Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 90

[Little heart, your drawings are really great, when will my baby have this set of cartoons?]

[Little Liver, is this your baby?

Song Zhi looked at the netizens' comments and secretly decided that she would draw everything about her and Huo Mu Shen, right from before she was reborn!

She bites her lip and answers the netizens' questions a little.

[Mr. Huo's little heart: I don't have a baby yet, this is a child I sponsored, it's cute isn't it.]

The netizens took a look, causing even greater curiosity.

[My little fairy is the most handsome: small hearted liver, you are really so caring, quill quill quill quill.]

[Xiao Xin Liver is already married?

[Mr. Huo's Little Heart: Married.]

A group of male netizens were instantly heartbroken, it's over, the little heart is someone else!

[My wife, actually, is someone else's.]

[Heartbreaking heartbreaking ......]

There were also female netizens who envied the man who could have a treasure girl like 'Mr. Huo's little heart' and disliked the straight men upstairs downstairs.

[Heh, a bunch of big pig's hooves, the little heart is our family's!

Song Zhi almost laughed out loud when she read it.

Another female netizen asked: [Little Heart Liver, how did you meet your family's Mr. Huo, so how are you guys doing now?

Song Ru looked at such a question and her face was slightly stunned before she remembered that she and Huo Mou Shen had gone from knowing each other to getting married.

[Mr. Huo's little heart: we are dolls, now ......]

[How come you don't return? Could it be that the big pig's hooves are bullying you?"]

[Little heart?

Song rhetorically doesn't want to say anything, but just releases another scarf that will draw the story with Mr. Huo to contribute to the story.

A bunch of netizens at the bottom boiled with the news!

Song Ru looked at the netizens' comments, the corner of her lips hooked up in a shallow arc.

After receiving the approval of the netizens, Song Zhi buried his head and continued to teach Xixi to draw, and began to draw the picture of her despair before she died, as well as the picture of someone helping her in her despair.

Unconsciously a long time passed, until the nurse checked in on Xixi, Song Zhi left Xixi's hospital room.

Walking down the corridor, Song Zhi's mind was filled with the news that Su Xue Ning was coming back.

She had never seen Su Xue Ning until she died.

But in the photo, Huo Muchen can get along with her, then I am afraid that Huo Muchen is not without feelings for her .......

Song Zhi lowered his head and quietly wiped away his tears, suddenly in front of him there was an additional glimpse of a wall of flesh straight in front of him, making Song Zhi's nose ache, red and sour, and the tears that had just been wiped away were physiologically forced out again because of the pain.


She was hit to the point of dizziness, and her body unconsciously leaned back, with an extra pair of long arms around her waist.

"Miss, you're walking without eyes, bumping straight at me?" The man lowered his head and said with a teasing smile.

Song Zhi listened to the mocking words, couldn't help but knit up her beautiful eyebrows, directly pushed away the man's chest, raised her head and bumped into a pair of exquisite peach blossom eyes, eyes with a few flirtations, with the charm of a fox.

This man ...... is really demonic!

The man was wearing a dark blue suit, low key and introverted, and the peaks of his eyebrows revealed a seemingly smiling demeanor.

A man who actually looked better than a woman!

"Miss, your eyes are falling on me?" The man came a few steps closer and bent down in front of her.

Song Ru heard this kind of flirtatious voice of his was a bit familiar, for a moment she couldn't think of anything, she could only frown: "My eyes didn't fall on you! On the contrary, it's you, knowing that I can't see when I walk with my head down, you can still let me bump into you, it's you who's blind in both of our eyes, isn't it."

When the man heard this, he said to Song Zhi, "You're trying to bump into me?"

"I need to touch porcelain to you?" Song Zhi asked rhetorically, putting on a 'wealthy and generous' look, then bypassing the man and heading back towards the hospital room.

Two strangers, there wasn't much to talk about, but the man deliberately side-stepped half of Song Zhi's shoulders as she brushed past, clearly not wanting to let her breeze past.

"In order to prevent you from blackmailing me in the future, this is my business card." The man handed Song Zhi the business card in his hand, and seeing that Song Zhi didn't have the slightest intention to take it, but only looked at him with a straight eyebrow, he simply shoved the business card directly into her pocket.

Song Zhi screwed up her eyebrows and looked at the three words on the card - Yan Baichuan.

For these three words, Song Ru did not have much of an impression, she had forgotten a lot of the memories she had with her mother since her mother died.

Song Zhi was too lazy to waste time with Yan Baichuan, and directly threw the business card into the trash can in front of him, the corners of her lips taut and straight: "Don't worry, I won't blackmail you!"

Yan Baichuan held her wrist, bent down to be close to Song Ru's ear: "But I want to blackmail you, how to do?"

"You ......"

"You let go of me!"

Song Zhi watched as Huo Mushen's brows twisted into a 'Chuan' character, and he walked towards them from the end of the corridor with his heavy leather shoes.

In an instant, the corridor hovered with a heavy, dead air.

Song Zhi tries to forcefully pull her wrist back from Yan Baichuan's hand, but Yan Baichuan clutches it tighter as if he had expected it.

"Huo Shao."

"Yan Baichuan, let go of my wife!" Huo Mo Shen's voice is full of wariness, his sharp gaze like a cheetah staring straight at the intimate place where they are holding hands.

"This is your wife? Huo Shao, I remember that you're not with Su Xue Ning, so how come you're marrying someone else?" Yan Baichuan didn't realize that Song Zhi was actually his wife, and the force with which he clutched Song Zhi became even harder.

Song Zhi was pinched to the point that her wrist bones ached, but a hint of pain flashed in her eyes again.

Huo Muchen looks into Song Zhe's trance-like eyes, clenches his fists, no temperature in his eyes, and steps away from his long legs to directly yank Yan Baichuan's arm, with so much force that it almost dislodges his entire arm, "If you don't let go again, I'll let your entire arm be ruined."

Yan Baichuan's face ached as a sharp pain came from his elbow.

He unwillingly let go of his arm, if he were to be a few seconds later, Huo Moushen would really remove his arm with him!

Huo Mushen's long arm stretched out and swept Song Zhi into his arms, his thin lips spitting out words without temperature, "Yan Baichuan, stay away from my wife!"

"Huo Shao, can't you see that Song Zhi in your arms is turning white? As a man, like you are so unsympathetic to your wife, it's not really like a gentleman to act like one!" Yan Baichuan's eyes are cold and obscure as he coldly mocks.

Beyond the words, he is saying that Huo Mushan is not a man.

He raises his eyes to levelly look at Huo Mushan and meets his sharp gaze without avoiding or flashing.

"Heh." Huo Moushen lets out a monotone syllable from his throat, tugs Song Zhi's arm and turns around, walking towards the hospital room.

Huo Mou Shen's pace was large, Song Zhe's legs were already hurting, and after a few steps it was even more of a struggle to keep up, almost falling to the ground after staggering a few steps!

A few steps later, a sharp pain came from her body, causing Song Zhi's nose to flicker in tiny bits from the corners of her forehead and eyes.

She knew that Huo Mou Shen was a little angry, but saying 'Su Xue Ning' she didn't even make, where did Huo Mou Shen get such a big temper!

A wave of aggression immediately surged out of her heart, Song Zhi directly shook off Huo Mushan's wrist and sat on her butt on the ground.

"I'm not leaving."

She played rogue.


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