Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 98

The next day.

Song Zhi woke up touching the coldness of his side.

After going downstairs and looking around and not seeing Huo Mushan, she puffed up her cheeks and grabbed the bread on the table and went out.

"Ma'am, aren't you going to eat more?"

"Not eating." The gas is full.

Song Zhi directly walked out of the villa and asked the driver to propose the 'poorest' car in the underground garage to go to M&R.

Because Song Zu had the experience of driving in a car accident last time, she was more cautious than usual in every way for the sake of her life.

When the driver brought up the Porsche 918 in the garage, Song Ru still smacked her lips.

The driver said bitterly, "Ma'am, this is already the cheapest."

Song Zhi pulled up the corner of her lips and smiled, but in her heart, she said, "Well, this is the cheapest, her husband really didn't lie to her, he's even richer than she thought."

When Song Ru stepped on the pre-eight o'clock clock clocking record and walked straight to the department of the E-Star project to report, everyone was surprised for a moment.

Especially since they'd all seen last night's headlines.

"Isn't that Mrs. Huo?"

"Yeah, I saw it too, it's pretty good looking, but what's she doing here?"

Another woman said, "Even if she's pretty, a man should have a mistress, not to mention that Song Zhi doesn't have much of a brain!"

"Yes, this is the IT design department of the E-Star project, does she understand?"

"She can come even if she doesn't understand, who made her Mrs. Huo?" A person said contemptuously.

No sooner had she finished speaking than someone else chimed in, their mouth full of disdain: "It's only been a few months, and it won't be long before she's still kicked out! I'm telling you, I've heard of a lot of marriages in the luxury sector, where they pretend to be especially in love on the surface, but in the dark, they still live how they want to live."

"Don't say that, if she hears us, we'll all have to get out!"

"Right, when Director An comes over, she'll still be kicked out!"

Song Zhi stood in the doorway, her head hanging low as she listened to these employees' comments about her.

So it turned out that so many people wanted her to get out.

She just stood quietly at the door, waiting for the head of the new department.


A woman in a black and white standard professional outfit came from the end of the corridor stepping on heels that were a full ten centimeters high.

She sees Song Zhi standing in the doorway at a glance, frowning as she walks up to her, coldly mocking, "Mrs. Huo, what are you doing here?"

At the sound of her words, Song Zhi slowly looks up, right into her mocking eyes, her pupils dramatically shrinking a few times, the hand that clutches the strap of her bag tightening.

She had seen the woman in front of her before, only that she would appear here really made her 'surprise' unexpected!

"Director An, I came here to work." Song Zhe's eyes gradually deepened as he spoke faintly.

A sense of uneasiness welled up in An Lina, who then sarcastically said, "Mrs. Huo, although you are Mrs. Huo, it doesn't mean that you can just come here, after all, M&R has a rule of never wanting waste."

These words were saying that Song Zhe was a waste!

Song Zhe smiles instead of being angry, "Director An, of course I'm aware of that, but I'm not putting up any kind of a front, are you so anxious because you're afraid I'll take your position?"

"You!" An Lina didn't seem to be afraid of Song Zhi at all, especially since she also saw the news on the internet last night when she was having coffee with Song Yanran, it made her feel even more that Song Zhi was going to be replaced by Song Yanran sooner or later, so she taunted even more unscrupulously, "Song Zhi, since you're here to interview for a job, why don't you let us see what you're capable of in the end!"

With that, An Lina pushed open the door and pointed at the crowd of curious employees, her voice not too high but not too low, with strong sarcasm, "Song Zhi, all the employees here have gone through heavy screening before walking to the core departments of E-Star, they are all fixed slots, I don't know which position you would like to have!"

Everyone looked over in unison, with a look of horror and contempt.

What they feared was Huo Mushan's identity.

What they despised again was that Song Zhi had no skills whatsoever and wanted to take their position, making it even more detestable!

Song Zhi couldn't help but want to laugh as she looked at the eyes they were glaring over at her, all on the verge of eating her!

M&R really was the king of the strong!

"Song Ru, you've seen enough! You, a person who even got into college by spending money to donate buildings, it's better if you don't stay in M&R as an asshat." Annelina sneered.

Song Ru's eye kernels jumped two more times, when did she donate a building to UW?

Song Yanran!

Song Yuancheng actually spent money to donate a building for Song Yanyan!

Song Ru sneered in her heart, her words were sharp: "Director An, I haven't interviewed you yet how do you know I can't? I remember that M&R doesn't have this rule, not to mention that I remember that the new department has just been established and it was announced on the official website that as long as the person who comes to the interview is higher than the ability of the person from E-Star, he or she can replace her position!"

An Lina gripped the doorknob and deliberately humiliated, "Since you think you're capable, why don't you tell us which position you want to interview for?"

Song Zhe shallowly hooked her lips, not in a hurry, "I think Director An's position would be quite good!"

The person in charge of the E-Star project, she wasn't sure if she could be a good one, but she definitely wouldn't allow An Lina to sit in this position!

"You want to be in my position?" Annelina's fire came straight to her.

"Yes, you should be able to hear what I'm saying clearly if you're not deaf!" Song Zhi smiled and opened his mouth, smiling painlessly.

"Song Zhi! Do you have the ability to do this?" An Lina seemed as if she had heard a big joke.

"Try it, only then will you know." Song Zhi's voice was not cold.

Facing Song Ru's provocation, Annelina clapped her hands disdainfully, "Not self-conscious!"

"Song Ru, I'll give you a simple task, let you pick one of them to fix a loophole in the program, as long as you win him, I'll let you take your place, how's that?" An Lina didn't put Song Ru in her eyes at all and just looked at her coldly.

Song Ru raised an eyebrow and swept her surroundings, as much as she could, she swept around the eyes of the fallen, her heart flooded with coldness.

"Annelina, I agree to your contest."

Hearing this, An Lina becomes even more pleased, knowing that Song Zhi this pig brain can't do anything, in order to make a splash even Huo Mu Shen's image is not taken into consideration!

"Good, I'm also waiting for you to take my position!"

Seeing An Lina sitting firmly in the swivel chair bought by Huo Muk Shen, her heart puffs up, why should something her husband bought be given to another woman to sit on?

Seeing Song Zhi taking the bait but not moving, An Lina frowned and reminded, "Song Zhi, are you afraid?"

Hearing the tone of neither yin nor yang, Song Zhi gazed at her for a few seconds before approaching her and condescendingly said, "An Lina, I'm afraid that you won't cry too much in a while."

After a pause, she added, "Why don't we raise the stakes?"

Annelina's face changed, her red lips slightly opened, "What chips?"

"I won away your position as director, I can't let outsiders think that M&R is too unsympathetic, how about you dispatch to scrub the toilet." Song Ru put her bag down, not moving to observe everyone's complexion.

"Song Ru, don't go too far!" An Lina's face suddenly grimaced, her eyes snapping in anger, glaring fiercely at Song Zhi, "Mrs. Huo, tell me about you, you can only rely on your husband in every way, without Mr. Huo, what else can you do?"

Song Zhu tilted his head and smiled lightly, "Plus?"

"Add!" An Lina grabbed the handle with five claws, gritted her teeth and forced her word by word, "But if you lose, announce on Weibo that you don't deserve to be a wife, after all, it's quite a shame to be the wife of a luxurious family like you!"

These words were even more sarcastic, Song Zhi was about to be kicked out of the ranks of luxury family daughters-in-law anyway!


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