Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 11

Su Qing opened it and took a look. It was a bracelet with a heart-shaped pendant inlaid with sapphires.

Su Qing couldn't help admiring: "It's so beautiful, it's so precious."

"It's not worth much, only a few hundred, and this gem is also made of plastic." Lu Rongyuan said nonsense seriously.

Although Su Qing is the daughter of a wealthy family, she seldom touches luxury goods. She can fill her stomach and complete her studies. Qin Suqin's mother and daughter rarely come to find fault, she is already thankful.

Not to mention this bracelet worth 8 million, named Goddess Heart, how could Su Qing recognize it, even if she recognized it, she couldn't believe it.

Lu Rongyuan is just an online car-hailing driver, and he can't afford a few million.

When she heard that it was only a few hundred yuan, Su Qing felt a little relieved, she was really afraid that it would be too expensive.

The gift is not expensive, but the heart.

"It's so realistic, I thought it was a real gem." Su Qing really liked it: "It's very beautiful, I like it very much, I didn't even prepare a gift for you."

Lu Rongyuan leaned slightly, and said in a mellow voice next to her ear: "I have already accepted your gift."

When did she send it?

How could she not know.

"You are the best gift."

When Su Qing walked into the company, Lu Rongyuan's last words were still echoing in her ears, her cheeks were slightly hot.

Su Qing found that Lu Rongyuan was too flirtatious.

Often, a word or an action inadvertently made her heart beat faster.

"Su Qing, Su Qing, what are you thinking? You haven't answered for a long time." The team leader Cai Jingmei came over with a stack of materials: "I translated these before I got off work, and the higher-ups are waiting for it."

Su Qing came back to her senses, took the information, and flipped through a few pages: "Okay, I'll sort it out before I get off work."

Cai Jingmei stared at Su Qing's face: "Su Qing, why is your face so red?"

"Ah?" Su Qing touched her face, feeling a little hot, and quickly said, "It looks like I'm going to be late soon, so I ran up."

Cai Jingmei suddenly lowered her voice and said, "Have you heard that Manager Liu has made the boss's daughter's belly bigger, and she is about to become the son-in-law of the big boss. This will save twenty years of hard work."

If he became the son-in-law of the big boss, he would lose twenty years of struggle.

Just as he was talking, a woman with maroon curly hair came in with a charming figure and went directly to Manager Liu's office.

Su Qing glanced at it, and it was the boss's daughter, Zheng Mingzhu.

Soon, the shutters of the manager's office were closed and the door was closed.

Cai Jingmei curled her lips, with a look of contempt: "Men have started to eat soft food these days."

Su Qing smiled and didn't comment.

After a busy day, after dealing with it, it's time to get off work. Colleagues are also packing their things and getting ready to get off work one after another.

Su Qing was also packing up her things when Zheng Mingzhu came over suddenly: "I lost my bracelet and I can't find it. No one is allowed to leave."

As soon as the words were finished, a bracelet fell out of Su Qing's bag.

Everyone looked at Su Qing, and everyone had different expressions.

This bracelet was Lu Rongyuan's token of love for her.

Zheng Mingzhu's voice was sharp: "This is my bracelet, you thief, Liu Dong, call the police immediately and send this woman to the police station."

All of a sudden, people in the company talked about it.

Su Qing usually doesn't fit in with others, and because she is pretty, she is regarded as the goddess of the iceberg by the male colleagues in the company, which makes many female colleagues jealous.

Now that the Iceberg Goddess has become a thief, naturally many people gloat over her misfortune.

Su Qing looked calm: "Miss, you made a mistake, this is my bracelet."

"Your bracelet?" Zheng Mingzhu said disdainfully, "Can you afford a bracelet worth a few million? Now that you have stolen it, you still want to argue."

Millions of bracelets?

This bracelet, Lu Rongyuan told her, was only a few hundred yuan.

Su Qing was now even more sure that Zheng Mingzhu had made a mistake.

Facing the whispers from her colleagues, Su Qing frankly and patiently explained: "Miss, this is really my bracelet, and it's not worth a few million. If you don't believe me, take a closer look."

"This is my bracelet." Zheng Mingzhu insisted, and said: "This bracelet is called Goddess Heart. It was made by the famous French designer Faide. It was a birthday present given to me by Liu Dong a few days ago. There is only one in the world. You were in the bathroom with me just now, you must have stolen it at that time."

Half an hour ago, Su Qing did go to the bathroom and ran into Zheng Mingzhu.

Zheng Mingzhu's words were convincing, and the colleagues discussed more fiercely, looking at Su Qing's eyes, full of disdain.

"I really didn't expect it. It usually looks pretty good, but I really can't tell that it is a dirty hands and feet."

"Yes, there has never been such a thing in our company. I offended the big boss's daughter. Let's see how she stays in the company now."

"Those men are all chasing after her and boasting about the iceberg goddess, but she is actually a thief."

"Now that I know her true face, let's see if those men will pursue her again."

"My lipstick also fell off two days ago, I don't know who stole it."

This is very suggestive.

Seeing Su Qing being cast aside, Zheng Mingzhu smiled triumphantly: "Liu Dong, call the police and send him to the police station. Also, a thief is not qualified to work in my company. Su Qing, you have been fired."

Su Qing didn't panic, she didn't steal, so what is there to be afraid of?

Just as Zheng Mingzhu was about to leave with the bracelet, Su Qing suddenly grabbed her wrist, which shocked everyone.

What is Su Qing going to do?

You're not crazy to want to do it, are you?

Zheng Mingzhu was also very surprised. She stared at Su Qing's hand coolly, and said with a sneer, "What? Want to intercede? It's too late...".

Before Zheng Mingzhu could finish speaking, Su Qing took the bracelet back: "This is the bracelet my boyfriend gave me. Don't try to take it away from me. Call the police and let the police come and return my innocence."

This was Lu Rongyuan's intention, the first gift given to her, how could she let Zheng Mingzhu take it away.

Zheng Mingzhu was also a little surprised: "I got the stolen goods at the same time, and I'm still stubborn. I really don't see the coffin and don't cry."

Cai Jingmei helped to say: "Su Qing doesn't seem to be able to steal things. A bracelet worth several million dollars will have to go to jail. Miss Zheng, I'd better ask the police to check it out. Don't wrong people."

Hearing someone speak for her, Su Qing felt warm in her heart.

"Mingzhu, what's wrong with your company, it's so lively?"

Hearing this familiar voice, Su Qing frowned.

The person who came was none other than Su Xue.

There was another woman with Su Xue, whom Su Qing had never seen before.

Zheng Mingzhu glared at Su Qing fiercely: "This woman stole my bracelet, and she got it as well, and she's still quibbling."

Su Qing had never appeared in public as the eldest lady of the Su family, and not many knew that Su Xue and Su Qing were half-sisters.

Su Xue glanced at Su Qing, then at the bracelet in Su Qing's hand, and said, "Isn't this the heart of a goddess? It's worth eight million yuan, and it was bought away a few days ago. I thought who it was, I didn't expect it to be you, Pearl."

Zheng Mingzhu said angrily: "This Goddess Heart is a gift from Liu Dong to me. This woman must be hers."

Su Qing frowned: "This is not Miss Zheng's bracelet, but a gift from my boyfriend."

"Just your poor boyfriend?" Su Xue said with a smile, "Can he afford it?"

Su Xue still thinks that Lu Rongyuan is a poor loser, she asked someone to inquire about it last night, and the one who actually booked the show was the prince of Wan's Film and Television Group.

Zheng Mingzhu asked: "Xue'er, do you know each other?"

"I've seen it before, but I'm not very familiar with it." Su Xue said, "By the way, Andy, the assistant of Fei De, the designer of Goddess Heart, happened to be with me, and asked her to see if this bracelet is real or not. There is only one in the world. One, if you check the authenticity, you will know who it is."

If it is verified that this bracelet is fake, it will prove even more that Su Qing found a poor boy. This alone is enough for Su Xue to laugh at her for the rest of her life.


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