Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 3

In fact, from Su De'an's words, Su Qing already knew the answer, but she still wanted to ask.

She couldn't believe that her biological father would also push her into the fire pit.

Su Qing's questioning made Su De'an unable to hang his face for a while, his eyes dodged, and he was too guilty to meet Su Qing's eyes.

His eldest daughter has made him more and more afraid these years.

Especially those eyes, looking at those eyes, he seemed to see Su Qing's mother, which made him very uncomfortable and wanted to escape.

"What's your tone? I'm your biological father, am I a prisoner? You speak to me in this interrogating tone."

Su Qing sneered: "Dad, you still know that you are my biological father, so why did you push me into the fire pit? Let Qin Suqin drug me and marry me to the Lu family."

Without Su De'an's acquiescence, Qin Suqin would not be able to do those things.

Anyway, the matter is a foregone conclusion, so Qin Suqin didn't pretend anymore: "The Lu family only said to marry the daughter of the Su family, but didn't name anyone to marry. Besides, in the imperial capital, the Lu family can make the whole imperial capital tremble and give You have chosen such a good marriage, you should be grateful to us."

"The Lu family is so nice, why don't you let Su Xue marry in?" Su Qing's expression and tone were a little cold. She had been to the Chu family before she came.

The Chu family told her that Chu Tianyi and Su Xue went out for their honeymoon.

At that moment, Su Qing felt like the sky was falling.

Chu Tianyi abandoned her.

Chu Tianyi found that the bride was wrong, why didn't he come to her?

"Enough." Su De'an said sharply, "Xiaoxue's health is not good. If she marries into the Lu family, she won't be able to bear that crime. You are a sister, so what if you marry for Xiaoxue."

Hearing this, Su Qing stared at Su De'an sadly. It's not that she didn't know Su De'an's eccentricity these years, but she never thought that she would be so eccentric.

"Dad, my mother has passed away for so many years. You probably have forgotten that I am a daughter. You don't even know how I survived in the Su family, how I completed my studies, and you don't know how Qin Suqin treated me... "

Su De'an said angrily: "This is your mother, what do you say like Qin Suqin?"

"My mother died long ago."

Su Qing's eyes were gloomy and painful. After Qin Suqin's mother and daughter entered Su's house, she never went to the dinner table to eat. She was hungry and full every day, and all she ate was leftovers.

After high school, all the tuition fees were earned by herself doing part-time jobs.

She is the eldest lady of the Su family, but her life is worse than that of a dog.

Su Xue enjoys the halo of Miss Qianjin, wearing a famous brand, going in and out of high-end clubs, but she wears street clothes and squeezes the subway and bus to work.

In the entire imperial capital, no one knew that the Su family had a young lady named Su Qing. Everyone only knew that the Su family had a daughter named Su Xue.

She thought she would be able to marry the one she loves and leave the Su family from then on, but she never expected that she would be plotted against by Qin Suqin's mother and daughter.

Qin Suqin smoothed things over with a smile, but actually added fuel to the flames: "De'an, don't argue with Xiaoqing, I'm not her real mother anyway, and it's not the first day she called her by my first name. It's okay for me to be wronged, don't let me Your father and daughter have a bad relationship."

"Look, your Aunt Qin is still talking for you." Su De'an was even more disappointed with Su Qing: "The Lu family has retired, and you don't need to marry in the past. This matter is settled like this. Go back and change your clothes. Don't be ashamed, the company still has something to do, so I'm leaving first."

Su De'an left behind these words, and left without looking at Su Qing at all.

The expression on Su Qing's face became even more indifferent. For more than ten years, Su De'an hadn't cared about her daughter for a long time. What did she still say?

As soon as Su De'an left, Qin Suqin showed a bitter and mean face: "You damn girl, I didn't expect you to escape from marriage. Looking at the traces of your body, you must have had a good time last night. Who is that man? Auntie gave you this Dali, how is it? Are you satisfied?"

Su Qing's eyes were as cold as a knife: "Qin Suqin, you are so despicable, aren't you afraid of retribution?"

Qin Suqin smiled proudly: "My daughter has already secured the position of Mrs. Chu, and you? It's just a broken shoe that has been played with again and again. Su Qing, you have been fooling around with people a few years ago, and even gave birth to a child , I’m afraid Chu Tianyi doesn’t know about this matter, do you think you can hide it from the Chu family by doing a membrane repair?”

Being poked into the deepest secret in her heart, Su Qing's face was very ugly.

"It was your mother and daughter who plotted against me back then."

That's right, Su Qing did give birth to a child five years ago, but the child died at birth, and she still doesn't know who the man was back then. To exit the transcoding page, please download the app Love Reading Novels to read the latest chapters.

She didn't have the courage to tell Chu Tianyi about this matter, it was a nightmare of hers, a nightmare she wanted to get rid of.

Qin Suqin smiled coldly: "So what? Even if you tell it, your dad won't believe it. Su Qing, everything in the Su family belongs to my daughter. Your dad has already given up on you."

"By the way, let me tell you one more thing. The child you gave birth to back then, he didn't die. He was a very beautiful boy."

"What? Where is my child?" Su Qing was shocked, thinking of the child who was pregnant in October, her heart twitched.

"You want to know?" Qin Suqin sneered: "Kneel down and beg me, and I'll tell you."

"Qin Suqin." Su Qing almost gritted her teeth and squeezed out a sentence: "One day, I will settle old and new debts with you."

Let's not talk about whether the child is really alive, even if she is alive, even if she kowtows to death, Qin Suqin will not tell her.


Water Moon Bar.

Su Qing drank one cup after another. She didn't know how much she drank, her whole head was already groggy, and she was drunk into a puddle of mud.

When she thought of her happiness being ruined by Qin Suqin's mother and daughter, and when Chu Tianyi abandoned her, her chest swelled and she felt very uncomfortable.

"Su Qing, don't drink." An Ruo snatched the wine from Su Qing's hand, seeing Su Qing's uncomfortable appearance, she also felt very uncomfortable, and said angrily: "They can do it too, too You are no longer a human being, fortunately you escaped marriage and did not marry into the Lu family, otherwise this would have been ruined for the rest of your life."

An Ruo changed the subject: "Actually, if Young Master Lu is not a short-lived ghost, the title of Mrs. Lu would be a blow to the Chu family. In front of the Lu family, what is Mrs. Chu?"

The youngest and youngest of the Lu family can't see the end of the dragon, and very few people have seen the real face, and there are all kinds of rumors in the market.

"Ruoruo, I feel bad. In my father's eyes, I don't count at all. He acquiesced to Qin Suqin's mother and daughter's behavior and pushed me into the fire pit."

How could Su Qing not feel uncomfortable being abandoned by her close relatives?

What's even more uncomfortable is that she hasn't contacted Chu Tianyi until now.

"Tianyi doesn't want me anymore, Ruoruo, I have nothing left." Su Qing cried sadly.

"You still have me, Su Qing, don't cry." An Ruo was distressed and angry: "It's not just Chu Tianyi, I'll find you a better one, I heard that a group of parties came to this bar Serving ducks, how about I call you a few?"

Can serve people?

The man's face from last night suddenly appeared in Su Qing's mind. Thinking of the madness last night, her face became hot again.

How could she miss that man.

"I'll call you now, man, what's the big deal." An Ruo said and went.

Su Qing, who had drunk too much, lay on the table with a smirk, reached out to get the wine, but suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure.

She suddenly sobered up, and stumbled after him.


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