Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 92

This is still the first time her husband has given a surprise since they got married, and she saw Huo Mou Shen in anticipation as he opened his tablet and clicked on a video that seemed to be a live broadcast.

From the screen, she saw Zhao Li being hoisted down from the eighteenth floor at the top of the Huating Hotel.

The Huating Hotel is located in the center of Huacheng, and Zhao Li was hung upside down by a rope, still oblivious to the fact that he was wearing his pajamas and huffing and puffing.

Song Ruyi couldn't help but shake her head, "I really admire Zhao Li for being able to fall asleep at a time like this."

She suddenly turns back and looks nervously at Huo Moushen, "The Zhao family won't lay hands on you."

"They wouldn't dare." Huo Mushan spoke in a domineering manner.

Song Zhe's lips hooked up with a hint of sweetness, and she heard Huo Moushen ask, "What did you go do today?"

"To see Xixi." Song Zhu said.

"You like Xixi a lot?" The man asked.

Song Zhi leaned against the small table board and saw him boiling hot water, they were like an old couple.

"Yes, Xixi is very well behaved, one bite at a time, she calls me Fairy Sister, besides it was me who was blind in the first place letting Gu Qingjia use me to get into the hospital to work, I have all the responsibility to be in charge of Xixi." Song Zhi solemnly said.

Huo Muchen returned his head, a touch of consternation swept across his eyes, "My little Ru, when did you become so understanding?"

"I've always been very understanding." Song Ru snorted coldly.

"Fine, fine, you've always been very understanding." Huo Muchen favorably swept a glance, then scalded the glass three times with hot water and dried the glass with a paper towel before pouring a cup of lukewarm water.

Song Zhe watched and smacked his lips.

"Since you like children so much, why don't we have one."

Song Zhi smacked her lips again, revealing a confused expression.

She smiled and said, "Hubby, I take back what I said last time, I actually haven't grown up yet, I'm still young."

"Wasn't the last one the one who said he would have a child for me, why don't you dare this time?" Huo Mu Shen seems a bit dissatisfied and lowers his head closer to her lips.

The hot breath hovered right next to her ear, and Song Zhi instantly felt tingly all over.

She raised her head slightly and bit the man on the chin, "Husband~"

It wasn't that she didn't want to, according to Huo Mou Shen's very ritualistic hungry wolf pounce, Song Zhi felt that Huo Mou Shen could want her until there was no bone scum left.

She was a little scared in her heart.

Huo Mou Shen saw her little eyes flying towards him again, helplessly all catch, not to provoke this girl, otherwise the last person who is difficult will be him.

Just let her drink some hot water, and soothe her to sleep.

When Huo Mo Shen walks out of the hospital room, the two black-clad bodyguards at the door immediately nod respectfully, "Huo Shao."

"Keep an eye on the wife, don't let her go out, and don't let anyone come near!" Huo Moushen coldly ordered, his words full of sternness and killing, half of which were not pampered and gentle, just like King Cold Yan.


The bodyguards guard both sides of the doorway on the left and right.

When Huo Shao issues an order, not to mention a person, even a fly, they will find a way to swat it to death!

When the M&R President's Conference Hall is lit up and a man in a suit steps in, the other sleepiness is all dispersed.

Lu Zi Yan lazily complained, "Third brother, I thought you were going to hug third sister-in-law to sleep and not come back?"

"Old Six you cut the crap." Jiang Jing Xing stubbed out his cigarette and crushed it in the ashtray, "Old Third, I don't let you deal with the Lu family, and you're starting to openly deal with the Zhao family? You know that the Zhao family is also a business that we are keeping an eye on, will closing the net so quickly now affect M&R. you know that the Huo family's several old foxes are waiting to see you laugh."

"Big brother, don't say that. By helping the Huo family's second house against third brother, the Zhao family is already on the opposite side of the fence from us, we can't afford to raise a tiger." Lu Ziyan reminded grimly.

"What do you think?" Jiang Jingxing is also one of the M&R investors, except that he never comes out, it's just that any industry Huo Mou Shen has will be divided into a few parts for his brothers, so when it comes to things, they will all sit together and talk.

Huo Mou Shen sat in a soft chair with a straight posture, hooked up his cool lips, and said without haste: "Since the Zhao family can't wait to find death, let's make it happen."

This tone, so domineering!

"Are you doing this to clean up the Zhao family, or are you standing up for Song Zhi?" Jiang Jingxing's eyebrow bones jumped and he snorted.

Right now, every decision Huo Mushen made was related to Song Zhi.

Was he doing it to straighten out the Huo family, or was it the Zhao family that moved his beloved child?

"As you see it, it counts." Huo Mushen frowned.

"...... You're considered to be blatantly starting a war in the Huo family, and in two days' time, I'll see if you go back to Elder Huo's birthday banquet!" Jiang Jing Xing's brows twisted into a 'Chuan' character.

"Go back." Huo Mushen throws out two words before getting to work.

Lu Ziyan isn't a vegetarian in the shopping mall either, helping Huo Moushen get the Zhao family's stock to go down a road marked red, and the two of them are busy together until midnight before it's over.

And overnight, the whole of Huacheng sends the sky turning upside down.

In the middle of the night.

M & R rooftop.

Huo Mou Shen wearing a black introverted suit, standing straight against the wind, revealing an untamed brow, fingertips lit cigarettes dispersed in the wind with a faint smoke.

He looked out over the entire city of China.

Lu Ziyan stood behind him, looking at Huo Mushen's back, pursing his lips.

Some people are born to be kings, and he has practiced to the point of perfection, so that people can't bear to blaspheme.

The two just one in front of the other, do not know how long they stood ......

Long enough for the sun to gradually rise from the bottom line, the man narrowed his eyes and turned his head to look at Lu Ziyan who was fixed in place, his body like a nail, the corner of his lips hooked up, "Ziyan, you stood here all night?"

"More than just standing all night, I was waiting for the Zhao family's stock to drop. Third Sister-in-law gave us such a good excuse, I can't miss it, or else Third Sister-in-law's sins are all for nothing, and the kind of medicine from more than ten years ago appeared again today, I don't want to miss it again." Lu Ziyan's eyes were deep.

Huo Mu Shen narrows his eyes and promises in a low voice, "I'll help you find out."

"This is my own hatred, third brother, you can't get involved, I still want to experience the thrill of revenge for once." Lu Zi Yan snickered, immediately changing the topic, "Just what did you want the Zhao family to want, Third Brother?"

"Look at my wife." Huo Moushen finished, turned around and went downstairs from the rooftop.

Lu Ziyan saw his still spirited, steady as flying long legs, tsk tsk shaking his head, picking up his wife's speed can prompt M & R to work more efficiently as well ah.


Huacheng Central Hospital.

The hospital room was sprinkled with sunlight.

Song Zhi hadn't yet woken up from sleep when she was woken up by Jiang Jiu's phone call.

When she took the phone, she heard Jiang Wine's excited voice: ''Third sister-in-law, look online! Zhao Li is being hung on the hotel in Hua Ting, look at his whole body almost scared half to death!"

Song Zhi pressed open a glance to see the shares of the Zhao family plummeted all the way down, as well as Zhao Gongzi who did not know who he offended, was hanged on the roof of the building, his whole face was so scared that he lost his blood color, half of his soul followed him to the ground, right?

Seeing such news, Song Zhi was not surprised: "I knew last night."

"You knew last night? Did Third Brother do it?" Jiang Jiu was surprised, but immediately came to a realization.

Let's just say, why did she feel that the means were too similar to Third Brother.

"Your third brother surprised me last night." Song Zhe hangs up the phone and sees Huo Mu Shen push the door in, his eyes lighting up, "Hubby you came to pick me up?"

"Who were you on the phone with just now?" Huo Moushen asks.

"Jiang Wine." Song Zhu said.

"Call her less in the future." Huo Moushen frowned and walked to the bedside with his long legs.

"Why, I've noticed that you have a big problem with Ah Wine, she's not one of our own." Song Zhi is puzzled.

"Mrs. Huo, if you don't listen to your husband's words, you'll suffer."


Song Zhi tugged at the corner of her lips.

"And it's time for Mrs. Huo to go home and fulfill her promise."

Song Ru frowned in shock.


When did she promise Huo Mu Shen?


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