Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 5

Su Qing woke up again, the sun had already risen.

When she saw clearly that she was waking up in the car again, and the man was still beside her, she felt as if she was dreaming.

After a hangover, I have a terrible headache.

Once, Su Qing was not so flustered and surprised, and quickly calmed down.

Su Qing put on her clothes and got out of the car. There was no one around, and it was very quiet. She found a rock and sat down, staring blankly into the distance.

Su Qing knew very well in her heart that even without Su Xue's mother and daughter's framing, she and Chu Tianyi would not last long.

She only found out about Chu Tianyi's ambition last night, that man is not willing to be ordinary.

If Chu Tianyi knew that she had given birth to a child a long time ago, and had flirted with other men twice in the car, I'm afraid what she said last night would be even worse.

Seeing Tian Yi's face clearly, Su Qing felt a sense of relief in her heart.

She no longer has to worry about her secret being discovered by Chu Tianyi.

No need to feel guilty anymore.

It's just that when she thinks about her biological father plotting against her, and the sweetness with Chu Tianyi in the past year, she still feels a little uncomfortable.

Lu Rongyuan woke up a long time ago, he waited for Su Qing to calm down by himself for a while, then took two bottles of water and walked over.

"Drink some water to moisten your throat. You yelled a lot last night. Your throat should hurt."

Lu Rongyuan's serious words made Su Qing blush.

She hasn't drunk the fragment yet, and she still has memories of last night.

Su Qing settled her mind: "Why are you in Shuiyue Bar?"

When I opened my mouth, my throat was really uncomfortable.

She remembered that she called an online car-hailing car. Now that she is awake, she also knows that it is not this car, but why is she in his car?

"This is fate." Lu Rongyuan raised his eyebrows slightly: "I took customers to the bar, and I happened to see you at the door of the bar. Woman, you have eaten twice now, and you still want to renege on your debt?"

Su Qing was embarrassed for a while, and almost choked on the water.

"Slow down." Lu Rongyuan hurriedly recited for Su Qing: "I called your number, it's an empty number, I know you look down on me as an online car-hailing driver, if you don't want to see me, I can leave now, never in the future Will bother you again."

It was that lost tone again.

Su Qing didn't know why, but she just couldn't resist the man's tone, and she was full of guilt.

"No, I didn't look down on you." Su Qing took a deep breath, as if she had made a decision: "My name is Su Qing, what's your name?"

Su Qing has long forgotten what she said when she was lingering.

It's really unbelievable to say that she has known this man for less than two days, but they have been together twice, and she doesn't even know the name of the man.

Lu Rongyuan smiled, and introduced himself: "Lu Rongyuan, an online car-hailing driver, is 30 years old this year, has no bad habits, is in good health, and has normal kidney function. You have personally verified this."

"Ahem!" Su Qing blushed with shame.

Wait, Lu Rongyuan...

Why is this name so familiar?

The eldest son of the Lu family she almost married was also called Lu Rongyuan.

However, the eldest son of the Lu family has been rumored to be lame and disfigured, and he will not live for many years, while the man in front of him is in good health, and his face kills the entire entertainment industry, and he is just an ordinary online car-hailing driver.

Looks like it's just the same name.

Lu Rongyuan observed Su Qing's expression: "I have no brothers or sisters. I was going to get married. To help you, now the woman has also regretted her marriage and is currently single."

Lu Rongyuan's eyes were sincere, Su Qing raised her eyes and bumped into his deep eyes, her heart was shocked.

Su Qing remembered Chu Tianyi's change of heart, and looked at Lu Rongyuan calmly: "Will you be my boyfriend?"

Lu Rongyuan was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly smiled: "I don't want to be your boyfriend."

Being rejected, Su Qing was a little embarrassed. She was about to speak, but Lu Rongyuan changed the subject and said, "I will be your husband."

Su Qing's eyes widened: "Is this too fast?"

She thought it was going step by step, the two of them had been together twice, maybe they could try to date.

Separate if inappropriate.

Chu Tianyi can be with Su Xue, why should she be immersed in the past?

However, she admitted that she did have a bit of revenge for letting the other party be her boyfriend.

Seeing Su Qing's surprised expression, Lu Rongyuan was also worried that he would act too hastily and scare people away.

"Then I'll take a step back and be your boyfriend first." Lu Rongyuan said softly, "We just met each other not long ago, so we really need to get to know each other better."

Why is she a little reluctant to listen to this tone?

Su Qing asked: "Your bride has regretted her marriage, so your parents... are you okay? Do you need me to do anything?"

"They are very sad. They went out for a trip yesterday, so they can't be contacted for the time being." Lu Rongyuan said nonsense solemnly: "I will take you to see them when they come back from relaxation."

Su Qing didn't think too much, because her stomach was already screaming with hunger.

Lu Rongyuan smiled, and naturally took Su Qing's hand: "Go, I'll take you to dinner first."

Su Qing was taken aback by Lu Rongyuan's actions.

She looked at the hands of the two clasped fingers, and her face blushed again.

His palm was very warm, and the touch of his skin gave her a strange feeling in her heart.

Lu Rongyuan kept observing Su Qing's reaction, the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously, and a cunning flashed across his eyes.

Lu Rongyuan took Su Qing to find a restaurant nearby. It wasn't very fancy, but it was very clean and tidy.

"You can order whatever you like." Lu Rongyuan gave the menu to Su Qing, very gentlemanly.

Su Qing glanced at the menu, the price was not expensive, very affordable, so she ordered two dishes and one soup.

Seeing that she only ordered this little, Lu Rongyuan frowned: "Order a few more dishes."

"No need, there are only two of us, and we can't finish eating if we order too much." Su Qing stopped and said, "Driving is hard work, and making money is not easy, so don't waste it."

Is the girlfriend saving money for him?

Lu Rongyuan's brows stretched, with a slight smile: "Okay, I'll listen to you."

As he said that, Lu Rongyuan suddenly handed over a bank card to Su Qing: "This is my deposit, not much, only tens of thousands of yuan, and the password is the last six digits."

"What are you doing?" Su Qing was a little confused.

"In the future, you will also be in charge of your monthly salary. My monthly income is around 10,000 yuan, which is a little less now. I will work hard to earn more money and give you a better life."

Su Qing was flattered, they had known each other for less than two days, yet he actually gave her all his belongings?

"You take it yourself. I have a job and don't need your money." Su Qing quickly refused.

"You are my girlfriend now, it's only natural for a woman to manage a man's money." Lu Rongyuan forced his bank card to Su Qing: "Isn't this the sense of security you women talk about?"

Su Qing was taken aback, so Lu Rongyuan was giving her a sense of security?

There is a saying on the Internet that where a man's money is, there is his heart.

The moment Su Qing held the bank card in her palm, Su Qing really felt a sense of security.

Although the man in front of him was not a wealthy man, he was very sincere.

Su Qing never thought of marrying into a wealthy family and living the life of a wealthy wife. What she always wanted was a plain and warm life.

She thought that Chu Tianyi could give it to her, but she didn't expect that Chu Tianyi's ambition was too great. He was unwilling to be mediocre and wanted to fight for the inheritance.

"Then I'll keep it for you first, and let me know when you need money." Su Qing didn't refuse any more.

"Okay!" Lu Rongyuan said with a smile on his lips, "Just give me some pocket money every month."

When the dishes were served, Su Qing was really hungry and started to eat.

Lu Rongyuan ate very little, and had been carefully pouring water for Su Qing's food.

The two ate at a roadside restaurant like ordinary couples. This scene fell into the eyes of Wan Yang who passed by the restaurant, and it was simply a kind of horror.

Did he read it right?

The person in charge of the Lu family had dinner with a woman in a roadside restaurant?


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