Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 8

The phrase "true love each other" fell in Lu Rongyuan's ears, and it was very useful. Even if he knew that this woman was using him, it still didn't affect his good mood.

"Su Qing." Chu Tianyi was furious: "How did you degenerate like this, where did you find such a beautiful man?"

Pretty is derogatory when used on men.

Su Qing naturally heard the irony in Chu Tianyi's words, which was implying that Lu Rongyuan was a jerk.

Su Xue glanced at Chu Tianyi's face, and felt very refreshed, unexpectedly, Su Qing really found a good boy.

But on the face Su Xue pretended to be anxious and said: "Sister, don't be deceived by others. Look at the car that this man drives. It is only a broken car worth hundreds of thousands. How can he give you happiness? He is just lying to you."

"Heh." Su Qing curled her lips coldly: "With him, even if I ride a bicycle, I'd be happy."

Why doesn't Su Qing know what Su Xue is?

Su Xue couldn't tell how happy she was now, she had found an ordinary boyfriend, and Su Xue was Mrs. Chu, from now on, Su Xue would step on her head completely, arrogantly.

"Su Qing, separate from this man immediately." Chu Tianyi's face was very cold, and he ordered Su Qing in an orderly tone: "Even if you want to anger me, you must find a better one, find such a poor guy, you Thought I would believe it."

"Believe it or not, I just like him. I don't mind if he has money or not. As long as I'm with him, I'm willing to ride a bicycle. Please show some respect to my boyfriend."

The sarcasm in Chu Tianyi's tone made Su Qing angry, she couldn't see Lu Rongyuan being insulted.

Lu Rongyuan is a man and has self-respect. Chu Tianyi can rush at her, but he can't belittle Lu Rongyuan.

Su Qing didn't want to stay any longer, she just wanted to take Lu Rongyuan away quickly

"Honey, let's go back and eat."

Lu Rongyuan's hawk-like eyes saw through Su Qing's thoughts. Seeing Su Qing defending herself, Lu Rongyuan felt very happy. As for Chu Tianyi's ridicule, he didn't take people seriously at all.

"The seats are all booked, so naturally we have to eat before leaving." Lu Rongyuan fondled Su Qing's hair: "Why starve myself for two flies."

"Who are you talking about?" Su Xue's face turned green, and she sneered, "You're a poor guy who booked a seat inside, who are you lying to? You are so poor that you can't even get in the door. What a big money to wear."

Chu Tianyi's face was also very ugly, and he sneered: "Su Qing, where did you find someone who can talk big, and don't even look at where this is, this is the 'Bieyuan Kitchen' in the Imperial Capital, not a cat or a dog. I can go in."

Facing the sarcasm of the two, Lu Rongyuan always had a slight smile on his face, but the cold light in his eyes was getting colder inch by inch, and gradually lost the temperature, it was colder than the weather in December.

Su Qing also felt that Lu Rongyuan was talking big, she only thought that Lu Rongyuan was acting with her, so naturally she couldn't let these two people look down on her.

Su Qing glanced at Chu Tianyi and Su Xue coldly, and was about to speak, when Lu Rongyuan's aura was fully activated, and he said something meaningful: "Well...the chef in the other courtyard is really not something that cats and dogs can come in."

Chu Tianyi looked in front of him, and suddenly his aura was fully opened, making people intimidated. The man who didn't dare to look directly, couldn't help frowning: "What do you mean?"

"It means... from now on, you and the woman next to you will be blacklisted by this restaurant and will never be allowed to enter."

"Heh!" Chu Tianyi laughed angrily, "What a big tone."

Su Xue was also amused: "What a big tone, you put us on the blacklist, who do you think you are? Miss Ben really laughed to death, Su Qing, where did you find this weird thing, it's so funny."

Su Qing also felt that the bragging was a bit too much, but her boyfriend's bragging had to go too far.

Su Qing smiled, and took Lu Rongyuan's arm calmly with a smile: "The imperial capital is so big, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, as a human being, you should keep a low profile, otherwise the slap in the face will come too fast, and it will be really ugly."

Su Xue laughed directly when she heard the words: "Su Qing, you are too good at pretending, you are still crouching tiger, hidden dragon, you are so poor."

At this moment, a burst of hurried footsteps quickly came towards this side.

The leader was Wang Yang, the manager of the small kitchen in the other courtyard, followed by more than a dozen security guards.

Seeing people coming, Su Xue proudly said: "Su Qing, please apologize to me, Tianyi and I will ignore the past and bring you and your poor boyfriend in, otherwise, you will be kicked out. "

"Dream!" How could Su Qing apologize.

Su Xue sneered, and said to Wang Yang with a high-ranking attitude: "Manager Wang, can any cat or dog come in as a chef in the other courtyard now? If so, then we won't come here again in the future, and we will lose our grade."

Su Xue's words were threatening, and it was expected that Wang Yang would not dare to offend her and Chu Tianyi, she was a dignified young mistress of the Chu family, a smart person would know how to choose.

Su Xue and Chu Tianyi waited for Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan to be kicked out in embarrassment, Su Qing was also a little nervous, how could she and Lu Rongyuan have the right to go in.

Su Qing was thinking about how to resolve it, when Wang Yang suddenly nodded slightly at Lu Rongyuan: "Mr. Lu, Mr. Wan has arrived."

"En." Lu Rongyuan replied blankly.

Su Xue was dumbfounded.

Chu Tianyi was also surprised.

Wang Yang is the manager of the small kitchen in the other courtyard, and the guests who can enter the small kitchen in the other courtyard are all famous, powerful and powerful people.

How could Wang Yang know this poor dick?

Su Qing was very puzzled, and also confused, she lowered her voice and asked, "Lu Rongyuan, what's going on?"

Lu Rongyuan patted Su Qing's hand lightly, signaling her not to worry, and leaving everything to him.

Lu Rongyuan's words were like a reassurance, Su Qing felt inexplicably stable and trusting.

Wang Yang raised his hand to the security guard behind him, and said, "Clear the venue, all irrelevant personnel, all get out."

An order was issued.

The security guards walked towards Chu Tianyi and Su Xue: "Please leave."

Su Xue raised her voice sharply: "Is there any mistake? I am the young mistress of the Chu family. Open your dog eyes and see clearly. How dare you chase me away?"

Chu Tianyi's expression was somber, and he revealed his identity: "I am the son of Chu Quan'an of the Chu Group, Chu Tianyi, and we are going to have dinner here tonight."

When Chu Tianyi said that he was from the Chu family of the Chu Group, his face revealed a sense of superiority.

Su Xue also showed the face of a villain: "Look carefully, can you afford to offend the Chu family?"

Wang Yang didn't buy it at all: "No matter whose son you are, you have to leave today. This place is reserved tonight. Come, please young master Chu and Mrs. Chu to leave."

Say yes, but actually rush.

If the two do not cooperate, they can even be thrown out.

Chu Tianyi had no face on his face: "What kind of big man can hire the little chef from another courtyard?"

"That's right, Manager Wang, stop bluffing us, why don't you drive them away?" Su Xue pointed at Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan: "We can't get in, so can these two poor people get in?"

Lu Rongyuan's eyebrows darkened, and his voice was cold: "I don't want to see these two people here again in the future."

Wang Yang didn't know Lu Rongyuan's identity, but he was able to sit in the position of the small kitchen manager in another courtyard. He still had a little insight into his own way of survival. The person who could make Wan Yang, the prince of Wan's Film and Television Group, respect him so respectfully. Certainly not small.

As long as you wait carefully, you will be right.

Wan Yang was the one who reserved the venue today, and Lu Rongyuan had been with Wan Yang more than once, so Wang Yang naturally recognized it.

"Mr. Lu, I understand." Wang Yang told the people around him, "Put those two people on the blacklist and put the sign at the door."

If this is really going to be hung at the door, Chu Tianyi and Su Xue are really ashamed and humiliated, they can't hold their heads up in the circle.

People who come and go here every day are people from within the circle, and this is going to be posted, who doesn't know?

Chu Tianyi and Su Xue didn't just look embarrassed this time, they both panicked after hearing this.

"Why? What are you?" Su Xue shouted domineeringly.

Lu Rongyuan frowned coldly: "Noisy!"

After receiving the order, Wang Yang immediately told the security guards: "Throw it out."

"Yes, Manager Wang."

The security guards directly held Chu Tianyi and Su Xue, dragged them and threw them out.

Embarrassed and embarrassing.

Su Xue shouted: "Don't touch me, go away, I'm Mrs. Chu, you dare to offend me."

No one even paid attention to Chu Tianyi, what kind of a fart is a Mrs. Chu?

Chu Tianyi's face was also livid with anger, this was the first time he had suffered such a great humiliation.

He remembered Wang Yang's words, it was obvious that after the man said the word "noisy", they were thrown out.

Does that man really have a big background?

Certainly not.

The clothes on the man were very ordinary, and there was no sign of wealth in his whole body. The Volkswagen car worth more than 100,000 yuan was an old model for several years, so it should be a second-hand car.

Who is this man? Why is Wang Yang so obedient?

Su Xue was thrown at the door by the security guards, her hands were scratched on the ground, and she stomped her feet angrily: "Tian Yi, they actually treated us like this, it hurts so much."

Chu Tianyi was also full of anger, couldn't hold back his face, and shouted: "Shut up, isn't that embarrassing enough?"

Su Xue was so angry that she was about to cry. She looked at Su Qing who was standing inside the door, and she was mad with jealousy: "Little bitch, it's all your fault."

Su Qing laughed when she heard the words: "I advise you to keep a low profile. Look, you are being slapped in the face now. As long as you beg me, I may let you in when I am happy. How embarrassing it is outside, let me let you in." Acquaintances saw it, and that was really embarrassing."

Su Qing returned Su Xue's words almost intact.

Su Xue was so angry that her face turned red and white, and she wanted to make trouble, Chu Tianyi pulled her: "Still leaving? Do you want to stay and continue to lose face?"

To be honest, seeing Su Xue and Chu Tianyi leaving in a state of embarrassment, Su Qing felt relieved.

"Mr. Lu, please come inside." Wang Yang respectfully led the way.

Su Qing was very puzzled, and asked in a low voice: "What's the matter? Isn't it reserved? Why are we allowed to go in? You often come here?"

If not, how could Wang Yang know Lu Rongyuan?

Lu Rongyuan calmed down and said leisurely: "I have been here with Wan Yang a few times, and I am a little familiar with Manager Wang."

I see.

"Mr. Wan is booking the venue today?" Su Qing realized, no wonder Lu Rongyuan was so confident just now.

Before Wang Yang said Mr. Wan, she hadn't realized which Mr. Wan it was.

Lu Rongyuan: "He has a lot of money."

Su Qing: "..."

The entire small kitchen in the other courtyard is very quiet. Usually, it only receives fifty guests a day, but today it is reserved, so it is even quieter.

Su Qing followed Lu Rongyuan in, and Wan Yang was already waiting.

"Boss, Miss Su." Wan Yang waved hello.

"Mr. Wan."

Su Qing only knew that Wan Yang and Lu Rongyuan were friends, but she didn't expect that Wan Yang was a local tyrant among the local tyrants, and he was able to take over this place.

"Mr. Wan, Mr. Lu, Ms. Su, please slow down!" Wang Yang was tactful, and he didn't disturb the few people who were eating, and retreated with them, even the waiter was waiting ten steps away.


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