Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 100

Song Zhi looked at the female employee with a burning gaze.

The female employee suddenly raised her head and took on the air of an outlaw: "Yes, I'm just jealous of you! Song Zhi, you can't do anything, why do you want to occupy Mrs. Huo's position? I'm not the only one here who thinks this way, how many people are jealous of you but just don't dare to say it!"

The female employee's neck rose, and she even felt a bit proud!

Song Zhe's face is indifferent, looking at her askance, "Wrong! You're not jealous of me, you despise me! You don't believe that I will make it, and you always think that I rely on my husband to get to the top!"

The female employee trembled in her heart, looking at Song Zhi with a face full of shock, and subconsciously looked at An Lina.

Song Zhi pursed her lips and smiled, her smile was somewhat seductive: "Director An, what do you say about bringing personal feelings into work and betraying M&R with such underhanded means?"

An Lina's figure shook slightly.

She looked at Song Zhi and saw her smile, but the smile did not reach her eyes, and she only felt her pores roughly open.

Only after a long time did An Lina speak, "It's time to fire!"

"Since Superintendent An said so, then it's time to fire." Song Zhi spoke indifferently with a 'it's none of your business' attitude.

An Lina clenched her fists and glared at Song Zhi.

But Song Ru wasn't stupid, everyone was using her reputation to throw dirty water on Huo Mu Shen, although she couldn't clear her husband's name for a while, she definitely wouldn't allow the reputation to continue to stink!

"I remember that M&R's employees are all signed contracts, and if they are dismissed because of their personal style, not only will they not be able to find a job at M&R, but they will not be able to find a job at all companies, and if they work for another company that's a violation of the law, for a period of five, ten, years." Song Ru spoke quietly.

The female employee's face steeply turned pale and she turned her head to glare at An Lina.

How could she have forgotten that M&R had a contract?

If she left M&R, she wouldn't be able to find a job at all!

"Annelina, you actually lied to me!" The female employee shouted.

Annelina glared at her somewhat anxiously, "Don't you fool around! Can't you see that it's a trap?"

Song Ru, unexpectedly, dared to turn the tables on her.

She jerked her head up to look at Song Zhi, who was standing in front of her, her lazy eyebrows actually resembled ...... Huo Mou Shen by three points, especially the color, as if she were an outsider, yet certain of everything.

"Mrs. Huo, I'm telling you, it's all because An Lina is trying to plot against you, she's worried that the director position will be snatched away by you, and just now she's been hinting at me with her eyes!" The female employee gibbered up from the ground, pointing at An Lina and explaining urgently.

"Shut up!"

Annelina shouted so much that even her voice shook, she couldn't leave M&R, it was hard for her to climb up through the layers of screening.

"Someone, call security, drag someone away, she's lost her mind!"

The female employee's face was hard to see, coldly glaring at An Lina, but the fire was not as high as An Lina's cultivation in the end, so furious that her lips were shivering, she could not say anything for a long time.

"Wait a minute, since she has something she still wants to say, everyone doesn't mind listening to the wind."

Song Ru slowly opens her mouth, her bones still learning Huo Mu Shen's aura.

She thinks it's quite useful, everyone is bullying and afraid of the soft anyway, only the strong, can be king!

When Mrs. Huo speaks, the little fairy backup group follows and responds, "Yes, yes, yes, in case there's some kind of hidden agenda in this, someone must be allowed to talk about it... Didn't you, Superintendent An, just now try to get everyone to believe what she said?"

What is a self-inflicted sin, this is.

An Lina looks around at the people watching, for the first time she feels helpless at work, what's even more hateful is that she is actually frustrated at the hands of Song Zhi, her breathing becomes short, she panics and defends herself, splashing the dirty water onto the others all together, "Didn't you guys see that she slandered Mrs. Huo just now, how can you possibly believe in the words of someone like that, maybe she's just lying right now! "

This statement directly irritated the female employee.

Where did she expect there to be a turnaround, pointing at An Lina, "You're the one who doesn't want Mrs. Huo to come in and work! You just purposely picked the items I'm good at to make me compete with Mrs. Huo, so you're the main culprit!"

Even if she didn't have a job for the rest of her life, she would still drag on An Lina!

The entire crowd of melon eaters took small stools and ate melon.

Song Zhi quietly looked at An Lina, suddenly found that An Lina's ability to reverse right and wrong was even stronger than hers, so that's how she encouraged her to steal the documents in her last life?

It s just that now ...... can t really find an excuse to dismiss her!

It was just as well, the enemy stayed in sight to better guard their prey.

"How much longer do you want to talk nonsense?"

"I'm not bullshitting! Everyone present here can prove what projects I was good at before I was transferred to the E-Star Core Technology Department, and I didn't look up to Mrs. Huo at first, but the person who really wanted to humiliate Mrs. Huo was you, not me!"


An Lina glares at her, her eyes getting redder and redder, not knowing if she hates her or Song Zhi!

"You all saw it just now, everything was done by Director An."

The female employee who had just slandered Song Zhi also comes forward and testifies, "I also proved that Mrs. Huo did the right thing, and I was also threatened by Director An before I deliberately wronged Mrs. Huo."

Instantly, everyone comes to a realization.

No wonder An Lina's voice was intentionally raised to attract people to the competition, and she also threatened Mrs. Huo with such vicious conditions, so it turned out to be a trap for Song Zhi.

As a result, the trap didn't work, but instead, the dog bites the dog and bites itself in.

"You! You're all crazy!" An Lina stood in the center of the department, her face green and white, the corners of her lips hooked into an evil arc: "I didn't betray M&R, you guys did the smearing, what evidence do you have that I did it!"

They were suddenly choked.

"I made a bet with Mrs. Huo, but it was also for M&R's sake, I didn't want M&R to recruit assholes, is that wrong?"

Even now, An Lina didn't forget to throw some dirty water on Song Zhi.

Combined, it was Song Zhi's sudden arrival that made the mistake!

Song Ru looked at them in silence, she didn't want to play pitiful and innocent here, posing as a strong man standing out in order to convince people.

"You also violated M&R's rules, you should be fired too!" The female employee gave up and was about to drag Annelina down!

To die we all die together!

An Lina forced herself to calm down and said, "I just made a bet, it was with Mrs. Huo willingly, you guys are slandering Mrs. Huo!"

The ball was kicked around, finally reaching Song Zhi's head.

Song Zhi stood there in silence for a long time, and finally turned his face away in despair, "Let the personnel department deal with it, as for Director An, from today onwards you're no longer Director An, where you should go, you've said it yourself."

An Lina frowned.

She clenched her teeth, and in her heart, she slandered, "She even helped Song Zhi once just now, but she didn't expect Song Zhi to actually not show the slightest bit of gratitude, but instead, she even dropped a stone on the well!"

Song Zhi actually didn't care what others thought of her in their hearts, she just wanted to hold on to her husband's E-Star's project!

Because she wasn't sure how many more female dry details were left in the E-Star project, she almost bankrupted the entire E-Star project!

And after that time, Huo Mo Shen stayed up all night.

Song Zhi suddenly felt that her memory wasn't very clear, and chagrin and regret swept through her dark eyes.

If she had paid more attention to Huo Mou Shen a little bit ...... just a little bit ......

If she had paid more attention to Huo Mou Shen just a little bit


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