Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 96

Song Zhe delivered the stuff to the bedroom with a red face.

The cell phone in her pocket suddenly buzzed.

She felt out her phone, saw that it was Lu Ziyan's phone number, and picked it up without hesitation, "Hello."

"Third sister-in-law, what are you busy with?"

"At home." Song Zhi was not in a beautiful mood, even returning the call was lazy.

"At home?" Lu Zi Yan was puzzled by a sentence, only after a long time did he phrase his opening, "Then third sister-in-law you have to be a little bit psychologically prepared, you now open your cell phone scarf to go see the first hot search."

Song resigned out of the call page, directly clicked on the scarf, the result was stunned by the headline content.

After a long ten seconds of silence, Lu Ziyan tentatively opened his mouth, "Third sister-in-law, don't worry I'll definitely check who this woman is. I've been by third brother's side all these years, and third brother has always been clean, no woman has come close, there must be a misunderstanding, and third brother is also busy with the project, he's always with me, I guarantee there's no woman."

A matter of principle, Lu Ziyan, as a member of his own family, still had to explain.

What's more, he had other purposes for calling.

In the middle of the day, Song Zhi let out a 'pfft' of a laugh.

This laugh made Lu Ziyan even more furious.

"Third sister-in-law, you mustn't be imagining things!"

"Old Six, the woman next to Huo Mou Shen can only be me, so the woman in this photo is also me! I wore a veil only after my face was injured, and I didn't expect it to be uploaded to the internet." Song Zhi browsed up the netizens' comments, his brows becoming more and more furrowed.

The netizens' comments were all about abusing her for seducing the 'national husband'.

Moreover, some of the comments were so clear-minded that they actually supported her, saying that they had long been tired of Song Zhe occupying Huo Mushen.

More people are guessing whether Song Zhi has fallen out of favor and will soon be kicked out by the Huo family.

She is not happy!

Song Zhi laughed coldly, the people behind her want to see her joke, then also let them wait, slowly wait!

It's best to wait until they are no longer able to do so, but also to watch her and Huo Mou Shen have a happy marriage and a happy family!

They'll be furious with her!

"So it's Third Sister-in-law, then I'm relieved." Lu Zi Yan's words are full of concern, but everywhere lured to dig a pit, casually pulled up another topic: "By the way, third sister-in-law, you won Song Yanran last time to get the award, you have not yet cashed in the five hundred thousand reward and work, are you going to come over to work?"

Most importantly, Song Ru to really into the M & R, that is really riding on top of his head to go.


"Third Sister-in-law, the AK Group that M&R cooperates with said that in the future the product endorsement design will need to be handled by you personally, so third sister-in-law, you will agree to come to work." Lu Ziyan said.

He was afraid that Song Zhi would mind his last flirtation and put out conditions again, saying, "Third Sister-in-law, you can pick the position of Chief Secretary beside Third Brother, give Third Brother a surprise, and no one will look down on you in the future."

Lu Ziyan was sitting in 1986's high-class VIP box, his posture lazily leaning back in the soft sofa, and all he was pinching in his hands was Song Zhi's personal information.

He then admired Third Brother all the more for being so powerful, and Song Ru's specialty closely followed Huo Mushan's.

Song Zhu, indeed, was taught by Third Brother's hand.

"Old Six, I've never cared about other people's gazes, but I don't want to rely on Huo Mushan everywhere. You said last time that the path he's traveling is too difficult, all I can do is grow and accompany him." Song Zhu spoke word for word, her voice full of decisive determination.

Lu Ziyan was stunned.

He didn't expect Song Zhi to be really ambitious!

"Then what are you going to do, Third Sister-in-law?"

"The company has recently opened a new department, right?" Song Ru wrinkled her brows, vaguely remembering a few things that would happen with the E-Star project, and clenched her fists.

"Yeah, that one is the IT department of the E-Star project, you wouldn't be thinking of going there?" Lu Ziyan asked in a deep voice.


Song Zhi answered Lu Ziyan and then hurriedly turned around and went downstairs to see the man who was nearly one meter nine in height taking off his suit and wearing a white shirt with the cuffs pushed up to his elbows, holding the vegetables in one hand and cutting them with the other, simply good and charming!

She stepped on her slippers and ran behind Huo Mu Shen with small steps, her arms spread out to hug his lean waist tightly, sniffing deeply at the scent of sunken wood on his body, while her mind thought about the news on the internet.

She is going to work hard and harder to be on par with the man!

The man was stunned, his chopping hand lurched, and the corners of his lips curved into a shallow arc.

"All finished playing?"

"Done putting up." The two nightstands are practically stuffed.

Huo Mou Shen turned around and held Song Zhe's shoulders, his deep black eyes swept into the determination in her eyes, but the corners of his mouth deliberately smiled in a far-fetched manner, raising his eyebrows slightly, "You're not happy?"

Song Zhe's body stiffened, she was unhappy, but she didn't expect Huo Mu Shen to see it at a glance.

"Which is? I can't wait to be happy when my husband cooks for me." Song Zhi avoided his gaze and turned her head to look at the fruit platter made in the kitchen, smiling cheekily.

"Song Zhi." The man's eyes didn't carry any warmth in them, boarding over her face so that Song Zhi could only meet his line of sight, his tone calling her name in a ghostly cold voice.

Song Zhi's breath hitched.

Huo Mushen calling her by her first and last name, that meant the man wasn't too far from the edge of an angry outburst.

"You're lying to me."


"Being Huo Mou Shen's wife, you don't need to look at anyone's face, not even me!" Huo Mou Shen's voice grows even colder when he sees that she's obviously hiding her heart and not saying anything.

Song Zhi bites her lip and stammers, "On the internet, some people took pictures of us and said that you took a mistress shopping and that the real Mrs. Huo was abandoned at home and became a yellow face. Most importantly the netizens don't stand up for Mrs. Huo and support the mistress, what kind of morals and values are these?"

At these words, Huo Mushen furrows his brows, picks up the cell phone by the sink and scans over the page for a glance, faintly hooking his lips, "Mrs. Huo, are you jealous with yourself?"

"It's you! It's all you! Who made you too good looking!" Song Zhi hums her little voice, extremely aggrieved and dissatisfied.

Huo Mushen sighs helplessly and laughs.

The two stare blankly at each other.

Neither speaks.

After ten seconds or so, Song Zhi sees Huo Moushen spread out a dark chocolate from his palm like a trick and stuff it into her lips.

She licked her tongue, and the corners of her lips instantly grinned, "When did you buy this, I could just see that you couldn't be bothered to buy me a bag of snacks."

"I've wronged Mrs. Huo?" Huo Mo Shen's voice is low.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to work hard for Mrs. Huo to help me spend money starting tomorrow."

With that, he takes out a black gold card from his pocket and puts it into Song Zhi's hands, "Password your birthday, eh?"

Song Zhi pinched the black gold card and was a bit surprised.

There are only three black gold cards in the world, and I didn't expect one to actually be in Huo Mou Shen's hands, so how much money does Huo Mou Shen have?

Huo Moushen touched her head and whispered, "Go to the sofa, I'll go cook for you."

The child who gets the sugar can listen to her husband's words, and her butt goes to the sofa, and when she sees the special recommendation letter sent over by Lu Ziyan on her cell phone, the arc of her lips hooks up more and more curved.

She took out her cell phone and clicked on the M&R official website, and when she saw that the new departments were all core personnel of the E-Star project only able to participate, her fingers pinched tighter.

Although she hadn't been in contact with the project, she remembered that there were pests in it, and that they had joined forces with the Lu family to use her and steal confidential documents!

In this life, she wouldn't let any of them go!


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