Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 87

Ginger Wine apologized, "You had an accident at the son of a bitch's hotel, so of course I have to make amends. I already taught him a hard lesson yesterday and punished him for kneeling on a rubbing board."

"Kneeling on a rubbing board?" Song Zhi found the picture very comical.

"Could it be that Third Brother has never knelt on a rubbing board? One day I'll mail you a few to try, it's cool." Ginger Wine was sitting on the other side of the hospital bed, tirelessly giving Ginger Wine science.

Then she saw Song Zhi, who had just been looking at Huo Mu Shen with adoration on his face, turn around to listen to Jiang Wine without any trace of affection.

Seeing Song Zhi leaping and not daring to move, Jiang Wine immediately added, "Third brother didn't protect you well, of course you should be punished, what kind of rubbing board do you like, I'll turn around and send you a few styles."

Song Zhu felt two cold and ghostly dangerous gazes coming from behind him, and winced as he pulled up the corner of his lips, "For the time being, I don't need it."

"Ginger Wine, if you say one more word, I'll throw you back right now!" After Huo Mou Shen finished speaking, he wanted to drive the person away.

Jiang Jiu hugged Song Zhi, "I won't say anything, third brother just now I passed by and heard sixth brother looking for you to talk about something, so hurry up and go."

When she came, she deliberately stepped on the spot.

Huo Mou Shen furrowed his brows and grimaced, seeing the two women come together to talk, there was no man in their eyes!

He held down Song Zhi's shoulders, lowered his head and kissed the corner of her lips, "Don't talk to Jiang Wine, she'll only bring you down!"

Afterward, Huo Mo Shen got up and left the hospital room.

Leaving behind Song Zhe and Jiang Jiu who smacked their lips.

Song Zhi's face 'swished' red, and she couldn't help but lift her finger to touch the corner of her lips.

"Third Sister-in-law, I didn't see that Third Brother was so domineering towards you!" Jiang Wine snickered.

Song Zhi's face burned even more and changed the subject, "What did you bring me?"

Jiang Wine violently tugged on her hand that was reaching for the gift and smiled thievishly, "Naturally, it's a reparation gift, when you get home after you're healed and take your time to look at it, I guarantee you'll be satisfied."

Song Zhi looked down at the two exquisite boxes and suppressed her curiosity, "Alright."

"By the way, Third Sister-in-law, you look like such a smart person, how did you get counted?" Jiang Jiu saw from the surveillance that Song Zhi was able to endure under such a cruel environment, so how could she be easily counted?

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi's eyes went cold, "If I say that it was my family that did this to me, will you believe me?"

"You mean that sister of yours? She's still relying on the Song family and won't leave?" Ginger Wine frowned.

"Not only is she not, but she's taken quite a few of my things." Song Zhi laughed lowly, hiding the hatred in her eyes.

"Don't be sad, we all know you've suffered quite a bit, and what you've lost, Third Brother and we will definitely all help you get it back." Jiang Jiu was filled with righteous indignation and gritted his teeth.

Song Zhi's nose was sore, this being cared for by loved ones was so nice.

She shook her head, "They took it from me, I want to take it back myself now!"

Ginger Wine agreed, there were some things that one could only do with one's own hands!

Sometimes, speak of the devil and he will come.

A figure in a flashy outfit abruptly pushes the door in, intentionally wearing exquisite makeup and stepping on eight centimeter high heels, scanning the ward for a week but not seeing Huo Mushan's figure, her eyes can't help but fall down with a touch of disappointment.

Jiang Wine's eyes are wary of the woman who suddenly arrives, standing up in a protective position over Song Yanran, she nonchalantly accuses, "Do you have any manners, coming in without knocking!"

Song Yanran faced Jiang Jiu's accusation with half a hint of guilt, "I came to my sister's room, I still need your approval! And what is your status, what gives you the right to be here?"

Song Yanran didn't have a good face for anyone around Song Zhe.

"It's not your business what my status is!" The corner of Jiang Wine's lips hooked up with a touch of sarcasm as she looked over disdainfully, "So you're the daughter of the mistress on TV!"

"You shut the hell up! I'm here to see my sister, get the hell out!" Song Yanran said and walked over to the side of Song Zhi's hospital bed, and with Song Zhi in the middle of the room she started arguing with Jiang Wine.

Jiang Wine was not a person who could allow herself to suffer in the first place!

Jiang Wine coldly said: ''Who are you to tell me to roll? The one who should roll is you, right?"

"You! I'm not going to talk to you!" Song Yanran narrowed her gaze and looked at the frail Song Zhi, the corner of her lips hooked into a fake smile, "Xiao Zhi, I came to see you, are you feeling better?"

"Seeing that I'm still alive, are you disappointed, sister?" Song Zhe's face was cold, not moving to avoid her arm that was hiking over.

If it wasn't for the fact that there was no video evidence at the top floor of Hua Ting, she would have sent Song Yanran to prison!

Song Yanran's smile stiffened on her face and she awkwardly took her arm back.

She and Song Zhi were now close to directly tearing their faces off in front of outsiders, but in the way of the Song family, Song Zhi just didn't dare!

And Song Yanran also knew that Song Ru had no evidence in his hands, and deliberately spoke gently, "Xiao Ru, I was worried that you weren't ready for you, so I came to take a look at you."

"Since you've finished looking, you can leave, I don't welcome outsiders here, and I don't want to be contaminated with the air I breathe." Song Zhe learned from Jiang Jiu's venomous tongue and returned with contemptuous sarcasm.

The corner of Song Yanran's lips tugged.

She had specifically come to find Huo Mou Shen, not to see her, so how could she be willing to leave just like that.

"Xiao Ru, Liu Chan has already paid a terrible price, her entire body fell from the fifteenth floor layer by layer, and now she is in prison, getting the price she deserves, so you should not bother about it anymore, after all, this matter is the brother-in-law's hand, in case it is spread out it also says that our family is bullying people."

"So, sister specially came just for the dog on her side still specially came to settle the score with me?" Song Ru asked rhetorically, and from his eyes erupted ten thousand slashes.

Instantly, Song Yanran felt her face being slapped with a fiery pain.

Although Liu Chan was said to be an insignificant person, he was at least her follower.

If she could get it out and deal with Song Zhi, she would definitely use it more smoothly, and she could also use it to discredit Song Zhi.

"Liu Chan is also all of our classmates, you also have to be mindful of your family, and you're sending someone in just because she inadvertently pushed you down the stairs, it looks like you're too narrow minded!" Song Yanran acted as the good guy, making it sound as gentle as I wanted it to be.

"I'm still the first time I've heard of a sister having an accident, and instead of helping, the older sister has to put her enemy out!"

Jiang Jiu's eyes were dark and cold, no wonder when everyone was against Third Brother marrying Third Sister-in-law, only Third Brother insisted, saying that Song Ru needed someone to love.


Song Ru was simply worse off than she was in the first place!

"There's no need for you, an outsider, to meddle in our Song family's affairs!" Song Yanyan heard Jiang Jiu stand out again and directly issued an expulsion order.

"Song Yanyan, don't give yourself an inch either! This is my friend, and who are you to tell me what to do!" Song Zhi raised his cold and stern eyes, which were filled with ten thousand daggers shooting straight at Song Yanyan.

Song Yanran was furious, her nails digging deep into her palms, clenching her teeth, "Xiao Ru ......"


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