Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 89

In the hospital room.

Gu Qingjia was still lying on the bed, her face was so pale that she was half bloodshot, and her exposed skin was all pinched out with heavy and purple marks.

It was obvious how tragic the situation was!

"Qing Jia, how did you become like this?" Song Yanran deliberately showed a worried look on her face.

Gu Qingjia's eyes, which were originally tightly closed, abruptly opened, her eyes bloodshot as she looked at Song Yanran, staring straight at the inspection report in her hands.

"You give me the report."

Gu Qingjia's gruff voice resounded in the room.

Gu Qingjia looked at the report sheet in her hand, biting her lips tightly and revealing her bloodshot eyes, "Bring it to me!"

When she moved now, all the bones in her body hurt as if they were shattered.

Song Yanran had just taken two steps over when she was suddenly torn over viciously from one hand to the other.

Gu Qingjia grabbed the report and swept line after line through the words on it.

[Torn ...... hemorrhage, uterus broken ...... can t get pregnant for life!!!]

For a woman, denying the right to be a mother would drive one to the brink of extinction!

Gu Qingjia felt as if her chest had been hit hard by a sledgehammer, her breath almost didn't come up, and she gritted her teeth and roared out in a low voice: "Song Zhi! You actually did this to me!"

Her fingers clenched hard on the report, the whole person was like a madman!

Song Yanran stood on the side of the bed and smiled as she wished, then her voice choked, "Qing Jia, I also didn't expect Song Zhi to actually do this to you!"

"Scram, no need for your fake kindness! You came up with the plan, so why don't you take my place!" Gu Qingjia looked at everyone as hateful, she said viciously.

Song Yanran was yelled at, her hands suddenly tightened and a contemptuous light swept across her eyes.

She didn't move and spoke, "Qing Jia, I'm doing this for your own good, I want you to personally teach Song Zhi a lesson, I didn't realize that Song Zhi was actually mentally ill, I just heard the doctor say that Song Zhi was mentally ill when I passed by the entrance of the ward!"

"Song Zhi!" The rough voice was as if it was squeezed out of his throat, carrying a strong sense of hatred.

"Qing Jia, I will help you out with your subsequent expenses, but ...... I can't say anything right now, it's just that this matter of Song Zhi having a mental illness, if the Huo family knows about it, it will definitely cause Song Zhi to lose face and be expelled from the family!" Song Yanran made her words clear enough, just waiting for Gu Qingjia to follow her orders.

There was even ...... no need for her to give orders for Gu Qingjia to do it!

Gu Qingjia's nails sunk deep into her palms, her teeth clenched, "Song Ru doesn't speak half-heartedly, and should die for treating me like this! I will definitely not let her go!"

Song Yanran faintly hooks her lips, then exits the ward.

She can't stay too long, it wouldn't be good to be suspected by Huo Mushan.

Song Ru, this time it's not me who wants you to die, there are people who want you to die!


And in the ward upstairs, Song Zhi, who is discussing the Huo family's big and small matters, is completely unaware.

Jiang Wine sat beside Song Zhi and suddenly asked, "You've been around Third Brother for so long, you've also heard of Su Xue Ning, right?"

Song Zhi's pupils contracted hard and his nose turned sour, "I ...... have heard of it."

"Then has Third Brother ever spoken about him and Su Xue Ning?" Jiang Wine lowered his head to fiddle with his cell phone to return the tweets, and did not see the plummeting color in Song Zhi's eyes.

"...... No." Song Zhi's heart seemed to be blocked by a piece of cotton.

Su Xue Ning, this name, she had heard it more than once!

Lu Ziyan also said that she was inferior to Su Xue Ning!

Jiang Jiu flipped out the photo on her cell phone and handed it to Song Zhi, "Look, this is Su Xue Ning! She's recently going back to China, so I guess you'll be meeting soon."

Following her wrist to see the woman in the photo, she is standing with Huo Muchen, the two of them snuggling close.

The woman's face is wearing a light smile, and the man's face is clear.

Handsome man and beautiful woman, the two stood together so well matched!

Song Zhi immediately felt that her heart had been plucked out a few times, instantly dripping out a pool of blood.

It was only after ten seconds or so that she slowly found her voice, a few moments choked, "That's beautiful, so what's Huo Mou Shen's relationship with her?"

Seeing her voice tighten, Jiang Wine was about to open her mouth when the ringer interrupted, she pointed to her phone, "I'll take a call first, come back and talk to you ah."

With that, Ginger Wine ran out the door.

All of a sudden, Song Zhi was the only one in the room.

Boundless acidity surged through her limbs, Song Zhi braced her aching legs and got out of bed.

She was annoyed in her heart and needed to go out to get some air.

Wearing a hospital gown, Song Zhi stepped on her slippers and limped out of the hospital room.

She walked aimlessly, and without realizing it, she arrived at Xixi's ward.

Xixi's mother stands at the door and sees the stupefied Song Zhi, and rushes up to show her concern: "Mrs. Huo, why did you come over."

Song Zhi was pulled back to a trace of sanity by her caring voice, and when she looked up and saw Xixi Ma's worried expression, she just lowered her eyes and shook her head, "Call me Song Zhi, or Xiao Zhi, Mrs. Huo ...... is too rusty."

Xixi mom is still a bit surprised, but in her heart she feels that Mrs. Huo is really a good person.

"How has Xixi been these past two days?" Song Ru shifts her eyes to someone else and asks with concern.

Xixi mom pushed the door open and spoke with a million thanks, "Xixi is much better these days, Mrs. Huo ...... Xiao Ru, do you want to come in and take a look or not? Xixi is still reading these days, when can the fairy sister come?"

The corner of Song Ru's mouth grinned a trace of arc, followed into the room, and at a glance, he saw Xixi in the hospital bed, who was drawing pictures.


Xixi heard someone calling him, looked up and saw Fairy Sister, his skinny body immediately sat up from the bed, "Fairy Sister, why did you come?"

"I came to see Xixi, what is Xixi doing?" Song Zhi looked down at Xixi, feeling even more that he was like himself back then, desperately longing to live.

Xixi wasn't too kind to show her his drawings, "Sister, I didn't draw well, don't be angry."

Song Zhi took it, all the drawings on the paper were of her likeness, although they were not well drawn, it was obvious that they were very attentive.

"Then I'll teach you, how about it?" Song Zhi shallowly hooked up the corner of his lips, feeling that he didn't have to think too much with a child, at least he didn't have to think about calculations all day long.

A child's world was just simpler than an adult's.

If she and Huo Mou Shen's child had been born in the first place ......

"How is this going to work? Mrs. Huo your body isn't well yet, don't let Xixi trouble you again." Xixi's mom sees Song Zhi's cheeks red and swollen and vaguely guesses that something more serious might have happened.

"It's not in the way." Song Zhi suddenly thought of something, and seeing how cute Xixi looked, she asked, "Xixi's mom, I want to buy the rights to Xixi's portrait and draw a children's cartoon based on Xixi."

Cissy's mom was completely shocked, "How can this ...... my Cissy be so great?"

"Cissy looks cute, I like it, I just don't know if it's okay?"

"Of ...... course of course." Xixi's mom almost stuttered in her speech.

Song Ru smiled and reached an agreement with Xixi's mom, then turned around and taught Xixi to draw by hand, and put Xixi's caricature image into his ID, immediately attracting a large group of netizens to reply.


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