Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 10

Su Qing saw a bald man lying on the ground, motionless. Through the street lamp in the distance, he could clearly see the blood on the ground.

Is the person dead?

What she encountered was not a fight, but a murder?

After Su Qing finished her thoughts, she had an idea and said with a smile: "You are busy with your work, we are just passing by, I didn't see anything."

Saying that, Su Qing helped An Ruo to go, but within two steps, a pair of men's leather shoes appeared in her sight.

Su Qing's tense palms were sweating coldly, she boldly moved her gaze upwards.

The man in front of him stood against the light, wearing a suit and leather shoes, as if he had come from hell, with a murderous aura all over his body.

When Su Qing's eyes fell on the man's face, she was startled.

The man was wearing a Yan Luo mask, and he looked like the deadly Yan Luo from hell.

Lu Rongyuan under the mask frowned.

He didn't expect to meet Su Qing here.

The bald man on the ground suddenly "lived", crawled towards the masked man with difficulty, and begged: "Boss, I don't dare anymore, please forgive me this time, I was deceived by lard, so I can't do it." Will betray you."

"Boss, what should we do with this traitor?" Xia Dong kicked the man who was kneeling on the ground. He also wore a mask on his face, and the pattern on the mask was an imp.

Everyone else had the same mask on their faces.

Su Qing suddenly remembered something. An Ruo told her before that there is a group called Dark Night Group, which has risen rapidly in recent years, but no one knows what they do. It is a very mysterious and dreaded group. , everyone inside is wearing a mask, acting strangely and low-key, and no one even knows where the headquarters of the Dark Night Group is.

No one has seen it, but no one knows the Dark Night Group.

The boss of the Dark Night Group, no one has seen his true face, no real information, only one code name, Yan Luo.

She wouldn't be so unlucky to meet 'Dark Night'.

And the person wearing Yan Luo's mask in front of him must be the leader of An Ye.

"Throw it into the sea and feed the fish."

Five words, as if to say that the weather is fine today.

Lu Rongyuan changed his voice on purpose, Su Qing didn't hear it, how could he know that the person in front of him was her boyfriend.

"Boss, please forgive me, I don't dare anymore, Boss..."

The bald man was directly thrown into the car next to him and taken away, his mournful pleading gradually faded away.

Su Qing subconsciously swallowed her saliva. It was rumored that the leader of the 'Dark Night' group was cruel, and it was true.

Xia Dong glanced at Su Qing and the unconscious An Ruo: "Boss, what should we do with these two?"

Hearing this, Su Qing quickly lowered her head: "We were really just passing by and didn't see anything. Don't worry, I won't talk nonsense."

Xia Dong: "Only dead people don't talk nonsense."

"You will treat us as dead."

Su Qing has a strong desire to survive.

The air was deathly still.

Su Qing can't wait to kick her in the past. What does this talkative man have to do to make things difficult for her?

Su Qing pondered in her heart, what are the chances of her getting away?

Seeing that the scarred man remained silent for a long time, Su Qing took a glance from the corner of her eye, and it happened to meet the man's eyes.

Those eyes are too cold, they are daunting, like icicles on the top of a snow mountain, with a cold light.

It makes people feel like a mans back.

The surrounding air suddenly dropped.

Su Qing's heart tightened, and she quickly looked away.

Just when she was thinking about how to get out, she heard the masked man cough a few times, and ordered in a light tone: "Let them go." Exit the transcoding page, please download the app to read the latest chapter.

Su Qing was amnesty: "Thank you."

She didn't dare to delay for a moment, and left quickly with An Ruo, fearing that the other party would regret it.

Xia Dong asked: "Boss, are you really letting them go like this?"

Lu Rongyuan took off the mask on his face, looked at the direction Su Qing left, and raised the corner of his mouth: "Find two people and escort them back."

Xia Dong was even more confused, with an expression of being overheard.

When did they become flower protectors in the dark night?

The boss is still feeling sorry for the fragrance and cherishing the jade?

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Xia Dong, and Xia Dong immediately said, "Boss, I'll go right away."

Su Qing returned to the rental room, put An Ruo on the sofa, first poured a glass of water to suppress her shock, and patted her chest.

"Water, water."

An Ruo shouted thirstily.

Su Qing quickly poured another cup and fed it to An Ruo.

"Why do you drink so much wine?"

An Ruo fell asleep after drinking water.

Su Qing went to get the quilt again and covered An Ruo.

After tossing all night, Su Qing was very sleepy and fell asleep as soon as she touched the bed.

That night, she had a dream, dreaming that Lu Rongyuan turned into Hell Yama to seek her life.

Su Qing struggled to wake up from the dream.

It was already dawn, and the morning sun shone in through the window, giving her the illusion of a world away.

It turned out to be a dream.

It was so scary.

How could she have such a dream?

Su Qing wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

"Su Qing, why am I at your house?" An Ruo also woke up, drank too much, and had a severe headache.

"I see you still dare to drink so much wine next time." Su Qing got up and made a glass of honey water for An Ruo: "Drink it."

"Su Qing, you are the best." An Ruo took Su Qing's arm coquettishly: "Thank you last night."

"What happened last night?" Su Qing asked as she walked to the kitchen.

An Ruo is not someone who can get himself so drunk.

"I was tricked by that bastard An Yu." An Ruo said angrily: "I will go to him later to settle the score. Li Sen is notoriously lustful, and he actually pushed me into the fire pit. Fortunately, I carried it hard. Let me wait for you here, otherwise I will lose my life at the end of the festival."

An Yu is An Ruo's half-brother.

In a wealthy family, there are several illegitimate children, which is too common.

Su Qing rolled her eyes at An Ruo angrily, and joked, "Your Chinese is taught by a physical education teacher? It's too late."

"Anyway, that's what it means. Let me meet Li Sen again, and my mother will break his leg." An Ruo rolled up his sleeves, looking like he was about to fight: "By the way, how did you escape last night?"

An Ruo drank the pill and couldn't remember what happened afterwards.

"I kicked Li Sen." Su Qing said concisely, without mentioning what happened afterwards.

An Ruo's face changed slightly: "Li Sen is famous for his revenge, and he won't let it go."

"I'm so barefoot that I'm not afraid to wear shoes." Su Qing shrugged nonchalantly, and a cold light flashed across her eyes: "He can come again if he is not afraid of death."

An Ruo stared at Su Qing, very relieved: "The Su Qing I know is back again, you should have broken up with Chu Tianyi, anyway, I don't think so at all, he and Su Xue are quite compatible, scumbag It goes perfectly with green tea."

Su Qing cooked two bowls of fried egg noodles. An Ruo was so hungry that she finished them in just a few bites.

Just after eating, he answered the phone and cursed: "An Yu, just wait for me, my aunt will come right away."

An Ruo is a powder keg, it will catch fire at one point.

Without a long memory, he left again in a hurry.

Su Qing laughed, changed her clothes, put on a ponytail and went downstairs.


Su Qing heard the car horn and looked back.

It was Lu Rongyuan sitting in the car.

He really came to pick himself up.

Lu Rongyuan got out of the car and opened the door for Su Qing, very gentlemanly: "Did you sleep well last night?"

"It's okay." Su Qing sat in, she naturally wouldn't say that she had a nightmare last night.

The car starts.

During the rush hour, the road was very congested, and the two seldom spoke along the way, but the silence was not awkward.

At the entrance of the company, when getting out of the car, Lu Rongyuan took her hand: "Wait a minute."

"What's wrong?" Su Qing was puzzled.

"I have something for you." Lu Rongyuan gave the gift he had prepared to Su Qing from the back seat of the car: "Open it and see if you like it."

Su Qing was very surprised: "Why did you suddenly give me a gift? Is it a holiday today?"

Lu Rongyuan's eyes were full of doting: "A token of love."

The four words made Su Qing's heartbeat seem to slow down by half a beat.


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