring up the prepared congratulatory gifts!"

Congratulatory gifts?

The moment they heard these two words, the expressions of the crowd were all strange for a while.

The word congratulatory gift seemed like it shouldn't even appear in a sad occasion like a funeral!

However, before they had time to react, they were surprised to see Guo Le take out two wreaths from the large bag beside him.

For a moment, the air in the entire condolence hall froze!

The people present all stared in disbelief at what they were seeing!

Guo Le scratched his head with a naive face, "When I bought it back last night, it was still a green flower bone ......"

He didn't continue to say the following words. However, there was little difference between saying it and not saying it.

Everyone has already seen that last night's flower bones, today all of them opened a large red rose!

"Hiss ......"

Everyone had sucked in a breath of cool air!

Bringing a large red rose wreath to offer condolences, this ...... this is still not considered a smashing scene?


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