Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 91

Huo Moushen turns around to see Song Zhi sitting on the ground, a wave of favor surges from the corner of his lips, "Rascal?"

Song Zhi didn't say anything, sitting straight on the cold ground, dissatisfied, "Huo Mou Shen, you can't be angry with me."

"You have no reason to be angry with me." Song Zhe emphasized again.

"The ground is cold, I'll carry you back." Huo Mou Shen drops to one knee at her side, his hands pass through her armpits, lifting the person from the ground, carefully avoiding her wounds, and wrapping his arms around the person as he walks towards the hospital room.

Yan Baichuan stands on the other side of the corridor, his eyes seeming deep and ungodly when he sees their double departing silhouettes.

Song Zhi, I'm back.

I came back to marry you.


All the way back to the hospital room, Huo Moushen placed the person on the side of the hospital bed and stared condescendingly at her.

People are anti-bone, and men like Huo Moushen naturally have them, favoring Song Ru's sudden display of calmness and self-containedness, which makes him uncomfortable in his heart.

"Why did you meet the Yan family today?" Huo Mu sank into jealousy.

"I went out and bumped into them by chance, that's all." Song Zhe's explanation is all perfunctory, lifting the quilt and collapsing on it, too calm to be calm.

"Mrs. Huo, I can understand that you're being perfunctory. The injuries on your body aren't good yet, and to go out like this before you're good is to give anyone a chance!" Huo Mou Shen frowned and educated the man, simply exasperated by Song Zhi's personality of remembering to eat and not remembering to fight.

He decides that he must have a son, so that he doesn't have a bad time hitting!

"I didn't want to give anyone a chance, if I gave someone a chance, would we still be married?" Song Zhi sits up with a puff of anger, her spine taut, staring straight at Huo Mu Shen.

"Song Zhi!" Huo Mushen's pair of deep eyes locked onto Song Zhi, his chest emitting a shock of anger: "Who else do you want to give a chance to! You can only be Huo Mou Shen's wife for the rest of your life!"

A certain man is entangled in his wife's sentence.

And, immediately, he was going to be infuriated!

Song Zhi sees him so angry that his veins are showing, and immediately trembles in fear, and sees him walking, "Huo Mou Shen, hitting your wife belongs to domestic violence."

Huo Mushen lifts his feet and furrows his brows, "Who told you that I'm going to hit you?"

"You have the words 'I'm angry, I'm upset' written all over your face in big letters." Song Zhe heaved out.

"Afraid that I'm going to hit you, you still let Yan Baichuan touch you?" Huo Mou Shen picked Song Zhi up and took out disinfectant paper towels from the drawer to disinfect the clothes.

"I was walking with my head down and he bumped into me on his own, you don't help me but still blame me?" Song Zhi asked rhetorically, aggrieved.

Huo Mou Shen rubbed the hospital gown as if to rub off any germs, then seriously and coldly sank a face, "Yan Baichuan deliberately touched you?"

"I saw Yan Baichuan when I came out from the door of Xixi's hospital room, and he was the one who tugged on my hand and wouldn't let go!" Song Zhi reluctantly explains again.

She sees Huo Mushan rubbing the clothes to the point of losing color, and bristles, "Huo Mushan, why don't you get me a new set of clothes, our family is not poor, right?"

Any more rubbing and the clothes could just wash right over her.

"...... "Huo Mou Shen's serious face almost didn't crumble.

He turned back and just took out a new set of clothes from the cabinet and handed them to her, then asked as if he had no intention of doing so, "Why didn't you say anything when you went out today?"

Song Zhi took the clothes and changed into them when she heard the man coldly and quietly saying, "Xiao Zhi, you're not good anymore."

"You weren't." As soon as Song Zhi heard that he wanted to settle scores, he didn't wait for Huo Mou Shen to start questioning him sentence by sentence, he confessed first, and didn't even give Huo Mou Shen a chance to punish him, "I wanted to talk to you, but when I remembered that you're too busy I was even more bad for bothering you for a while, not to mention that there's Ah Wine by his side."

Huo Mou Shen sits right down on the stool across from her, his spine straight, his eyes shady as he looks at her without slanting his gaze.

"Xiao Ru, have you heard the story of the wolf?" The man asked.

Song Ru nodded and whispered, "The child lied several times, and the adults didn't believe him, and then the child ended up being eaten by the big gray wolf, but Mu Shen ......"

She lifted her head and smiled with a standard pleasing smile, "This one of mine isn't so serious."

Huo Mou Shen posture straight, that is, the folded legs are lined with a solemn and rigorous feeling, but also solemn: "Xiao Ru, I said I do not like you to lie to me. You are afraid of outsiders bullying, subconsciously developed to protect their own heart, I can tolerate, and even I can personally clean up for you back.

But I don't want, I as your husband, you still lie to me again and again, so saying there is no next time, you have to listen even if you don't."

Song Zhe quickly shook his head and said, "No no, I listen to my husband the most. I don't dare to say two if hubby says one."

The big deal was to say three.

"Hubby told me to go east, I don't dare to go west."

Big deal, go south or north.

What do you mean by unrepentant, Song rhetorically interpreted it perfectly with his own actions.

Probably softened by Song Ru's aggrieved look of being educated to the point where his heart feels comfortable, Huo Moushen's tense brows ease a bit and he raises his hand to rub the tip of her nose.

"Do you want to see a surprise?"

"What surprise?" Song Zhi was a little dissatisfied by his touching her nose in a puppy dog action, and a sneeze hit him directly in the palm of her hand.


Song Zhi's pupils shrank, followed by seeing clean freak Huo Mu Shen's black ink face staring at her.

She hurriedly drew out a tissue and delicately wiped the man's palm: "Next time, there won't be a next time, I promise."

Huo Moushen's lips pursed up, picking up the person and heading towards the restroom.

Song Zhi's hand was yanked under the faucet by Huo Muk Shen and flushed hard, almost flushing off a layer of skin, when he heard the man say, "Next time use a tissue, if you catch a cold again, I'll throw you out!"

"Are you willing to give up?" Song Zhi playfully threw a wink.

Huo Mu Shen laughs out lowly.

The laughter seems to emanate from the man's chest, and she is infected by the man's laughter even in his arms, and just as she wants to open her mouth to look up at the man, she is instantly blocked by the man's lips.

She couldn't hide, and when she opened her eyes wide, she saw Huo Mu Shen's ink eyes grow more intense, and the raised knot in his throat swallowed twice.

The man's eyes contained a smile, covering Song Zhi's clear deer eyes with his hand, kissing delicately, a dense kiss swept over her in an instant.

Only after a while did Huo Muchen let her go, his magnificent lips revealing a touch of sultriness, "Go back to Huo Garden, and when you're in good health, you can ask me this question again."

The low voice is as sexy and charming as an emery wheel rolling over sandpaper.

"I will physically let Mrs. Huo know, do I give up or not?"

Song Zhi's cheeks burned and were scalded.

She turned her head to turn on the cold water and dabbed her face with cool water, puffing out her cheeks, "Mr. Huo, your question isn't funny, I'm not going to ask it."

She tilts her head, not meeting the man's smiling eyes, "Didn't you say you wanted to surprise me?"

Huo Mou Shen smiles and takes the towel, wiping it off delicately, then straightens his torso and tugs on his tie before hugging the person and walking back into the hospital room.

Song Zhe's black and white eyes turned animatedly as he was placed by the small table board.

"Where's the surprise?"


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