Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 88

"My good sister!" Song Ru directly interrupted Song Yanran's words, a trace of disgust swept under her eyes, "I was injured you instead of you not coming to comfort me, instead you helped Liu Chan, really if you let outsiders take a look, they would think that you are Liu Chan's sister!"

"Of course I am your sister."

"Since you said Liu Chan is my classmate, then she pushed me down and slapped me, how does that count?" Song Ru coldly said.

"There's nothing wrong with your person, so just forget it."

"Forget it? Well then, as long as you replace Liu Chan and let me return the slap, I'll forget it, is that okay?" Song Ru sneered back, half thinking of letting anyone off the hook.

At this moment, in Song Yanran's eyes, Song Zhe was terrifying!

It was not a Song Zhu that could be taken at will!

Song Yanyan clenched her fists and was still about to open her mouth when she was interrupted by Jiang Jiu.

"Song Yanyan, your face really isn't ordinary!"

Jiang Wine raised her lips, the corners of her lips hooked up with irony if nothing else: "Your face is made of a footwash, right?"

"I don't know what you mean, this young lady?" Song Yanran's smile chapped inch by inch.

"You're the lady, your whole family is a lady!" Jiang Wine had always been venomous, just like when she was able to turn the Jiang family upside down she wouldn't show any weakness.

She took a step around the hospital bed and walked towards Song Yanran, an evil smile floating at the corner of her lips.

Song Yanran's spine went cold, unconsciously trying to move her feet, "What do you want to do?"

"Want to do what? Of course it's to beat up mistresses and sluts!"

"You!" Song Yanran wrinkled her beautiful eyebrows and looked back at Song Zhe, "Xiao Zhe, you just let outsiders bully me! Even if there was a misunderstanding between us, you shouldn't have condoned an outsider to come and humiliate our Song family!"

Song Yanran had always felt that anything she had with Song Ru should be the Song family's business, it was not the turn of an outsider to interfere!

Song Zhe was shocked by Song Yanran's chutzpah and laughed coldly, "Sister, aren't you getting the wrong person! I've already married into the Huo family, and now I'm Mrs. Huo, so I'm an outsider to the Song family! Even if it's a different identity, I'm still just the granddaughter of the Tang family, the daughter of the founder of Tang City, what does that have to do with you!"

Song Yanran froze, biting her lip: "You're still surnamed Song!"

"I am still surnamed Song, but not the same Song as 'Song Yanyan'!

And I remember that Aunt He has never been able to get a marriage license with dad, right? So in that case, sister, you're not the real Song family, right?"

Jiang Wine sneered from the side as well, "So it's an impostor Song Family Miss!"

"You shut up! I'm talking to my sister, what are you interjecting!" Song Yanran threw over her face, completely ignoring Jiang Jiu.

With a snort, Jiang Jiu then directly threw a cup of cold water directly over, "I am the Song Ru in-laws, Jiang Jiu! Song Yanran, I can't stand to see you taking advantage of people's things and licking your face to come over and beg for comfort, who gave you the courage to let a pig go to heaven!"

Song Yanran was splashed all over her face, and just as she was about to slam the water cup back, she was cut off violently by Song Zhi.

"Song Yanran, don't go too far, just because I don't expose you doesn't mean I don't have a temper." Song Zhi's body hadn't recovered yet, he didn't want to make a scene with Song Yanran, his voice was a little weak.

"Xiao Ru, if you don't want to do it I'll do it for you!" Jiang Wine rolled up her sleeves, her eyes didn't care, "This kind of person will be fine with a couple more slaps!"

Song Ru did not expect Jiang Jiu to be even more hot-tempered than she was, but she figured that this was just a feud between her and Song Yanran, and did not want to involve innocent people.

She stopped Jiang Wine.

When Song Yanran saw Song Ru stop her, a flash of malice swept through her eyes.

So what if Song Ru was even more capable!

There was still no evidence, and it was still not possible to publicize the Song family's family scandal.

The Song family's reputation is not good, Song Zhi also suffered the same implicated, she did not dare to say these things out.

These all give Song Yanran enough backbone, "Ms. Jiang, I advise you to stay out of our Song family's personal affairs!"

After putting down these words, Song Yanran threw off her face and directly left the hospital room.

Banging the door with a bang, she said that she came to see Song Zhi, and stayed for less than five minutes in total.

"What face? Third sister-in-law, why don't you let me do it?" Jiang Wine tugged at the quilt, wringing it out extremely unwillingly.

Seeing that the quilt was fast she tore it up, Song Ru's heart was inexplicably moved again, "You'll dirty your hands if you do it to Song Yanran."

With a 'pfft', Jiang Jiu immediately laughed out, "Third sister-in-law, do you want to be funny with this reason! I didn't even feel dirty when I beat up the Jiang family, how could I now!"

Song Zhi doesn't know much about Jiang Jiu's past, but she doesn't have half an impression of her in her past life's memories, and she only learned from Huo Mou Shen that M&R had been fighting with a foreign company for a while without stopping, and she heard that it was to take it out on a woman.

Her heart throbbed with a sense of uneasiness, and she could only wave away the horrible thoughts in her mind carelessly.

Since the heavens had allowed her to return reborn, it was giving her a chance to help those around her.

On this side, Song Yanran had just left the house and wanted to go to Huo Mushan to explain the scene, as long as all the dirty water was poured over Gu Qingjia's head, she could say that everything was smeared!

She casually grabbed a female nurse and coldly asked, "Where is Huo Shao?"

As soon as she saw Song Yanyan covered in name tags, she was sure that she was some kind of big shot and couldn't afford to offend her, so she immediately replied truthfully, "Mr. Huo is talking to Dr. Bu in the 802 office."

Song Yanran let go of the female nurse's wrist, slapped her wrist in disgust, lifted her foot and walked straight to the door.

She pulled out a makeup mirror to touch up her makeup at the door, and was about to step in with a good grace, but her footsteps were directly interrupted by a voice from inside.

"Third brother, why don't we take this opportunity to treat third sister-in-law's mental illness?" Bu Yan suggested.

Song Ru had a mental illness?

Then in that case, Song Zhu is even more unworthy of the Huo family!

The door of the hospital is not soundproof, and from inside comes out another voice of explanation from Bu Yan: "Third Sister-in-law now has nightmares, and this kind of resistance can be seen from these few times, why don't we do a hypnosis, so that Third Sister-in-law can spit out all the things she has hidden inside her heart, so that it's good to talk about the things that have been nagging at her heart!"

Song Yanran's eyes revealed a touch of surprise, the bottom of her eyes slowly deepened, so Song Zhi really has mental illness?

At this moment, she held back the excitement in her heart and continued to listen to the words inside.

"Third brother, dragging it on is not a solution." Bu Yan persuades.

Only after a long time did Huo Muchen speak, "Doing hypnosis, what are the side effects?"

"It will make Third Sister-in-law tell everything she knows, and the expert I found will definitely be able to keep Third Sister-in-law from suffering a bit of harm." Bu Yan solemnly assures Huo Moushen.

Huo Mushen's low magnetic voice comes out, "This matter is not allowed to let Xiao Zhi know, doing hypnosis should be held in secret."

"Okay, I will definitely keep this matter a secret." Bu Yan nodded heavily.

But the two didn't know that all of this happened to be heard by Song Yanran, the corner of her lips hooked up with a touch of mocking smugness, and she directly helped Gu Qingjia collect the inspection report, then returned to Gu Qingjia's hospital room.


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