Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 93

That morning, Huo Mou Shen was worried that Song Zhi would not be able to recuperate in the hospital, and after taking her to check her body, he let Chu Huai Bei handle the processing of her discharge.

He returned to Huo Garden at noon.

When Huo Mou Shen hugged Song Zhi and lay down into the soft mattress, Song Zhi fell obediently into the soft KINGSIZE and her fingers were tugged into his palm.

The hot breath was sprayed right next to her red lips, and Song Zhi was so nervous that she closed her eyes.

Huo Mou Shen saw her black eyelashes trembling badly and held her fingertips and pinched them.

Opening his voice, a low, husky voice rolls out of his throat, "Mrs. Huo, it's time for you to open your eyes."

Her hands were helped onto the man's broad shoulders.

Song Zhi timidly says, "Can I not open them?"

She finally knew what promises to fulfill.

"It's not a good habit to go back on your word, my family's Xiaozhu has always been true to her word." Huo Muchen curves his lips and compliments her.

Song Ru's eyes widened, eyes glaring half-blinking as they stared at the features close at hand.

"Are other men as good looking as me?"

"No." Song Zhi nodded her head with extra sincerity, ten lie detector machines would not be a problem if they came.

"Then shouldn't Mrs. Huo fulfill her promise and look carefully." Huo Mo Shen's voice was very deep and lazy, and his ears were practically pregnant.

Song Zhe's face 'swish' bursts red!

She adhered to her 'thick skin' and stared wide-eyed, following the man's eyebrows to the man's raised throat knot, and finally ......

face instantly darkened.

"Huo Mu Shen, you're setting me up again! Your clothes are still on, so you're still letting me look!"

"It's not too late to take off now!" Huo Moushen's lips shallowly hooked.


Song Zhi called Huo Moushen's voice in a hooked tone, dragging the soft endings out long and sounding extremely melodious.

Huo Mushen's body heats up, "Mrs. Huo, it's not a wise choice to pamper yourself and call me now. Why don't you save some strength and wait for your leg injury to heal before calling me like you are now, eh?"


There's no way to continue this topic.

But Huo Mu Shen's interest came.

His thin lips pressed against the side of her ear, "Do you like boys, or girls?"

Song Zhi's mind raced when she heard this.


She asked back, "What about you?"

"Xiao Ru and I have a heart-to-heart and also want a boy."

Huo Mou Shen replies dryly.


Because boys are good at punching!

Huo Mou Shen silently deposits this answer as he moves his body forward and gently bites Song Zhi's earlobe.


Song Zhi's ear cochlea tickled, and tilting her head she saw the man's bulging and rolling throat, pouting as she asked, "I've seen so many good dads wanting a daughter."

"I already have." Huo Mu Shen said, tugging her unconsciously teasing fingers down, clutching them in his palm and holding them.

The soft and supple heart gently pinched some, a feeling that was very real, like the whole heart had been filled.

Song Zhi moved in a little more, letting his body close to him.

"Where is it?" She winked playfully.

"It's you, having a daughter is enough." Huo Mou Shen lowers his head and kisses her brow, his fingers wrapping around her back and gently patting his shoulder.

Song Zu laughed softly and snuggled in tighter.

She was in his arms, pillowed by his familiar scent, and sleepiness surged up.


Downstairs, however, there was a sudden cacophony of noise, directly ripping Song Zhi's sleepy nerves out!

Her sleep was not solid and stable, although Huo Mou Shen's breath made Song Zhi a lot more stable, but if there was a sound like the kind downstairs, the whole person reflexively popped up and sat up from Huo Mou Shen's embrace, and her head was on the spot for a few seconds, confused.

"You can't come in, my husband and wife are resting!"

"If you guys have anything to do, you can talk about it tomorrow!"

"If you don't get out, I'll call the bodyguards in!"

"Please be accommodating, we must see Huo Shao today." The man's voice is loud but carries a hint of ingratiation.

Song Zhe frowned when she was woken up, her brain aching.

Huo Mushen wraps his arms around her spine, his long, warm fingers rubbing her temples, but his tone is full of solemnity: "Be good, I'll go shoot them away, you go back to sleep."

Song Ru's clueless eyes are still not awake, deer eyes innocently blinking twice, brows furrowed: "Who is it?"

It was at this time that the housekeeper came up and knocked on the door, helplessly disturbing them, "Sir, there are people from downstairs who say they want to make amends to madam, and they've even brought someone with them."

Song Zhe sniffs, his brows knit deeper.

Huo Muchen sees that she can't sleep either and rubs her messy hair, his voice as gentle as possible, taking care of Song Zhi's wakefulness.

"Get up and go take a look?"

Song Zhe nods her head, sickly, and allows Huo Muchen to get dressed with growing discontent.

She forces herself to hold back the anger that fills her head until she sees the Zhao family's father and son standing in the middle of the floor downstairs, her right eyebrow raised.

Huo Mou Shen held Song Zhi walking very slowly, slowly lifting his eyelids.

The bottom of his eyes floated up in solemnity, looking down on the crowd of black people under the building like ants on a mountain.

Coming down from the second floor, Zhao Li's father, Zhao Wanheng, saw the couple at a glance.

Even though the man was holding the woman up and making a lowly gesture, his hands and feet still shocked him with a cold, oppressive hostility.

When Zhao Wanheng saw Huo Mushan walk in front of him, he turned his head and slapped Zhao Li fiercely, "Asshole, why don't you make amends to Mrs. Huo!"

As soon as Zhao Li sees Huo Mushan, his legs and stomach become too scared to stand.

A cold chill runs down his spine and he almost kneels, always feeling that Huo Mushan will pinch his neck off at any moment.

"Mrs. Huo, I was also misled about that incident and really didn't want to harm you. You're generous, just let me off the hook." Zhao Li doesn't move to splash the dirty water and lowers his head.

Zhao Wanheng also bends down and smiles in compensation, "Huo Shao, you see that this bastard in my house doesn't know any better and has alarmed Mrs. Huo, but on account of the fact that he was also misled, and that you've punished him, let the Zhao family off the hook."

Huo Mou Shen wrapped his long arms around Song Zhi's thin waist and sat in the sofa, legs folded as he looked at the Zhao family's father and son, as well as ...... the black-clothed bodyguards behind them.

He hooks his lips, "Mr. Zhao, is this the way to apologize?"

Raising an eyebrow, Huo Muchen's cold and ghostly gaze sweeps behind him, "Bringing a group of bodyguards, barging into Huo Garden, disturbing me and my wife's rest, I don't know but I still think that Mr. Zhao is going to come to the door to settle the score?"

Zhao Wanheng put scolded his face green and white.

But once he thinks of the danger of the Zhao family going bankrupt, he grits his teeth and lowers his head, "It's our fault, don't be angry, Huo Shao, I'll tell them to get out now!"

Zhao Wanheng turns his head and points at the door, "Get out! All get out, don't stain the eyes of Huo Shao and Mrs. Huo!"

The bodyguards sniff and are all whisked out.

Only the isolated Zhao family father and son remain.


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