Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 97

After Song Zhi silently downloaded the recommendation letter, she felt her neck being picked up by a man, and by her ear was the man's low magnetic voice: "Eat."

Song Zhi's bones were tingling, she couldn't help but shiver, turned around and directly embraced Huo Mushan's neck, and said in a low, soft voice: "Hubby, you're holding me."

But in her heart, she is bellyaching: "What kind of meal is it, just eat you."

Huo Mushen's brows swept over with favor, allowing Song Zhi to nestle in his arms and hold people to the dining table.

The table is filled with four dishes and one soup, all of which look excellent, making Song Ru smack her lips, excellent people really are all-rounders everywhere.

Huo Mu Shen sat beside her, drinking the soup slowly and methodically, raising his hands in a dignified and elegant manner without making a sound.

On the contrary, Song Zhi ate like a starving ghost.

Huo Muchen watched as the corners of his lips twitched a few times, and a touch of sternness floated across the bottom of his eyes; it must be that the Song family usually mistreats Xiao Zhi too much!

He watched Song Zhi devour her food, his heart aching as he kept picking up the dishes to add to her bowl of chopsticks.

"Like to eat?"

"Like like." In prison every day steamed buns and salted vegetables, and having to do rough work, she felt every day that she would die suddenly at any moment!

It seemed that the Song family had some people bold enough to dare bully his little wife after a few years of him not being in Huacheng.

Good, very good ......

He slowly played them to death ......

Huo Mou Shen's stance leaned back slightly, unconsciously rotating the wedding ring on his left hand, the corners of his lips pressed up, "Eat slowly, in the future, what do you like to eat, talk to me."

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi 'in her busy schedule' looks up from the fragrant meal and looks towards Huo Mushan who puts down his chopsticks and only fills in the dishes for her but hasn't eaten much yet, her nose suddenly turns sour and red.

She pursed her lips and directly jumped into her husband's arms, her greasy lips directly kissing the cool thin lips.

Huo Mu Shen's eyes were slightly stunned, but immediately turned against him, dragging Song Zhi's waist, holding the person onto his lap, clasping the back of her head, and pressing hard against himself.

His kiss was fierce and violent.

Song Zhi was stunned.

She just wanted a slapdash grateful kiss, not expecting a deep one!

Song Zhi's face was red and agitated.

Huo Mou Shen's breathing suddenly roughened as he felt Song Zhi pressing against him to draw hard on the breath between his lips.

His hands looped behind her and pinched her shoulders hard, as if he was holding back something.

Only after a long time did Huo Muchen bury his face deep in the crook of her neck, his voice muffled, "Xiao Zhi, don't tease me, I won't be able to help it, eh?"

Song Zhi was kissed to the point where her lips were red and swollen, and her brain was a bit confused.

She was still holding the spoon in one hand and pinching the chopsticks in the other when she was hooped in Huo Mushen's arms and answered in a low voice.

"Eat well and recuperate, I'll take you back to the Huo family next month to enter my family tree." Huo Mushen said in a low voice.

The new wife of the Huo family has to be returned to the door by the most powerful person in the Huo family, that is, Grandpa Huo, to personally write the new wife's name into the Huo family tree, in the presence of everyone to witness it, and only then can it be considered to be recognized by all the people in the Huo family.

Song Zhi side face to see the man's reddened ears, eyes flashed a trace of surprise, then nodded: "En."

"Good boy." Huo Mou Shen hears her answer and raises his hand to stroke her long hair one after another for a long time before releasing the man to go back and continue eating.

Song Zhi which dares to still be able to eat, breathing disordered look at Huo Mou Shen, see the corner of his lips actually still stained with rice grains, stretch out a finger hooked away from his lips, ate it.

Huo Mushen's throat rolled a bit as he watched her movements.

He pulls out a tissue and wipes her red swollen lips, "How old are you, still licking everywhere!"

"Can't waste food, and husband, your cleanliness fetish seems to have been cured by me oh." Song Zhi put down the dishes and wagged a finger in front of him.

"Not immune to you."

"When I kissed you just now, I was still covered in oil, aren't you afraid of getting dirty?" Song Zhi ate and drank, sitting on the stool paralyzed like a pregnant woman.


"Learned from you." After Song Zhi finished this sentence, he fled as if to go upstairs.

Wash the fragrance, change pajamas, and wait for your husband ......

Huo Mou Shen's lips curled up in favor, then packed up the dishes but didn't take the lead in striding his long legs up the stairs, but instead tapped his cell phone to directly return the call.

"Old Six, what's wrong?"

"Big brother asked me to pass a message to you, saying that you are a loser, and that you let the Zhao family off the hook after calculating to get a tea set." Lu Ziyan said.

After a few seconds of silence, Huo Mushen's gaze deepened and he didn't know what he was thinking, "When did this happen, how come I don't know?"

Lu Ziyan was puzzled, "Our people have inquired at the Zhao family's company, and you've already loosened your lips to let the Zhao family off the hook and not pursue Zhao Li's responsibility."

"The Zhao family apologized to Xiao Zhi, and that tea set was also an atonement gift to Xiao Zhi, what does it have to do with me?" Huo Mushen speaks coldly.

"Third brother, you mean you won't let the Zhao family go?" Lu Ziyan sounded surprised.

Huo Moushen habitually taps on the desktop, making a compelling rhythmic sound, the corner of his lips hooking up into a smirking arc: "Never thought about it."

Anyone who dares to scheme against his wife will go to hell sooner or later!

"Third brother, you're simply horrible, but third sister-in-law this gift to ask for is also really ...... smacking, but it's also very heartfelt." Lu Ziyan is also considered half of the Huo family, every year on New Year's Day will also go back to the Huo family to visit Master Huo together with Huo Mou Shen, of course, he knows Master Huo's preferences, and he also kind of admires Song Zhi for being able to memorize Huo family's preferences.

"Yes there is very intentional."

"Third brother, there's a meeting in AK tonight, and there's a meeting in AK in a few days." After Lu Ziyan finishes his business, the corners of his eyes reveal an evil, hostile glare as he slowly says, "I'll make a timely move on the Zhao family's side and do it beautifully."

Huo Mushen said faintly, "No rush, wait until after the birthday banquet, I prefer acquiring the Zhao family than letting them go bankrupt."

Lu Ziyan was horrified again.

Why did he always feel that Third Brother was more ferocious than before since he got married.

Anything involving Song Zhi was pretty much done half-heartedly!

Also do not know whether it is good or bad ......

The two ended the call within ten minutes before Huo Muchen walked upstairs to start a video conference, but Song Zhi inside the house was completely unaware of it, she just took a shower and saw that the swelling on her face had sort of gone down and the wound on her leg wasn't really healing too fast, but it was scabbed over, and if she hadn't moved too much, it wouldn't have even been ripped open.

She just lay in the soft mattress, her white skin exposed in the air, posing with her long legs in a tantalizing position.

One minute later, the husband did not come back ......

Two minutes later, Huo Mu Shen is still not back ......

Ten minutes later, Huo Da Shao really ...... she did not wait!

Nima, white blind so many tantalizing poses!

Sleep, sleep!

Song Zhi directly drilled into the quilt, angry into a puffer fish.

Throughout the night, Song Ru did not sleep particularly well, until Huo Mou Shen and AK finished the video conference in the middle of the night and took a hot shower, pushed back the bedroom door, lifted the quilt and held her entire body in his arms, Song Ru's eyebrows only stretched.

Huo Mou Shen touches the coldness of her body and wears little, half squinting his eyes, revealing a hidden emotion, "Silly."


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