Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 3

Su Hua goes out.

Sit in the car, put on your seat belt.

After not seeing him for a few days, Gu Beixian seemed to be a little thinner, his already deep outline became more and more angular, and his handsome eyebrows and eyes were so handsome that people couldn't take their eyes off him.

Su Wei found that she still loved him very much, and she couldn't forget him at all. ŴŴŴ.

"Here, an entry-level gift." Gu Beixian handed over an exquisite dark blue velvet jewelry box.

Su Wei took it and opened it, and it was a "Weng Zhong" carved from suet white jade.

Weng Zhong is a famous jade carving to ward off evil spirits since ancient times.

The jade-carved robe stands tall, the facial features and clothing are only depicted with simple lines, and the knife technique is concise, rough and powerful.

Jade is warm and elegant, crystal clear, and is the best among jades.

Holding the jewelry box, Su Wei turned her head to look at him, smiling lightly, "Why did you give me such an expensive gift?"

Gu Beixian smiled lightly and stared into her eyes, "When you restore ancient calligraphy and paintings, you will inevitably come into contact with the things in the ancient tomb. It's also good to wear some evil spirits. Come, let me put them on for you."

He picked up the jade carving and put it on Su Hua's neck.

When he picked up her hair with his fingers, his fingertips inadvertently brushed her neck.

Feeling cool to the touch, Su Hua's skin trembled slightly, and the tip of her heart trembled.

She has always been sensitive to his touch.

Thinking of the current relationship between the two of them, Su Wei felt sour, and said with a forced smile, "Don't give me anything from now on."

It's easy for her to misunderstand that he still has affection for her, and she can't help but think wildly, and even desire more.

Putting his slender fingers on the steering wheel, Gu Beixian wrote lightly: "It's just a small jade carving, don't take it to heart."

He starts the car.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the Gu family's old house.

As soon as he entered the room, the gray-haired old lady Gu came up to her tremblingly, and hugged Su Wei, "Oh, my precious granddaughter-in-law, I haven't seen you for a few days, I really miss grandma!"

Su Wei always felt that grandma's performance today was a little exaggerated.

Usually she is noble and dignified.

Su Hua smiled and asked, "Grandma, what is your important business with me?"

The old lady took her hand and glanced at Gu Beixian, "Eat first, let's talk after eating."

The meals are well prepared, with a table full of delicacies from mountains and seas.

The old lady kept picking up food for Su Wei, and looked at her with a smile, "Three years ago, I chose a wife for Beixian in the whole city. So many girls' photos were handed over, and I fell in love with you at a glance. You have beautiful features , the eyes are bright, the ears have beads, and it looks like a prosperous husband. As expected, after Beixian married you, his legs will be fine in just two years, and the company will get better and better."

The old lady suddenly covered her mouth and coughed violently.

Su Hua hurriedly patted her on the back.

After the old lady coughed, she grabbed her hand, "You have nothing to choose from, you are gentle and quiet, hard-working, loving and righteous. In those two years, Bei Xian couldn't stand up on his legs, and his temper was very violent. How many nurses and servants suffered? It's all gone, only you will never leave him. If you hadn't accompanied him through the difficulties, maybe he would have been useless in this life."

After all, she was in tears.

Su Hua quickly wiped her tears with a piece of paper.

Gu Beixian tightened his grip on the chopsticks, his eyes were deep and thoughtful.

The old lady glanced at him, and said out of breath, "Grandma has only one wish now, I hope you and Bei Xian will be well, and give me a big fat grandson soon."

Su Hua glanced at Gu Beixian in embarrassment.

It seems that he hasn't told grandma yet that the two are going to divorce.

The old lady's voice became weaker and weaker: "As soon as I am old, I may die one day. I can see the birth of your two children before I die, and I will die with peace."

With a sore nose, Su Hua hurriedly said, "Grandma, you will live a long life."

"I know my own body best. I'm an eighty-year-old bone." The old lady stood up with difficulty, clutching her chest. "My heart feels uncomfortable. I'm going to lie down for a while."

Su Hua hurriedly helped her to the bedroom.

When approaching the bedroom door.

The old lady suddenly turned her head and said to Gu Beixian, "From tonight on, you guys will live here. When Hua'er becomes pregnant, when will you move back."

Just as Gu Beixian was about to speak, the old lady hunched over and moved into the bedroom shivering step by step.

Su Wei carefully supported her, for fear of hurting her if she became too strong.

After lying down on the bed, the old lady took her hand and said softly: "I know about you moving back to your mother's house. Don't worry, with me here, this marriage will not be divorced. Bei Xian is filial, he will listen to what I say." .”


"There's nothing wrong with that. That Chu Suosuo can only share joys and sorrows. Such a ruthless person is not worthy of entering our Gu family's door."

Su Wei paused and said, "Grandma, do you want to call the doctor to come over?"

"No, it's useless for the doctor to come because he's old and sick. Go and eat quickly, and bring it to the door for me."

"Okay, then you have a good rest."

As soon as Su Hua went out, the old lady sat up from the bed, she was full of energy, and she looked completely different from her weak appearance just now.

Su Hua returned to the dining table.

Mr. Gu picked up a leg of lamb for her, "Xiao Su, eat it while it's hot."

"Thank you grandpa."

Su Hua put on the disposable gloves and started to chew slowly.

Gu Beixian raised his eyes to look at the old man, "Grandpa, the last time I saw grandma was quite tough, how long has it been, how come she has become so weak?"

The old man sighed heavily, "It's like this when you get older. Maybe you are alive and well one second, and you will be buried in the ground the next second. You two should be fine, don't provoke her."

Gu Beixian's handsome face became serious.

After eating, the two returned to the guest bedroom.

The door closes.

Su Hua asked, "What should we do? Do we really want to live here forever?"

Gu Beixian's brows tightened, and he raised his hand to loosen the tie, "Grandma's body is like this, she can't stand the stimulation, stay here for a few days, and talk about it slowly."

Su Wei looked back at the bed behind her, "How can we sleep on the same bed?"

Gu Beixian's thin lips curled slightly, "Sleep with your eyes closed."

Su Wei was a little anxious, "I'm not joking with you, I'm serious."

Gu Beixian took off the watch slowly, threw it on the bedside table, and said, "You go take a shower first, and I'll wash it when you're done."


Su Hua went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth, and then took a quick shower.

Come back and change Gu Beixian to wash.

Lying on the bed, she couldn't sleep, her mind was spinning all over again, she was going to get divorced, and she was still sleeping on the same bed, what's the matter?

Suddenly, Gu Beixian's cell phone on the bedside table rang.

Su Hua didn't like to touch his privacy and let it ring.

It rang twice and then stopped.

Not long after, her cell phone rang again.

Su Hua glanced at the caller ID, it was an unfamiliar number.

After connecting, a delicate female voice came from inside: "Sister Su Wei, is Brother Beixian with you?"

"May I ask who you are?"

The woman paused for a second and said, "I'm his sister."

Su Wei thought it was Gu Beixian's cousin, so she said, "He's taking a bath, when he comes out, I'll ask him to go back for you."

"Okay, thank you."

After washing, Gu Beixian had no clothes on, only a bath towel around his waist, and wiped his hair with the towel in his hand.

The figure with broad shoulders and long legs is extremely superior.

The abdominal muscles are well-defined, strong and powerful, with beautiful muscle lines, exuding a thrilling charm under the orange light.

Su Wei's heart was pounding, and her ears turned red instantly, as if scorched by flames.

She tilted her head to avoid her eyes, and said softly, "Your sister called you just now, please call back."

Gu Beixian hummed lightly, walked to the bedside table, picked up the phone and glanced at it.

walked out.

When he came back again, his handsome face was so gloomy that water could be wrung out, and he asked coldly, "Did you do it on purpose?"

Su Hua was taken aback, "What?"

"Suosuo committed suicide, what did you say to her?"

My brain boomed!

After a few seconds, Su Wei recovered her voice: "I didn't know she was Chu Suosuo. She said, she is one of your younger sisters. I thought it was your cousin, so I said you went to take a bath."

Gu Beixian kept a cold face and said nothing, opened the door of the cabinet, took out the clothes from inside, and began to wear them.

After getting dressed, he walked out with long legs.

Mr. Gu heard the movement, came out and asked, "It's midnight, where are you going?"

Gu Beixian said in a deep voice, "It's something to go out."

"What's up?"

"Suosuo is hospitalized, I'll go see her."

The old man raised his voice and said to Su Hua in the guest bedroom, "Xiao Su, you go with me."

The old man was vigorous and resolute, and said what he said.

Su Hua didn't want to disobey him, so she replied, "Good grandpa."

Get dressed and leave with Gu Beixian.

The car drove through an intersection.

Su Hua said, "You can find any hotel and drop me off."

Gu Beixian held the steering wheel in his hand, without looking sideways, "Let's go together, you can explain to Suo Suo."

Su Hua's heart was tightly blocked.

Although she has a calm temper and aloof from the world, she also has her own bottom line.

It wasn't her fault at all, what is there to explain?

Sensing her unhappiness, Gu Beixian freed up a hand to rub her hair, and said in a gentle voice, "Zuosuo has severe depression, I beg you."

after an hour.

The two came to Chu Suosuo's ward.

She had just finished stomach washing and was lying on the hospital bed, her face was extremely pale, her hair was disheveled, and her figure under the quilt was thin and thin.

After seeing her appearance clearly, Su Wei was shocked!


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