Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 4

"Tianyi, Tianyi."

She had to ask for an explanation.

Didn't the Chu family say that Chu Tianyi was on his honeymoon?

Why is it here?

Su Qing stopped Chu Tianyi at the entrance of the bar, and eagerly explained what happened last night: "Tianyi, all of this was set up by Qin Suqin and Su Xue. She drugged me and changed the bride. You and I will find it together. Your parents explain and bring him back."

Chu Tianyi looked at Su Qing expressionlessly: "It's late."

Su Qing was stunned: "What do you mean? Tianyi, what's wrong with you?"

Su Qing already had a bad premonition, Qin Suqin could drug her, and if she had the courage to switch the bride, there must be other schemes.

Otherwise, Chu Tianyi would not have looked for her.

Chu Tianyi glanced around, as if to make sure of something, and then dragged Su Qing to a place where no one was around.

"Qingqing." Chu Tianyi hugged Su Qing, and said lightly, "I heard that you were married into the Lu family. I was worried all night. Are you okay?"

Su Qing thought of the madness last night, and felt very guilty: "Tian Yi, I..."

Paper can't hold fire, Su Qing knows that Chu Tianyi will know her secrets sooner or later, she was thinking about how to explain it, but she heard Chu Tianyi say: "Qingqing, I have wronged you, when I get Chu Tianyi If you completely control the Chu family, I will definitely marry you."

"Tianyi, what do you mean?" Su Qing was a little confused.

"Qingqing, it was too late when I found out that the bride was not you last night." Chu Tianyi said guiltily, "Su Xue promised to help me take the position of heir. Su Xue is divorced and will marry you as my wife."

At that moment, Su Qing felt that the man in front of her was extremely strange.

She is not a fool.

Chu Tianyi is only the illegitimate son of the Chu family, and he is not qualified to compete for the position of heir of the Chu family at all.

It turned out that Su Xue actually agreed to help Chu Tianyi seize power.

Su Qing didn't want to think about why Chu Tianyi was so sure that Su Xue could help him, looking at Chu Tianyi's face, her heart felt like a knife.

"For the sake of the heir's status, is this the reason why you abandoned me?"

"Qingqing, why is it abandonment? I also plan for our future. I want to give you the best. You must know that I have always loved you, but whoever told you that you can't help me, Su Xue can help me." Chu Tianyi held Su Qing's shoulder and said, "Give me a year, no, half a year, and I will definitely marry you."

Su Qing's heart ached, this was the man she had loved for a year, who abandoned her for power and status.

Su Qing took Chu Tianyi's hand away, her expression and tone were very cold: "No need, Chu Tianyi, I'm really blind, this year, I misjudged the person."

Even though Su Qing was already mentally prepared to be abandoned, knowing that the reason for being abandoned was that she couldn't help him, she still couldn't bear it.

"Qingqing..." Chu Tianyi wanted to coax Su Qing again, but when he saw Su Xue coming, he quickly opened the distance between them and turned his attitude 180 degrees: "Xiaoxue and I are already husband and wife, Su Qing , why are you so shameless to seduce your sister's man."

Su Qing was taken aback for a moment, and soon after she saw Su Xue, she understood everything.

She smiled, a sneer and a self-mockery.

She, Su Qing, is really blind.

"Tianyi, so you are here." Xia Xue walked over arrogantly, took Chu Tianyi's arm naturally and affectionately, and imperceptibly provoked Su Qing: "Oh, sister, you are here too, why are you drinking so much?" Drink more."

Su Qing didn't look at Su Xue at all, but looked at Chu Tianyi with disappointment.

Chu Tianyi didn't dare to look at Su Qing directly, so he turned his face away.

Su Qing looked at Chu Tianyi sadly, and said with a sneer, "Brother-in-law, I wish you all your wishes come true."

Su Qing's gaze made Chu Tianyi feel like he had been slapped on the face, burning hot.

"That's enough, Su Qing, how long are you going to make trouble?" Chu Tianyi lost his patience and roared, "It's a good thing I didn't marry you, otherwise I would regret it to death. How could my Chu Tianyi's wife be like you?" A shrew who smells like alcohol, please remember, I am Xiaoxue's husband now, so don't be a bitch again."

After leaving these words, Chu Tianyi turned around and left.

Su Qing stared at Chu Tianyi's leaving back, her eyes were sore, and she shed a tear in disappointment.

She, Su Qing, would only shed this drop, and it should be regarded as a wrong payment for the year of commemoration.

From now on, she will never shed a tear for Chu Tianyi again.

Su Xue looked at Su Qing's pale face and smiled: "Snatch a man from me, Su Qing, are you worthy too? You are not worthy of the status of the young mistress of the Chu family, you are only worthy of that lame and ugly short-lived ghost, really It's a pity that the Lu family let you go so easily."

"Su Xue." Su Qing gritted her teeth and shouted: "In front of me, where do you come from? I am the upright daughter of the Su family. You are just born to a mistress. Your mother is a mistress, and you are also a mistress. By the way, Chu Tianyi is also an illegitimate child, and an illegitimate daughter matches an illegitimate child, you really are a match made in heaven."

In the past, even if she was angry again, Su Qing would never say such ugly words.

Su Xue was so angry that her face was livid: "Su Qing, tell me one more thing, your mother is the mistress, and my father fell in love with my mother first, and it was your mother who took the love with a knife. Slut, you are even more shameless, grabbing a man from me."

Su Xue was so angry that she went to beat Su Qing.

Su Qing is also willing to go all out. She has been wronged and abused by the Su family for more than ten years, and now she is plotted against by this mother and daughter. The anger in her heart can no longer be suppressed.

Su Qing rolled up her sleeves and fought back not to be outdone.

Su Qing didn't know that this scene happened to fall into the eyes of a man in a car not far away.

Lu Rongyuan looked at Su Qing who was riding on Su Xue and beating fiercely, the corners of his mouth raised.

His wife is not vegetarian.


Su Qing had a hearty fight, fighting was her forte, and the delicate Su Xue was no match for her.

Su Qing was tired, got up from Su Xue, relaxed her hands and feet, stared at Su Xue on the ground condescendingly, and sneered: "I see that you, Mrs. Chu, are not sitting very stably, and Chu Tianyi didn't hold you Seriously, Su Xue, I want to see if you can handle the calculated things?"

Su Xue's nose was bruised and her face was swollen, her hair was disheveled like a crazy woman, she had no image, and her clothes were also torn.

On the other hand, Su Qing's hair was not messed up.

Su Xue was mad and yelled angrily: "Su Qing, you lunatic, I can't stop talking to you."

"Then I'll wait." Su Qing straightened her clothes and straightened her spine.

She and Su Xue have had grievances for more than ten years, and it's not bad to grab a man.

This fight made me feel much happier.

The scheme between Qin Suqin and Su Xue was not what made Su Qing feel the most uncomfortable.

Losing herself to a strange man last night didn't make her very angry. What hurt her most was Chu Tianyi's true face.

The person she wanted to marry with all her heart turned into her brother-in-law in the blink of an eye, and even showed an ugly face, abandoning her for the sake of power.

In Chu Tianyi's eyes, the feelings she valued could be abandoned.

Alcohol was on her mind, Su Qing staggered around, taxis were too expensive, she usually took the bus, subway, or online car-hailing.

Su Qing was dizzy, sitting on the ground and calling a car with her mobile phone.

After a while, a car stopped beside her.

Su Qing was dumbfounded a long time ago, thinking it was the car she called, opened the door and got in: "Master, Huamanting Community, thank you."

After speaking, Su Qing lay down on the seat and fell asleep.

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Su Qing who was seated in the back seat, and there was a rare pampering in his deep eyes.


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