Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 99

Song Zhe hooked her lips, "Good."

She turned her head and pointed at one of the girls who had just taunted her, "Just her."

The female employee who was named leapt to her feet, eager to abuse Song Zhi to death!

An Lina saw through the female employee's eyes and looked at her, then said, "Fine, as long as you can win, I'll go and unseat the position of E-Star's program director and get the hell out of there and scrub the toilets!"

She stood up, her voice loud enough for the other departments in the corridor to hear, "But if you don't make it, admit in person that you don't deserve to be Mrs. Huo!"

Just as the words fell, they drew a lot of sideways glances from people looking at them.

The other departments were the first to see Song Zhi's immortal face and couldn't help but pull out their cell phones to take pictures, and when they heard that Mrs. Huo was going to compete with a female employee, they became even more expectant, their eyes bubbling with curiosity.


Song Zhi answered, her eyes full of unshakeable determination.

An Lina let people move two computers, pointing to a group of code data above, her voice solemn: "Just this project, as long as you can fix it faster than her, then it's considered that you win."

Annelina deliberately picked a project that a female employee was good at.

Even if Song Zhi knew some chicken scratch, she couldn't win against someone who had been practicing for years.

"Let's start then." Song Ru sat down on the stool.

The female employee also sat down, and in her heart, she slandered, "Song Ru, you're just waiting to be crushed."

An Lina swept a glance after letting more employees see Song Zhi competing.

"Time to start."

Song Ru heard An Lina yell start and began to seriously look at the loopholes on the computer.

She hadn't touched it for too long, and after a few minutes had passed she hadn't even begun to operate it, while the female employee's fingers had already begun to flip non-stop and were bound and determined to win.

The employees watching from the side can't help but speculate.

"Mrs. Huo, why isn't it moving yet?"

"It can't be, what can a rich girl be capable of?"

"I see that the designs released by Miss Song a while ago were all designed by Mrs. Huo, it's not like she's uneducated, I just don't know why she didn't go to the design department but had to come to the technical department."

"Maybe the designs were not designed by Mrs. Huo, what hidden agenda exists here? Anyway, I'm standing for the CP pair of Song Yanran and Huo Shao!"

The employees at the back who supported Song Zhixianyan were immediately unhappy.

"Did you all not brush your teeth? Can't you see that my little fairy is competing, if you dare to affect her mood, I'll blow your heads off!"

"That's right! Haven't you heard that Mrs. Huo is a graduate of the University of China? Shut up if you don't know how to talk!"

Their whispers fell into Song Zhi's ears word for word, and they were all negatives to her.

She closed her eyes tightly, took a few deep breaths, and slowly thought of a countermeasure in her head.

The female employee's afterglow swept Song Zhi hadn't made a move yet, she was already halfway done, and couldn't help but open her mouth to taunt: "Mrs. Huo, do you need me to wait for you for five minutes."

Song Zhi: "......"

She abruptly opens her eyes and doesn't pay attention to the female employee's mockery.

"Mrs. Huo, are you sure you don't need me to wait for you?"

"If you lose, you won't take personal revenge."

One taunt after another.

As soon as the female employee sees that Song Zhe doesn't answer, her movements slow down and she kindly smiles, "Mrs. Huo, I still have a lot of respect for you, so I'd better wait for you for ten minutes so that I don't leave you with nowhere to lose face ......"

"No need for you to wait for me, I'm already done!"

Song Zhi screeched her words!

She pushed her body towards the back, her body lazily leaning against the soft chair, three parts lazy, seven parts natural.


The female employee's face changed.

She stood up from the table in a mischievous manner, "How could you!"

"How could I not?" Song Zhe asked rhetorically.

An Lina frowned as she watched from the side and glared fiercely at the female employee.

"Mrs. Huo, even though it's you who finished it, it's still important to check if you finished it right, or to convince everyone." After An Lina finishes speaking, she favors the female employee next to her with a threatening command, "Come over here and check if Mrs. Huo did it correctly."

"Yes, Director An."

The female employee walked over and Song resigned to make way, scrutinizing in front of the computer.

She felt the lingering gazes from the two pairs of eyes behind her and shivered.

As time, minute by minute, passed.

Cold sweat flowed from her forehead.

Mrs. Huo hadn't done anything wrong, and had done more than they had imagined!

Then, what she just said to the others about spitting was heard, if Mrs. Huo comes in will she just fire her, or will she have to put small shoes on her?

After more than ten seconds of silence, the female employee's face turns white, turning her head and not daring to look at Song Zhi's face, she just lowers her head and grits her teeth, "Mrs. Huo, what was done was wrong."

"Doing is wrong?"


Someone exclaimed.

An Lina sniffs, arrogantly walks up to Song Zhi and looks at her contemptuously, "Mrs. Huo, it's time for you to fulfill your promise as well?"

Song Ru sat in a soft chair and smiled lightly, "There's no rush, one person's credibility isn't allowed, let everyone present check, you all know the rules of M&R. Once someone lies, they are directly fired, understand?"

"Mrs. Huo, are you threatening people?" Sycophancy wells up in An Lina's eyes very much.

"Director An, do you not dare?" Song Zhi quietly sits in the soft stool and faintly adds, "In M&R it has always been all about talent and rules, even if I'm Mrs. Huo no one is here to help me. If I really wanted to take away someone's position here, I could have just dragged my husband's identity to directly take away your position, why bother coming here to compete?"

The crowd sniffed and nodded frequently.

Good looking people, saying anything was right.

"Song Zhe, aren't you sure you're trying to make a spectacle of yourself?" An Lina was stunned.

"Director An, and everyone else here, since you chose M&R, you know that this place won't harbor anyone, and I'm no exception, and if I really wanted to make a splash, did I have to come to you?" Song Zhe stood up and took a step towards her, the corners of his lips hooked into a shallow arc.

Annelina suddenly felt a strong sense of unease.

Song Zhi was wearing flat shoes, less than An Lina's one meter seven height who stepped on ten centimeter high heels, but the powerful and ghostly cold aura was enough to defy her!

"What's more, where did you get such a big face that it's worth me coming to you to play the wind!"

At once, Annelina's freshly done nails were snapped.

Song Zhi favored a glance, and quite a few of the rest of the people followed to check what Song Zhi had done, then unanimously nodded their heads, getting the conclusion that it was all Mrs. Huo who had done the right thing.

The crowd is in a trance, so it turns out that Mrs. Huo was wrongly accused.

An Lina's face sinks, barely holding up a bit of makeup, she walks over and grabs the female employee from just now, and just sternly yells, "Why are you lying and slandering Mrs. Huo!"

"I ......"

The female employee was just about to open her mouth again when An Lina came close to her ear, lowered her voice, and quickly threatened in a dozen seconds, "Anyway, you've also offended Song Zhi, and you're going to be retaliated against by her as well, so as long as you confess to your crime, I'll guarantee that I'll find another job for you. When I'm back in that position, I'll definitely find a way to bring you back again."

At those words, the female employee's face was stunned.

She disheveled and dropped onto the carpet.

Song Zhe quietly stood by the side, waiting patiently.

She wasn't blind, so of course she saw Annelina's trick.

"I, I ......"


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