Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 6

Wan Yang thought he was delusional, rubbed his eyes, and made sure again.

It's the person in charge of the Lu family, that's right.

Who is the woman opposite the boss?

Wan Yang was curious and excited.

The boss's spring is coming.

Su Qing finished eating, she saw that Lu Rongyuan didn't eat much, but she herself ate a lot, she was a little embarrassed: "Is the food not to your liking?"

Lu Rongyuan shook his head and said meaningfully: "I was too full last night."

Su Qing didn't react at first, but when she understood the meaning of Lu Rongyuan's words, her face turned red immediately.

Last night was no less crazy than the night before.

"I, I'm full." As soon as Su Qing said the words, she felt that she had made a mistake.

Sure enough, she heard Lu Rongyuan say with a smile: "Well, it seems that Qingqing is very satisfied with my fighting power."

The word Qingqing is a blow to the heart.

"That's not what I meant." Su Qing wished someone could find a crack in the ground and sneak in.

Why is this getting darker and darker?

But I have to admit that Lu Rongyuan is indeed very strong.

Realizing that she was being led astray, Su Qing quickly regained her composure and was about to speak when she saw a strange man walking over.


Wan Yang couldn't bear it anymore, so he still joined in the fun.

A woman appeared next to the boss, this kind of thing happened to him, how could he just leave?

If the group of brothers knew this news, it would probably surprise many people.

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Wan Yang indifferently, and Su Qing asked curiously, "Your friend?"

"Not very familiar." Lu Rongyuan's tone was very disgusting, calm and calm, and secretly gave Wan Yang a wink.

Wan Yang's eyes widened when he heard this.

Brothers of more than ten years, aren't you very familiar?

Forget it, for the sake of the boss dating a beautiful woman, he still cooperates wisely.

"Yes, not very familiar, just ordinary friends, ordinary friends." Wan Yang took a look at Su Qing, very surprised: "You can just call me Wan Yang."

Wan Yang had never seen any beautiful women before, but the moment he saw Su Qing, he was still amazed.

Su Qing was just plain-faced, but her eyes were astonishing.

Upon hearing that it was Lu Rongyuan's friend, Su Qing greeted with a smile: "Hi, I'm Su Qing."

Su Qing?

Why is this name so familiar?

Before Wan Yang remembered, Lu Rongyuan added: "My girlfriend."

The faint four words shocked Wan Yang so much that he could stuff an egg into his mouth.

"Female, girlfriend?"

Wan Yang thought that the boss was dating a beautiful woman, but he didn't expect such a formal introduction.

The head of the Lu family had a girlfriend, and the ten thousand-year iron tree finally blossomed.

Su Qing lowered her head shyly. She has indeed confirmed the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with Lu Rongyuan, so it's hard to refute.

It just so happened that when An Ruo called, Su Qing realized that she left last night and left An Ruo alone in the bar.

After hanging up the phone, Su Qing said, "Well, I have to find my friend. I left her at the bar last night. You still have to solicit customers for business in the afternoon. I won't delay you."

Lu Rongyuan's boyfriend is full of strength: "I'll see you off."

"No, I can go by myself." Su Qing pointed to the mobile phone: "We can contact by mobile phone."

The two had exchanged contact information just now.

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan didn't force it.

Su Qing took a taxi and left, and when they left, Wan Yang came back to his senses.

"I remembered, isn't the young lady of the Su family that you broke off the engagement called Su Qing, and the one just now was the young lady of the Su family?"

Lu Rongyuan: "That's right."

Wan Yang said in astonishment: "Boss, you have people going to cancel the engagement on the front foot, and you are going on a date with someone for dinner on the back foot. What kind of operation is this?"

Lu Rongyuan curled his lips: "She said that the eldest son of the Lu family is disfigured and crippled. He is a short-lived ghost who can't live for a few years, so he vowed not to marry."

"It's not that you let people spread those rumors outside." Wan Yang reminded lightly: "Boss, don't forget, you've 'dead' three wives, and the rumors outside are that you tortured them to death. There are not many women in the capital who dare to marry you, so the old man named the daughter of the Su family."

"Forget." Lu Rongyuan said lightly, looking at the direction Su Qing left, his eyes were tinged with tenderness: "Twisted melons are not sweet, and it's interesting to chase after my own wife."

Wan Yang was startled: "Boss, what do you mean, you are pursuing Miss Su now? Is this unnecessary? Miss Su doesn't know your identity?"

People are married back, but insist on annulling, and then pursue, is this not superfluous?

"It's quite interesting." Lu Rongyuan's eyes were filled with intense interest: "You're a single dog, so I don't understand."

Wan Yang: "..."

Who is the real ten thousand year single dog?

Didn't we talk about love for two days?

Falling in love is great?

Still, being in love is amazing.

It's even more remarkable when someone in power in the Lu family falls in love.

Wan Yang was still talking: "Boss, it's already out of the plan for you to ask people to cancel the engagement. If those people find out that you are with Miss Su again, it will be bad for the plan."

Lu Rongyuan narrowed his eyes dangerously: "I have a measure."

"Boss, are you serious?" Wan Yang thought that the boss was just playing for fun, but it didn't look like it: "If those people know Miss Su..."

"Whoever doesn't want to die, just come to seek death." Lu Rongyuan's cold tone was mixed with a strong murderous look.

Wan Yang was shocked.

Lu Rongyuan shouldn't have a weakness.

Nor can there be.

What kind of magical power does this Miss Su have?

Wan Yang was surprised, but also very happy for the boss.

For so many years, except for that person, this was the first time he saw the boss have a crush on a woman.

That may not be such a bad thing.

Wan Yang sighed, and suddenly realized what Su Qing said just now: "Boss, Miss Su said just now that you are going to solicit customers for business?"

"En." Lu Rongyuan shook the car key in his hand: "I am now an online car-hailing driver, and I have to earn money to support my wife."

The tone is full of the sour smell of love and the pride of having a girlfriend.

With that said, Lu Rongyuan walked towards a car worth more than 100,000 yuan parked on the side of the road.

Wan Yang's jaw dropped again.

In order to chase women, the boss is really cruel to himself.

The cars that Lu's nanny used to buy groceries cost several million dollars.

Is this what rich people do now?

The boss asked him to prepare a cheap car to chase his wife?

Lu Rongyuan opened the car door, and added: "From now on, don't talk nonsense in front of her."

Wan Yang's desire to survive is still very strong.

Made a gesture of shutting up: "Make sure your mouth is tight."

Lu Rongyuan got in the car, opened the address book, and noted Su Qing's phone number as "Little Wild Cat", and then sent a message to the person who noted it as Emily: call 12,000 to my card regularly every month.

In the Lu Group's secretary department, Emily received an order from her boss and was a little confused by the number twelve thousand.

Did the boss miss a few zeros?

Yes, the boss should have missed a few zeros, at least twelve million.

Emily replied immediately: Yes, boss.


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