Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 9

Wan Yang's task today is to book the venue for Lu Rongyuan in his own name.

The mission was completed, so he naturally couldn't just stay and be a light bulb.

Pretending to answer the phone, Wan Yang found a lame excuse: "Boss, Miss Su, I have something to do suddenly, so I have to leave first, you two take it easy."

"En." Lu Rongyuan responded lightly, with a look that could kneel down.

Su Qing felt very embarrassed, they just took advantage of Wan Yang's momentum to slap Chu Tianyi and Su Xue in the face, and now they are eating for nothing.

"Mr. Wan, I really thank you just now. If I hadn't taken advantage of you, I would have been embarrassed just now."

"The boss's business is my Wan Yang's business. It's a trivial matter. Like those two people, they are indeed not qualified to join the kitchen of the other courtyard. It is disgusting." Wan Yang quietly glanced at Lu Rongyuan. The boss behind the kitchen, but Lu Rongyuan, those two offended Lu Rongyuan and Su Qing, didn't they just seek abuse?

"Miss Su, Boss, I'm really leaving, I'm urging you, take it easy."

Without waiting for Su Qing to say anything, Wan Yang quickly slipped away.

"Lu Rongyuan, what do you do, friend?"

Even Chu Tianyi and Su Xue didn't pay much attention to Wan Yang's tone, and he wasn't afraid of offending the Chu family.

The imperial capital is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Although Su Qing is the daughter of the Su family, not to mention that she is only carrying a name and has never been in the circle of the rich. Even in the name of the daughter of the Su family, she cannot get in touch with higher circles.

Not to mention being able to know someone who is a chef in another courtyard.

"Film and TV." Lu Rongyuan said lightly, "The prince of Wan's Film and Television Group."

"Ah?" Su Qing was shocked: "How did you meet the prince of the Wan Group?"

Wan's Film and Television, that is the overlord of the film and television circle, who in the circle is not afraid of three points?

Su Qing didn't expect that Lu Rongyuan would know the crown prince of the Wan Group.

"I saved him once before." Lu Rongyuan started to make up nonsense again in a serious manner: "I have saved his life."

"No wonder, I think he obeyed your advice. It turns out that he knows how to repay you." Su Qing was not suspicious, and believed in Lu Rongyuan's words. After all, Lu Rongyuan really didn't look like a rich man, and this kind of life-saving grace The excuse fits well.

Otherwise, why would the prince of the Wan Group respect Lu Rongyuan so much?

Thinking of Chu Tianyi's belittling words, Su Qing said very apologetically, "Don't take those words to heart."

"It's okay." Lu Rongyuan didn't even pay attention to people, so how could he take his words to heart: "It's just two dogs barking."

Su Qing felt that she still needed to explain: "Those two just now were..."

"Qingqing, people from the past are not worth mentioning." Lu Rongyuan held her hand: "I am not so easy to provoke your boyfriend." Exit the transcoding page, please download the app to read the latest chapter.

At the beginning, Lu Rongyuan was only interested in Su Qing. Just now, seeing her defending herself, he felt an indescribable warmth in his heart.

Su Qing didn't need to explain, he knew exactly what happened to those two people.

Lu Rongyuan also asked people to check Su Qing's past.

Su Qing's eyes suddenly became hot. At first, she just had the mentality of trying with Lu Rongyuan, and she didn't think about long-term plans.

As for those words just now, as long as you are not stupid, you can tell that she has something to do with Chu Tianyi.

If it were any other man, he would have questioned her a long time ago, or would have run away.

But he didn't ask.

Su Qing smiled: "Yes, people from the past are not worth mentioning, I'm hungry, let's start."

The smile on the corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth deepened: "Okay."

After eating, on the way back, Lu Rongyuan drove with one hand, and held Su Qing's hand with the other, clasping his fingers tightly.

The intimate contact made Su Qing blush. She was not used to it, so she tried to withdraw her hand, but he held it tightly.

Su Qing didn't break free anymore, she shyly turned her head away, not looking at Lu Rongyuan.

Her shy appearance was reflected on the car window, Su Qing bit her lip, and Lu Rongyuan's chuckle came from next to her ear: "My Qingqing is really thin-skinned."

"Who belongs to your family."

Su Qing snorted, her cheeks became hot, and her heart beat inexplicably faster, and the shy Su Qing fell into Lu Rongyuan's eyes, making the corners of his mouth smile even deeper.

Su Qing's face turned even redder, and a thin layer of hot sweat broke out from her palms. She was shy and excited, her heart beat faster, and her heart was very warm. She had never felt this kind of feeling with Chu Tianyi.

Is this throbbing?

Su Qing lowered her head: "Drive seriously."

"Okay!" Lu Rongyuan listened to Su Qing very much.

But as he spoke, he didn't let go of his hand.

At this moment, Lu Rongyuan's cell phone rang, but he frowned and didn't answer it.

"Why don't you answer the phone?" Su Qing was curious: "Quickly answer it, in case there is something urgent."

The phone kept ringing, Lu Rongyuan looked at the caller ID, and frowned even tighter.

Su Qing didn't deliberately listen to Lu Rongyuan's call, so she didn't know what the person on the other end said, but Lu Rongyuan's face suddenly became ugly.

At the end of the call, Su Qing asked in confusion, "What happened?"

"Qingqing, I have something to take care of."

"It's okay, you have to go to work first." Although Su Qing was a little disappointed, she still knew the general situation. From Lu Rongyuan's expression, she could tell that something must have happened.

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan first sent Su Qing back to the gate of the community where Su Qing lived, apologizing: "Qingqing, I will accompany you another day."

"I'm fine, go get busy!"

Su Qing stood on the side of the road and watched Lu Rongyuan leave. When the car disappeared into the night, she was about to turn around and enter the community when she suddenly received a call from An Ruo.

"Su Qing, come and help me, Su Qing." An Ruo said anxiously on the phone with a hint of drunkenness.

Su Qing's heart tightened: "Ruoruo, what's the matter? Where are you now? I'll be right over."

Su Qing immediately took another taxi to the clubhouse An Ruo mentioned.

Finding An Ruo who was drunk like mud in the box, Su Qing immediately rushed over: "Ruo Ruo, why did you drink so much, I'll take you back."

"Su Qing, you're here." An Ruo was so drunk that she couldn't even stand still.

Su Qing supported An Ruo, before she could leave, a man blocked their way, sizing up Su Qing: "Beauty, where are you going, brother will see you off."

Su Qing frowned, and said coldly: "Get out of the way!"

"Yo, I like this temper." The man was even more excited, and stretched out his hand to pull Su Qing: "Beauty, go with brother at night, brother loves you very much."

The man burped while talking.

The strong smell of alcohol sprayed on Su Qing's face, she frowned in disgust, and her anger welled up, her tone was a bit cold: "Get out of the way."

"What if I don't let you go?" The man smiled triumphantly, "What can you do with me? I like the beauty of the iceberg, come on, brother loves you, no one is allowed to snatch it from me tonight."

A group of people in the box booed: "Xiao Li Shao, if you take this beauty, the car in front of me will send you off."

"It's a deal, the beauty's car is all mine."

As soon as the man finished speaking, there was a bang in the box.

Su Qing kicked the person under the table, and the empty wine bottle on the table shattered to the ground.

There was a sudden silence in the whole box, and everyone was stunned.

This is too tough.

"Ruoruo, let's go." Su Qing picked up An Ruo.

When those people came to their senses, Su Qing had already left.

Someone in the box screamed: "Call an ambulance, Xiao Li is bleeding."

Su Qing was careful, she was worried that someone would catch up, so she led An Ruo to the back door of the clubhouse.

Unexpectedly, after not walking far, they saw a group of people fighting in front of them.

Su Qing didn't want to cause trouble, before she left quietly, the drunken An Ruo suddenly shouted: "Drink, keep drinking."

This suddenly startled the group of people.

Su Qing's heart skipped a beat, and the group of people immediately came over and surrounded her.

"Boss, there are two women, what should we do?"Chapter 9


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