Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 1

Night fell.

The Su family had double happiness today and married two daughters together in one day.

Su Qing was wearing a Chinese-style wedding dress and sitting in front of the mirror, with exquisite makeup and happiness in her eyes.

Today is the day she and Chu Tianyi get married.

After falling in love for a year, they finally achieved a positive result.

"Sister, you are really lucky. You will soon marry into the Chu family, a first-class family in the imperial capital, and become Mrs. Chu."

Su Xue was also wearing the same Chinese-style wedding dress, and walked in strangely.

Su Xue looked at Su Qing's beautiful face, and there was a trace of jealousy in her eyes, wishing to scratch that beautiful face.

Su Qing looked a little cold: "I also want to congratulate my younger sister, who will soon become Lu Rongyuan's fourth wife. By the way, I heard that this Young Master Lu was disfigured in a car accident not long ago and his legs were also lame. I'm afraid you'll be a widow if you marry."

"Su Qing, you!"

Su Xue's face turned pale with anger, and when she thought that Su Qing was going to marry into the Chu family, but she was going to marry a short-lived ghost who was about to die, her face became even more sinister.

"Su Qing, don't talk too much, it's not certain whether you, Mrs. Chu, can hold a firm position."

"Xiaoxue, Xiaoqing, you sisters are all here!" Qin Suqin walked in with two portions of lotus seed soup with a smile: "The wedding team from the Chu and Lu families is coming soon, you two should drink some lotus seed soup first, which means many children." blessing."

The hypocritical smile on the stepmother's face made Su Qing frown. After being together for more than ten years, how could she not know Qin Suqin's character?

Eating lotus seed soup before getting married is indeed the custom of married daughters in the imperial capital.

Thinking of leaving the house soon and never having to look at the faces of Qin Suqin, the mother and daughter, she still hesitated to take it.

"Thank you, Aunt Qin." Su Qing only took a sip.

"Eat more, you child, why are you being polite." Qin Suqin watched Su Qing eat, heaved a sigh of relief, and a successful smile flashed across his eyes: "Although you are not my own, Auntie treats you like her own." Daughter, you are going to get married, and Auntie is so reluctant."

Qin Suqin's eye circles began to turn red as she spoke.

Su Qing sneered in her heart, she deserved to have won the Best Actress Award, her acting skills are top-notch.

When she was eight years old, less than a month after her mother passed away, her father brought Qin Suqin and Su Xue, who was one month younger than her, into the house.

Only then did she know that her father had betrayed her mother and cheated in marriage.

"Ma'am, the Chu family's wedding reception team is here." The servant reminded at the door.

"Okay, I got it." Qin Suqin smiled and took the red hijab embroidered with dragon and phoenix auspicious patterns: "Xiaoqing, put it on quickly, don't delay the auspicious time."

Wearing a Chinese-style wedding dress, covered with a red scarf, and wearing red makeup, the wedding ceremony was held at night, all of which were arranged by Qin Suqin.

Qin Suqin gave the servant a wink, and said, "Aunt Liang, lead the eldest lady to the Chu family's wedding car."

Su Qing's sight was blocked by the red scarf, so she could only be led away by the servant.

There was a wedding car parked in front of Su's house, and Aunt Liang, the servant, directly brought Su Qing into the wedding car.

Qin Suqin watched the car start and drive away from the balcony, the smile on her face deepened.

"Mom, are you okay? What if Su Qing finds something wrong on the way?" Su Xue was a little worried.

"Don't worry, Mom has made all the arrangements. She can only obediently marry you to the Lu family."

Su Qing just got into the Lu family's car to welcome her, not the Chu family.

Su Xue was worried: "But Tianyi, how am I going to get away at night?"

Qin Suqin stuffed a bottle of medicine to Su Xue, and said in a low voice, "Give it to Chu Tianyi tonight, as long as tonight is over, it's impossible for the Chu family to refuse, remember, don't let him see your face. "

"Well, remember." Su Xue hid the medicine bottle, her face was full of jealousy: "Mom, I want Su Qing to die, and try to end up robbing me of a man."

Qin Suqin sneered: "I don't know if Su Qing will survive tonight. I know how the former wives of the Lu family died? I heard that they were all tortured to death." Exit the transcoding page, please download the app to read the latest chapters .


Su Qing suddenly felt a sense of discomfort in her body, it was very hot, and her cheeks were also very hot.

Thinking of the lotus seed soup that Qin Suqin sent, she secretly thought it was bad.

She still fell into Qin Suqin's trap.

There is something wrong with the lotus seed soup.

Su Qing hurriedly tore off the red scarf on her head, seeing that it was not the way to Chu's house, she panicked.

"Stop, stop quickly!" Su Qing shouted anxiously: "Who are you and where are you taking me?"

The driver was confused: "Miss Su, I was sent by the Lu family to pick up the bride. This is the way to the Lu family."

"The Lu family?"

Su Qing suddenly realized and reacted.

She never expected that Qin Suqin played a trick of stealing the dragon and turning the phoenix into a phoenix.

"Stop the car, I'm going to marry the Chu family, I made a mistake."

"How can you make a mistake, Miss Su, the red scarf on your head, which looks like a dragon and a phoenix, was chosen by Mr. Lu himself."

It was only when Su Qing looked at the red scarf in her hand that she fully understood.

Qin Suqin, you are really cruel!

She didn't want to marry into the Lu family, she wouldn't let Qin Suqin's mother and daughter succeed.

She felt even more uncomfortable physically. Qin Suqin would not only push her into the fire pit, but also make her look bad and completely ruin her.

"Stop." Su Qing tried her best to control and growled.

"Miss Su, we'll be here soon...Miss Su, what are you doing?"

The driver was shocked, Su Qing directly opened the door and jumped out of the car.

Su Qing rolled on the ground a few times, and the severe pain made her wake up.

"Miss Su, get in the car quickly, Miss Su..."

Seeing the car stopped, the driver caught up, Su Qing gritted her teeth, endured the pain and limped out.

Pain was the best way to wake her up.

Su Qing panicked, she knew the consequences of being arrested.

"Miss Su, don't run away, come back with me, the auspicious time is coming soon."

Su Qing ran even faster, she was so anxious that she was about to cry, she didn't want to marry young master Lu who was crippled and ruined.

It was pitch black all around, and the people behind him were about to catch up, and the dizziness and even the pain in his head could hardly be suppressed.

Su Qing was so desperate that she didn't know where to run, she suddenly saw a light several hundred meters away.

Overjoyed, Su Qing ran over desperately.

On the side of the road, a black car was parked, and a man in a casual suit was standing at the door to answer the phone.

Just when the man was about to get in the car and was about to leave, Su Qing ran over with all her strength, crying, panting and begging: "Help me, please, help me."

The man froze for a moment, then glanced at Su Qing with his deep eyes.

At this time, the person on the other end of the man's phone was still anxiously saying: "The bride is coming soon, why haven't you, the groom, come yet? The emperor is really not in a hurry to kill the eunuch."

"Noisy!" The man hung up the phone expressionlessly.

At this time, the drivers from the Lu family's family were chasing after her. When Su Qing saw it, she didn't care whether the man agreed or not. She quickly opened the car door and got in, clasped her hands together, and begged, "Help me!"

As soon as she finished speaking, the driver had already caught up: "Miss Su, come back with us, it's too late, Lu..."

The driver was shocked when he saw the man.

Before he finished speaking, the man shot a cold look at him: "Get lost!"


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