Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 95


Song Zhe stared wide-eyed, puffed out his cheeks, and said in a single word, "Huo Mu Shen, I'm not going!"

"Gutsy and fat?" Huo Mou Shen picks the person out of the quilt, then looks at her shrinking her neck and says with a stern face.

"Husband, can I two move without choosing?"

Song Zhi pampering, grinding, throwing winks a not fall all learned, used in Huo Mou Shen.

But Huo Mushan didn't indulge this girl, instead he blackened his face and coldly said, "If you don't get up again, I'll default to you choosing both. Eat me after dinner."

Hearing this, Song Zhi's surface is pitiful, but in fact, her heart is extremely panicked, she gibbered and climbed up from the bed, and again and bargained: "Then husband I want you to personally cook for me."

"Get an inch!" Huo Mou Shen tone and helpless, and a few points of gnashing of teeth flavor.

At this point, it's already eight o'clock.

The servants in Huo Park are not always there, most of them will leave after they finish their respective jobs.

When Huo Mou Shen goes downstairs and goes through the refrigerator he realizes that the fridge is empty of ingredients, and that Lin Ma has something to go home for tonight.

"Drive, I'll take you out to buy them."

As soon as Song Zhi heard that her husband wanted to take him out and back to the bedroom, she deliberately put on a mask to hide half of her face, which hadn't subsided, so that she couldn't see clearly what Song Zhi looked like.

Huo Muchen saw the corner of his lips twitching slightly, and personally drove Song Zhi straight to the largest supermarket in Huacheng.

The two of them just went in, and Huo Mushen's handsome and peerless features instantly became the center of attention in the crowd.

A lot of little girls sneak glances over and look enviously at Song Zhi beside the man.

And as soon as Song Zhi entered the supermarket, he was like a pig rushing into the fence, seeing the snacks pushed into the car and having to hold the meat.

Just a few breaths of effort, Huo Mou Shen turned back and could not see the people, his feet were forced to a meal, lowered his eyes, a road to look for, directly find the figure of the people, walked behind Song Ru, a grabbed her hand: "Put things back."

"Ah ......"

She had been in prison for a long time, and now she had been eating light, she really wanted a snack.

"Don't plead with me, I won't allow you to eat!" Huo Mou Shen is cold, hard and board, completely as old as time.

Huo Moushen he was born in the Huo family as a child and lived a privileged life, even in terms of diet, he was extraordinarily picky.

Huo Moushen has a fetish for cleanliness, and can bring Song Ru out, so 'personal' out to buy food are considered enough to give face.

Along the way, Huo Mushen's long arm wrapped tightly around Song Zhi, preventing her from being touched.

His body exudes a cold aura, and he walks quickly in the supermarket, with no one daring to approach him within three steps.

The speed was so fast that it gave Song Zhi the illusion that they weren't here to shop in the supermarket, but to sweep the place.

Huo Mou Shen really only buy what he needs, the rest of the things outside, half do not let Song Zi touch, just put his arm around Song Zi to go to the checkout line.

Song Zi wilted and stood in the checkout line, softly pouting, "Huo Moushen, the fun of shopping in the supermarket has been lost by you, can I not ......".

"Can't!" Huo Mou Shen looked at her and looked askance at the sugar cubes, grabbed her outstretched hand, and righteously threatened, "Your voice is not good, you can't eat it."

Song Zhi really feels that Huo Muchen is too strict in controlling her.

She muttered, "Old fashioned."

This disciplining expression made the few boys beside her look at her with a heart that couldn't bear to buy a piece of candy for Song Zhi to eat.

Song Zhi deflatedly picks at the things in Huo Mu Shen's cart to see if there's anything she can eat.

When she touched it, Song Zhi saw a lot of boxes piled up underneath the car, she thought it was sugar cubes, and picked it up directly, then she saw the three words in the bucket, and blushed for a split second.

Then look down, stunned ......

Dozens of boxes?

Huo Mou Shen, President Huo, Huo Da Shao, are you preparing to sell?

Luckily Song Zhi's face was covered by the sarong, otherwise she felt that her cheeks would be lost here.

"Huo Moushen, let's discuss something." Song Zhi moved her small steps, enduring the horrified gazes of the people around her, and whispered.

"What is it? If it's that you want to buy the food in the bag, no negotiation." Huo Mou Shen intercepted in a loud voice.

"No!" Song Zhi was furious, pointing to the shopping cart, "Use ...... can't use that much, right?"

Looking along her fingertips, Huo Mushen's ascetic face has more than a hint of lethargy, and directly throws two words.



She'd heard of snack mask hoarding, but hadn't heard that this stuff could also be hoarded!

But a certain big brother is even more taken for granted, directly pushing the shopping cart to check out.

When the salesperson counts the ingredients and things Huo Muchen bought outside, his face turns red.

Song Zhi even hides behind him, complaining in a low voice, "It's all you, causing me to be looked at all the way."

Huo Mushen carries his things towards the underground parking lot, and when he hears Song Zhi open her mouth, his footsteps suddenly stop and he bends down to her lips, "Mrs. Huo is sure that they are looking at you?"

Song Zhi was speechless.

Huo Mushen touches her head, interlocking his fingers with hers, and turns towards the elevator.

Their intimate little gesture falls into the eyes of one of the girls, jealous and envious.

She calls out to a few other girls and spits together, "Look, that woman is definitely not his wife!"

"How can you tell?"

"Look carefully at the man, Rolls Royce watches, Italian high-fashion suits, the whole body is a few million dollars, definitely rich. Normally, you have seen which so rich and handsome men have a few accompany their wives out to buy groceries, the wife at home have boiled into a yellow face, can accompany the junior, understand?" The girl revved up her words.

She continued, "You see the woman beside the man, she also deliberately wearing a veil, just do not want others to recognize other people's faces! This kind of person I'm going to film and put on the internet, let's see if they won't be scolded to death by their original spouse!"

In reality, she just felt that such a handsome man had no right to be dominated by this woman!

Unwillingness is all.

After saying that, she secretly took many pictures and directly sent them to Weibo.

The girl next to her follows suit, "Xinxin, I think that man is similar to the man on your cell phone's screensaver?"

Upon hearing this, Huo Xinxin looks up, "What man can be compared to my cousin?"

"My cousin is Huo Mushen, the president of the M&R Group!" Huo Xinxin's eyes are glowing at the mention of 'Huo Mushan', especially in anticipation of Huo Mushan's return to the old mansion in a month.

"Xinxin, it really seems like it, look!" The female classmate pulls on her wrist, a little excited.

Following the voice, Huo Xinxin looks at the man standing not far away, a hint of infatuation flooding her eyes, "It's my cousin! But ...... who is the woman standing beside him?"

The corner of Huo Xinxin's lips hooks up, not realizing that it's not Song Zhi beside her cousin, wouldn't that give Sister Su a better chance.

Third Uncle doesn't like Song Zhe anyway!

Song Ru, I'll see how long you can be complacent!

She had the girls send the photos back collectively and forwarded them all to the family group again.

It instantly exploded!

The scarf was also instantly raised to the hot search list by the crowd because of Huo Mushan in the photo!

[M & R president with an unidentified woman appeared in so-and-so supermarket, the two behave intimately, the newlywed Mrs. Huo or become the fastest to be kicked out of the mansion of the daughter-in-law?


And the two parties in the photo are totally unaware of it.

Huo Mou Shen took Song Zhi back to Huo Garden.

Like a little tail, she follows behind Huo Mou Shen and carries all the ingredients to the kitchen.

"Mrs. Huo, carry these to the bedroom." Huo Mushan puts dozens of boxes directly for Song Zhu to carry.


"Send it back, there's a reward, eh?"


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