Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 12

Liu Dong saw that he needed to be appraised, so he hurriedly said: "Mingzhu, forget it, Su Qing probably didn't do it on purpose, calling the police will ruin her and damage the company's image, just fire her, anyway, the bracelet is back. "

Liu Dong's words seemed to be helping to intercede, but Su Qing heard something else.

Liu Dong was afraid, and he was also avoiding the important ones.

What are you afraid of?

Zheng Mingzhu snorted coldly: "Yan, I'd like to see how this woman will argue."

Seeing that Liu Dong really wanted to test, he was so nervous that cold sweat began to break out on his forehead.

Andy looked at the bracelet carefully, Su Xue couldn't wait to ask: "Andy, how are you?"

Zheng Mingzhu also said: "I and Liu Dong's initials are engraved on the bracelet, which is inside the bracelet."

Andy frowned: "I didn't see the engraved letters, but this bracelet is indeed..."

"Miss Zheng, I found your bracelet."

At this moment, Xiaoqin from the secretarial department came over with an identical bracelet: "I found it in the bathroom, and it fell under the sink. Miss Zheng, take a look, is it right?"

Zheng Mingzhu took the bracelet over and took a look. There were indeed letters engraved inside the bracelet: "This is my bracelet."

This also means that Su Qing did not take Zheng Mingzhu's bracelet.

"Miss Andy, can you return the bracelet to me?" Su Qing said politely.

Seeing that Su Qing was unable to prove that Su Qing was a thief, Su Xue felt unwilling, and said sarcastically: "Su Qing, if you don't have money, tell your boyfriend not to slap his face swollen and pretend to be fat, and buy a fake bracelet, it's a joke."

Zheng Mingzhu also disdainfully said: "If you didn't love vanity and bought a high-quality imitation today, you wouldn't have made such a fuss. It's really ridiculous. Su Qing, the boyfriend you made is not very good."

As soon as the words fell, before Su Qing could speak, Andy suddenly said, "The bracelet in Miss Su's hand is the real one."

What Andy said made Su Xue and Zheng Mingzhu's expressions change, and the air suddenly became quiet.

Su Qing was also surprised.

This is an imitation of a few hundred yuan, how can it be real?

Colleagues were dumbfounded, especially female colleagues.

Su Qing has made some kind of god-level boyfriend, and she is so generous.

Make people envious and jealous.

"How is it possible." Su Xue came back to her senses first, unable to control her emotions, her voice was sharp: "Andy, take a closer look, how could Su Qing's words be true."

Zheng Mingzhu also said: "There is only one Goddess Heart in the whole world. It was bought by Liu Dong as a birthday present for me. How could Su Qing afford it?"

Andy frowned: "I'm Mr. Fei De's assistant. I can tell whether the bracelet is real or not at a glance, and Goddess Heart can't engrave characters at all."

Zheng Mingzhu immediately looked at Liu Dong. At this time, Liu Dong was so guilty that cold sweat broke out on his forehead: "Mingzhu, I, I don't know. I asked someone to buy it, so I must have been cheated."

How did Liu Dong know that if he bought a bracelet casually, he would come across the real one.

Zheng Mingzhu became furious and threw the bracelet on Liu Dong's face: "It's a shame."

Didn't those words that satirized Su Qing just slap yourself in the face?

Zheng Mingzhu wished she could find a hole in the ground to get in, she didn't have the face to stay here, she turned her head and left angrily.

"Pearl, Pearl." Liu Dong chased her out.

Su Xue still doesn't want to believe that what Su Qing is holding is genuine.

That was the eight million Goddess's Heart, which she had always wanted, but she couldn't get it even after asking a lot of connections.

How could it have fallen into Su Qing's hands?

Andy handed the bracelet back to Su Qing: "Miss Su, please keep it safe. This goddess' heart symbolizes eternal true love. It seems that your boyfriend cares about you very much. I wish you happiness."


Su Qing didn't believe it was genuine at all, maybe it was just not recognized.

Su Xue gritted her teeth in jealousy: "Su Qing, how could your poor boyfriend afford it? Who gave you this bracelet? And who is this rich man?"

The implication is that Su Qing sold her appearance and got it by any means.

"Don't put your eyes on the top of your head." Su Qing didn't want to talk nonsense with Su Xue at all: "Isn't the lesson from last night not enough?"

Thinking of last night, Su Xue became even angrier.

That was the most embarrassing time in her life.

Su Qing packed up her things and left.

Su Xue stomped her feet angrily: "Andy, you are still my friend, how can you speak for others."

Seeing that Su Xue lost her temper again, Andy said, "I'm just seeking truth from facts."

Su Xue looked at the direction where Su Qing left, with a look of jealousy in her eyes.

She will never make Su Qing feel better.


Su Qing was not in a hurry to go back, she went to the gift shop, ready to buy a present for Lu Rongyuan.

When he came out of the gift shop, he bumped into Wan Yang.

Wan Yang was talking to a man on the side of the road. He caught a glimpse of Su Qing and walked over with a smile: "Miss Su, what a coincidence."

Su Qing smiled slightly: "Yes, what a coincidence, we meet again."

Wan Yang caught a glimpse of the gift in Su Qing's hand: "For the boss?"

"He gave me a bracelet in the morning, and it's a gift in return."

As soon as Su Qing finished speaking, she caught a glimpse of an acquaintance, and her expression suddenly turned ugly.

A man in his fifties came over with four bodyguards. This man was the housekeeper of the Su family, Uncle Xiang.

"Miss, the master wants you to go back."

Uncle Xiang showed no respect for Su Qing in his tone.

Su Qing said with a cold face, "I won't go back."

"The master heard that the eldest lady made some dubious friends, and was very angry. It's better to go back, otherwise the master stopped Master Jie's medicine in a fit of anger. The eldest miss is very clear about the consequences."

Thinking with her toes, Su Qing also knew that Su Xue must be fanning the flames in Su De'an.

"He dares."

Her father even threatened her with Su Jie.

After her mother passed away, she had no relatives in that family except Su Jie.

Uncle Xiang snorted coldly: "Miss, don't make things difficult for us, the Fu family is waiting."

"What's the meaning?"

"Master has arranged a marriage between the young lady and the second young master of the Fu family."

The second youngest of the Fu family?

"Isn't that a fool?" It was Wan Yang who spoke, a little emotionally: "What is Su De'an thinking? Push Miss Su into the fire pit, I'm here today, and I'll see who dares to take Miss Su away."

Su Qing didn't expect that Su De'an had arranged such a marriage for her.

I wanted to marry her to a cripple before, but now I push her to a fool.

Su Qing was angry and chilled: "I won't marry, whoever wants to marry will go, and I won't go back."

"Then don't blame me." Uncle Xiang sneered, "Take Missy back."

Wan Yang protected Su Qing: "I'll see who dares."

Uncle Xiang didn't know Wan Yang, so he directly asked the person who brought Su Qing to pull Su Qing into the car.

Uncle Xiang knew that Su Qing had a bit of kung fu, so he specially brought four bodyguards. Su Qing's little struggle was useless.

Wan Yang was even more defeated by the four of them. Seeing Su Qing being taken into the car, he hurriedly called: "Boss, something happened. Su De'an wants to marry Miss Su to those two idiots from the Fu family, so he sent someone to take Miss Su back by force."


Su family.

As soon as Su Qing entered the room, she saw many people sitting in the living room.

Su Xue was also there, accompanying the guests.

Qin Suqin was chatting with a graceful and luxurious woman with a smile, and when she saw her coming, she was as enthusiastic as a mother and daughter, and pulled her to introduce to everyone: "This is my eldest daughter, Su Qing. That's right, it looks very beautiful."

"It's really good." The lady nodded with satisfaction.

Su Xue said: "Sister, congratulations, Dad has chosen a good marriage for you, you and Second Young Master Fu are really a good match."

Su Qing snapped back coldly: "You think it's good, then go get married."

At this moment, Su De'an came down from upstairs, accompanied by a middle-aged man named Fu Zhen.

The two talked and laughed.

Su De'an smiled and said: "Then it's settled, you and the Fu family have decided on the wedding date, and we have no objection."

"Okay, then I'll let people watch the day when I go back..."

"I have an opinion, I don't want to marry." Su Qing was very disappointed and angry: "Who said I want to marry someone."

Her eccentric father called her back to push her into the fire pit again.

Don't ask her opinion at all, just make the marriage like this.

Su Dean glanced at Su Qing: "Your disobedience is unacceptable to your parents' order and matchmaker's words."

"Since my mother died, you haven't taken care of me, and now you have no right to take care of me. You don't want to be the master of my marriage. I decide who to marry."

Su De'an was furious: "Su Qing, your wings have grown hard, why did you talk to me, I am your father, why am I not qualified to control you?"

"Am I your own?" Su Qing was furious and angry: "I really want to do a paternity test to see if I am your daughter. Tigers don't eat their offspring. How can there be a father like you in the whole world?" , do everything you can to push people into the fire pit..."

"Shut up." Su De'an was so angry that he raised his hand and slapped him: "You have to marry if you don't marry."

The slap was loud, and Su Qing's face immediately turned red.

Qin Suqin and Su Xue couldn't be more proud, they were very happy.

At this moment, Uncle Xiang walked in in a panic: "Master, madam, Young Master Lu is here."

Everyone in the living room was stunned.

Su De'an and Fu Zhen looked at each other.

The Lu family has divorced, what are you doing now?

And it was Young Master Lu who came in person, which made Su De'an and the others even more confused.

It was rumored that Young Master Lu rarely showed his face in front of people since his face was ruined and his legs were crippled.

But even if it was rumored that the person in charge of the Lu family would not live for a few years, few people dared to fight against it.

Su Qing was also very surprised, very curious about the purpose of this Young Master Lu's visit.

Su De'an sternly said to Su Qing, "Go back upstairs first."

Su De'an was worried that this Young Master Lu came here against Su Qing. He had just settled the marriage with the Fu family, so there should be no accidents, otherwise the company's capital chain would be broken and everything would be over.

The Fu family, he can't afford to offend him.

He couldn't afford to offend the Lu family.

There was a row of cars parked in front of Su's house. Dozens of bodyguards got out of the cars in an orderly manner and stood respectfully aside, which showed the magnitude of the situation.

"The Su family is really lively today."

The calm and breezy tone was full of chill.

Before anyone arrived, Su Qing had already felt the cold air, and the temperature in the air dropped suddenly.

Su De'an hurried to greet him: "Young Master Lu."

Lu Rongyuan was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a scar mask on his face. This is a special mask, as thin as a cicada's wing, sticking to the face, it looks completely different, very terrifying and hideous, and it is impossible to see the real face.

Xia Dong pushed Lu Rongyuan, and today's Xia Dong didn't wear a mask, so Su Qing naturally couldn't connect the person in front of him with the "Dark Night" organization. iread novel app read the full content

"Ah!" Su Xue was scared by Lu Rongyuan's face and screamed, she closed her eyes and hid behind Qin Suqin, not daring to look: "It's too scary."

A deathly silence froze the entire hall.

"Huh?" Lu Rongyuan's eyes turned cold, and he looked at Su Xue sharply.

Su De'an was frightened by Su Xue's words so that his legs trembled: "Master Lu, my little girl is ignorant, please make amends, it's all my fault for my lack of discipline."

This is the person in charge of the Lu family, do you want to die? How dare you say it's too scary?

Lu Rongyuan's voice was cold: "Boss Su is really incapable of discipline, so let my people discipline you for you."


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