Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 12

"It's okay, I accidentally knocked over the vase." Su Hua bent down and squatted down to pick up the broken porcelain.

"I'm here, don't touch it, it will hurt your hands." Gu Beixian walked into the bathroom quickly, pulled her aside, put the phone on the sink, and bent over to pick it up.

Forgot to hang up the phone.

Su Hua found a trash can, handed it over, and told him, "Be careful."

"My skin is thick, so I can't cut it through." Gu Beixian picked up a few large pieces of broken porcelain and threw them into the trash can.

"Nonsense, how can there be skin that can't be cut through?" Su Hua squatted down next to him and picked it up with him.

Gu Beixian stopped her and didn't let her touch her, "In those two years, I had a very bad temper, and I would throw things at every turn. You must have collapsed after following me every day to clean up."

Thinking about those two years of suffering, Su Hua's nose was sore, and tears almost fell down.

She hurriedly lowered her eyes and said softly, "I don't feel broken, really."

Gu Beixian stared at her drooping long eyelashes for a while, and said, "You, you have such a good temper that you don't look like a real person."

Thinking of Xiao Yi's words, Su Wei asked softly, "Is my personality boring?"

Gu Beixian smiled lightly, "It's a bit."

"Hit you." Su Hua lightly pushed his leg.

Gu Beixian smiled and held her hand.

Hearing the flirting and cursing voices on the phone, Chu Suosuo hung up the phone angrily.

With a bang, the phone fell onto the car seat.

I was so angry that I didn't speak all the way.

Go back to Chu's house.

Seeing that her fingers were wrapped and her face was livid, Hua Qirou hurriedly asked, "What's wrong with her hands? Why are you so angry?"

"Hands are fine, just a little injury."

"Then why are you angry?"

Chu Suosuo was indignant, "It's just a country girl who worked as a nanny for Brother Beixian for three years, and he protected her like that. When I said something to her casually, he got upset and hung up on me. She picked up a broken vase, and he was afraid that she would cut her hand. Originally, he was taking me to the hospital tonight, but he received a call from Xiao Yi on the way, saying that Su Hua got into her colleague's car, and he got out of the car immediately and stopped a car Take a taxi and go find her."

Hua Qirou also couldn't figure it out, "Why did he care about her so much, why did he want to divorce her?"

Chu Suosuo kicked off the high heels on his feet, "Who knows. The last time Brother Beixian was drunk, he said that it was not all because of me that he divorced her, and that mentioning me was just a cover. I don't know if he was telling the truth or just because of anger. talk."

"It should be out of anger."

Chu Suosuo pulled on his slippers, walked to the sofa and sat down, thinking about what happened today, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became.

Hua Qirou comforted her: "Bei Xian married Su Wei just like you, which means he can't let you go. If you are a genuine product, what can you compare with a fake one? Don't worry, take your time and give him a new acceptance." your process."

Chu Suosuo frowned, "Seeing how good their relationship is, how can I not be in a hurry?"

"It's useless to be anxious, there's no need to rush this kind of thing, think of a way to get him back is the real thing." Hua Qirou took a glass of water and handed it to her.

Chu Suosuo took the cup, pouted and complained to her: "It's all your fault. A year ago, Brother Beixian was able to stand up. I said I would leave school and go back to China to find him, but you refused to let me go. I had to observe for a year. It's good now, the two of you have feelings, and it's almost nothing to do with me."

Hua Qi gave her a soft look, "Car accidents have sequelae, so don't observe them carefully. If he relapses and sits in a wheelchair, are you willing to serve him for the rest of your life?"

Chu Suosuo fell silent and drank water.

After a few seconds of silence, Hua Qirou asked, "Did she accept the check you gave Su Wei?"


Hua Qirou was surprised, "She doesn't even care about 20 million yuan. She has such a big appetite? Three years ago, for 10 million yuan, she was willing to marry a man with lower body impairment. Why pretend?"

As soon as this matter was mentioned, Chu Suosuo became angry, "Do you know how arrogant she is? She threw the check in my face and said that if she hadn't married Gu Beixian three years ago, with her own hands, You can still make a million dollars."

"Relying on her own hands?" Hua Qirou snorted, "Is a restorer of ancient paintings that good?"

"I checked with someone. Her grandfather Su Wenmai was very famous in the industry before his death, and she got his true biography."

"So what?" Hua Qirou sneered, "If she loses her hands, I'll see how crazy she is."

Chu Suosuo suddenly opened his eyes wide and stared at her, "Mom, don't mess around!"

A week later, at noon.


Su Wei locked the door of the restoration room and went downstairs to eat at a nearby restaurant.

When she came to a Hong Kong-style restaurant, she ordered a rice bowl with shrimps, found a seat against the wall, sat down, and ate quietly.

She has a gentle and calm demeanor, porcelain white skin, and exquisite facial features. She holds ebony chopsticks with light-white fingers, chews slowly, and eats very elegantly. She is especially conspicuous in the noisy restaurant.

After eating and paying the bill, Su Hua picked up her bag, walked to the door elegantly, raised her right hand to push the glass door.

The glass door was a bit difficult to push, and she pushed it open with her left hand while supporting the edge of the door.

Suddenly, a figure rushed over from outside and knocked the door open with a bang.

Su Wei wanted to pull her hand back, but it was too late.

A heart-piercing pain came from the fingers.

She was about to faint in pain.

Her legs were shaking and she couldn't stand still. She squatted on the ground, holding her left hand, tears streaming down her face.

The four fingers of the left hand were swollen visible to the naked eye. The phalanx seemed to be broken, and there was blood oozing and dripping to the ground, bright red and cold.

Dizzy, she heard someone apologize to her: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." The woman's voice was very hard, she was wearing a yellow takeaway suit and a motorcycle helmet.

She took out a wad of money from her bag and put it at Su Hua's feet, "This money will be used as your medical expenses. I have something urgent. Can I contact you later?"

Su Hua was in so much pain that she couldn't speak.

He looked at his hands with tears in his eyes.

Her hands, her hands, she got up early and went to bed late, worked diligently for nearly twenty years, and inherited all the skills of my grandfather and his ancestors for five generations.

Since she was a child, she has seen hands that are more important than life.

That's it.

She trembled all over, her face was pale, her eyes were sad, so desperate.

By the time the restaurant owner heard the noise and came over, the person who hurt Su Hua had long since disappeared.

The boss drove her to the hospital.

After the bleeding was stopped and X-rays were taken, Gu Beixian came.

Wearing a high-profile formal suit and a tie, the meeting was a third of the way. When he received a call saying that Su Wei had injured his hand, he threw it to his subordinates to deal with it, and rushed over in a hurry.

Su Hua was supported by the boss and walked out of the radiology department.

A thin and thin one, unable to stand upright, with red eyes, watery eyes, and lost his mind.

It hurts anyone who sees it.

Gu Beixian's face was ugly, and he stepped forward to take Su Wei, suppressed his anger, and asked the restaurant owner: "Who hurt her? Who?"

The boss was a woman in her early forties. She was a little scared, and said in a trembling voice: "I heard from a customer in the store that it was a food delivery man, and he has already left."

Gu Beixian gritted his teeth and told the assistant behind him, "Go find it! Dig three feet into the ground, and dig that man out for me!"

"Okay, Mr. Gu." The assistant could feel that his emotions had reached a critical point, and he was about to explode.

He didn't dare to neglect, and immediately took someone to investigate.

The restaurant owner didn't dare to delay, and hurriedly followed the assistant, and went back to the store to cooperate with the monitoring.

It will take a while for the x-ray results to come out, so Gu Beixian supported Su Wei to find a chair and sit down, and hugged her into his arms carefully, like holding a baby.

Su Wei was still shaking, her hands and feet were cold.

Gu Beixian unbuttoned the suit with one hand, took it off, put it on her, hugged her tightly, and rested his chin on her head with a stern look.

Get an x-ray and show it to the doctor.

The doctor said that Su Hua's middle finger and ring finger were broken and needed to be cut open for surgical reduction.

Gu Beixian sent someone to find the best orthopedic doctor for Su Hua, Mr. Bai.

After more than an hour, the operation was completed.

After the observation time, Su Wei was transferred to the ward. Her finger was swollen like a carrot. The severed finger was splinted and needed an infusion.

The condition was very bad, he was silent, lying like a wooden man, his eyes looked desperate as if the sky had fallen.

Gu Beixian looked at her silently for a while, then dipped a towel in warm water to wipe her face, and fed her porridge and medicine after wiping.

Su Hua was very obedient, obediently drank porridge and took medicine, but didn't speak.

After eight o'clock in the evening, the person who hurt Su Hua was caught.

The assistant walked up to Gu Beixian and whispered something to him.

Gu Beixian's expression became colder the more he listened, and at the end, his jaw clenched for a moment, and his brows twitched several times in anger.

Take a few deep breaths to calm down.

He leaned over and said to Su Hua, "I'll go out for a while, and I'll be back soon."


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