Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 11

Su Wei raised her face slightly and looked at him with a very quiet expression, "Yes, cousin."

There is a clear stubbornness in the eyes.

A person who is used to gentleness is so quiet even when he resists.

Gu Beixian originally wanted to say something harsh to her, but suddenly he couldn't bear it anymore, and raised the corners of his lips, "Okay, cousin is cousin."

He raised his hand and pulled her into his arms.

Unprepared, Su Hua fell into his arms, smelling the man's scent mixed with tobacco and alcohol, as well as an unfamiliar sweet scent at the tip of her nose.

It was on Chu Suosuo.

Su Hua felt disgusted in her heart, she shook her shoulders, trying to get out of his arms.

Gu Beixian put his arms around her, full of domineering possession, and said to Shen Huai in a polite and distant tone: "Thank you for sending her back."

Shen Huai said, "You're welcome."

But his eyes stared suspiciously at his arm on Su Hua's shoulder, and he always felt that the cousins were too close, beyond the ordinary relationship between relatives.

Gu Beixian glanced at him coldly, hooked Su Hua's shoulder, and led him to the elevator.

While waiting for the elevator, he stared at the ever-changing number keys and asked casually, "Is he chasing you?"

"I can't talk about it, just appreciate it."

"When a man says he admires a woman, his intention is not pure." He changed the subject, "You two had contact three years ago?"

Su Hua's complexion changed slightly, and she struggled out of his arms, "Are you investigating me?"

Gu Beixian raised his hand to rub her head, with a gentle tone, "Don't say it so harshly, it's about caring."

Su Wei ducked back, avoiding, "His grandfather knew my grandfather, and he hired me with a high salary three years ago."

"Oh, it turns out our Huahua is so good." He said in a friendly tone with a hint of teasing, with a faint smile on his lips.

Su Hua's ears were numb.

They have been married for three years, and the two have always treated each other with respect, and this is the first time they have heard such an intimate address from him as "Hua Hua", and they are somewhat uncomfortable and sad.

With a "ding", the elevator door opened.

The two walked in one after the other.

There is no one in the elevator.

Gu Beixian pressed the 21st floor, turned around and looked at Su Wei, his eyes were dark and sharp, as if some suppressed emotion was about to be released.

People who are usually gentle and abstinent suddenly become a little more wolfish.

Su Wei felt a little oppressed, and instinctively moved to the corner, looking at him with big dark eyes, "What's wrong?"

Gu Beixian blocked the monitor with his back, looked down at her, "You told him I was your cousin, did you mean to give him a chance?"

Su Hua understands, this is to settle accounts with her.

"I, uh..." She was about to speak when his lips were suddenly blocked by him.

He is very good at kissing, no matter if you taste it lightly or deeply, he can make people's hearts flutter.

Su Hua's heart was pounding like boiling water.

Worried that someone would come in and see him, she raised her hand to push him, and was also annoyed at him, who came to kiss her even though he was so close to Chu Suosuo.

But she is thin and thin, how can she push a tall man with that strength?

In vain.

On the contrary, it gives people a feeling of refusal and welcome, which is invisible.

Gu Beixian pressed her fidgeting hand, pinched her chin with the other hand, kissed her harder and harder, and bit her lightly.

No matter how you look at it, there is a sense of venting anger.

Su Hua gasped so much after being kissed by him that she could hardly breathe.

Only then did Gu Beixian let go of her, helped her straighten her messy long hair and neckline, and deliberately threatened her, "Do you still dare to call me cousin in the future?"

Su Hua's ears turned red, she glanced at him lightly, and said nothing.

Gu Beixian smirked, looking down at her.

Her moist and moist lips were slightly parted, and her big eyes were as wet as a deer, very seductive.

Just now in front of Shen Huai, she stubbornly called him cousin, so he wanted to teach her a lesson, to see if she would dare to call him cousin in front of outsiders in the future.

A person who is usually docile and accustomed, occasionally reveals some edges and corners, which easily arouses his desire to conquer.

The elevator sped up.

Gu Beixian suddenly asked without thinking: "Do you regret marrying me three years ago?"

Su Wei was slightly taken aback, raised her head, and looked at his overly handsome features, her gaze was a little dazed, as if she was looking at him, but not like looking at him.

Her voice was low but firm: "I don't regret it."

"Three years ago, I was a waste who couldn't walk on both legs. I was so irritable that I even disliked the nurses and servants. You are a beautiful young girl with a bright future. You have never regretted marrying me once? "

With one hand in his pocket, he stood there clearly, with clear eyes and a tall figure like a pine and cypress.

The nobility exuded from the inside out, under the cold white light, is really charming.

I can no longer see the decadent appearance of three years ago.

Su Wei said seriously: "You sent someone to help my grandma find a kidney source and saved her life. You bought a house for our family and gave a huge gift to save our family from suffering. I am grateful to you for everything." It’s too late. My grandfather taught me since I was a child, to be a human being and to repay my kindness.”

Gu Beixian listened calmly. After hearing the last word, he raised his eyelids and asked without emotion: "You are only grateful to me?"

Su Hua was silent.

If it was in the past, if he asked this way, she would say without even thinking about it, besides being grateful, there is also love that grows with time.

But now, he has filed for divorce, and he is still so close to Chu Suosuo, no matter how eagerly she holds her heart in front of him, she looks contemptuous.

She pursed her lips slightly and remained silent.

The elevator doors opened.

The two went out.

Su Hua took out the key from the bag and opened the door.

into the house.

Gu Beixian silently watched her change her shoes.

When she straightened up, he suddenly supported the wall with one hand, wrapped her in his arms, looked down at her, and asked again stubbornly: "You only have gratitude to me, nothing else?"

Su Wei raised her head and looked up at him.

His face was as calm as water, and his dark and deep eyes seemed to contain a river of stars, just looking at her lightly could make her shudder.

Unfortunately, in his heart, she is just Chu Suosuo's substitute.

Su Wei bit her heart, lowered her eyes, and said softly: "Yes, I can only be grateful." There was a bit of anger.

Gu Beixian hooked his lips mockingly.

That's right, all her love was given to Brother A Yao, whom she was thinking of so much. When it came to him, all she had to do was be grateful.

What is the meaning of a marriage kidnapped by kindness?

Gu Beixian suddenly felt dull, the ignition that she picked up in the elevator just now was all extinguished.

He withdrew his hand, put it in his trouser pocket, looked around the living room, and asked absently, "Mother-in-law is not at home?"

"The nurse who takes care of my grandma has asked for leave, and my mother is going to take over for the next few days. Sit down, and I'll wash your hands and make tea for you."

Just as she was about to leave, Gu Beixian's cell phone rang suddenly.

He took it out of his trousers pocket and looked at it. It was Chu Suosuo who called.

Being close, Su Wei also saw the word "Lock Lock" on the screen of the phone.

Feeling like swallowing a fly, she turned her head and walked towards the bathroom.

Gu Beixian looked at the back of her leaving in a hurry, fell silent for a moment, pressed answer, walked to the window, and asked, "Are your fingers wrapped?"

Chu Suosuo's voice was a little wet, as if he was wronged, "It's wrapped, I just got in the car, and I'm about to go home. Sister Su Wei is not angry, is she?"

"No, she has a good temper and won't get angry easily."

Chu Suosuo curled his lips, but the voice that came over was extremely gentle: "She didn't say anything about me, did she?"

She was afraid that Su Hua would reveal the 20 million check.

Gu Beixian's expression was indifferent, "Nothing, she doesn't talk much."

Chu Suosuo secretly breathed a sigh of relief, pretending to be surprised and said: "She talks a lot. In the coffee shop at noon, when she talked to me, she was eloquent. She said a lot of words in one breath, and every word was very fierce."

Gu Beixian was a little annoyed when he heard that, "Suosuo, Su Wei has never said anything against you in front of me. In the future, I don't want to hear such words from your mouth."

Chu Suosuo was taken aback for a moment, and quickly changed his words: "I was wrong. Brother Beixian, I just don't want you to be cheated by sister Su Wei."

Gu Beixian frowned, "It's nothing else, I'll hang up."

"Don't hang up yet, I will..."


Suddenly there was a loud noise in the bathroom.

Gu Beixian grabbed the phone, strode over with long legs, strode over like the wind, and asked quickly, "What's the matter, Su Wei?"


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