Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 13

Xia Dong stepped forward and slapped Xia Xue more than a dozen times.

"Ah! Ah!" The room was full of Su Xue's screams, but no one dared to step forward, and no one dared to stop her.

Seeing this situation, the Fu family didn't dare to show their anger, for fear of harming the fish in Chi.

"Mom, mom, help me!" Su Xue cried for help.

Qin Suqin didn't dare to speak, and could only watch her daughter's face was swollen into a bun, with blood continuously flowing from the corner of her mouth and nostrils.

Xia Dong's attack was not light.

In his place, there is no saying that a man cannot hit a woman, the boss's order is above all else.

A total of eighteen slaps.

After the beating, Su Xue sat paralyzed on the ground, not daring to touch her face at all, the pain was burning, her eyes were full of fear, and she couldn't speak clearly: "Mom, it hurts so much, my face hurts so much."

"Xiaoxue." Qin Suqin hugged her daughter distressedly.

Both sides of Su Xue's cheeks were swollen evenly, and the fingerprints of her five fingers were also very clear.

Su Qing swallowed her saliva, even she felt so miserable looking at it.

Young Master Lu was indeed as cruel as the rumors said, showing no mercy at all.

It seems that the rumors that the first three wives were tortured to death are true.

Fortunately, she did not marry.

How could Su Qing recognize that Lu Rongyuan in front of her was her boyfriend whom she had been with day and night.

It's just that the voice sounded a little familiar, but he quickly denied the thoughts in his mind.

It's just that the names are similar.

This Lu Rongyuan is a cripple, sitting in a wheelchair, his face is ruined like that, how is it possible.

Su Qing stared at Lu Rongyuan, this was the first time she saw the rumored Young Master Lu.

I wonder what this face looked like before it was destroyed?

Lu Rongyuan looked sickly, looked at Su De'an, coughed and said, "Boss Su, do you think you've been disciplined too much?"

"It's not serious." Su De'an dared to show his dissatisfaction, he was as cowardly as a grandson in front of Lu Rongyuan, and he didn't have the momentum to teach Su Qing just now: "I also have to thank Young Master Lu for disciplining my unfilial daughter for me, Xiaoxue You should be taught a lesson if you speak out loud.”

"Boss Su is quite sensible." Lu Rongyuan said in a cold tone, looked at Su Qing, and asked knowingly, "Who is this?"

"This is my eldest daughter, Su Qing." Su De'an observed Lu Rongyuan's reaction, guessing the other party's thoughts.

Su De'an is very smart, he didn't say too much to Su Qing, and gave Su Qing a wink, telling Su Qing to leave quickly.

Since the Lu family has divorced, it means that they will not want Su Qing anymore. As long as today is dealt with, the marriage between the Su and Fu families can still continue.

How could Su Qing let Su De'an get what she wanted?

"Father, since the marriage of Su and Fu's two families is such a big happy event, you must invite Young Master Lu to have a glass of wedding wine. Although I am not married to Young Master Lu, the two families of Su and Lu are not married, but from the point of view of etiquette, Should you be invited too?"

Su Qing said that on purpose, she was betting that Young Master Lu would stand up for her.

Even if she was annulled by the Lu family, she almost entered the Lu family's door anyway. Even if the Lu family didn't want her, she couldn't marry a fool in a blink of an eye. Isn't this slapping the Lu family in the face?

It is also an insult to compare the person in power of the Lu family with a fool.

Lu Rongyuan curled his lips slightly.

This girl is really smart.

As soon as Su Qing's words came out, Su De'an's face changed. Before he could speak, Lu Rongyuan smiled bloodthirstyly, and his tone was a bit casual: "Oh? The marriage between the two families of Su Fu? When did it happen?"

The casual tone made Su De'an and Fu Zhen feel chills down their backs.

Fu Zhen smiled all over his face: "It's not decided yet, it's just casual talk, just chatting, it can't be taken seriously."

Fu Zhen also didn't want to offend Lu Rongyuan, Su Xue's face was swollen like a pig after being beaten, how dare he get involved with the Su family and ask for trouble.

Upon hearing this, Su De'an knew that the marriage was over.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Lu Rongyuan glanced at Fu Zhen casually: "Boss Fu's son seems to be in his thirties, and Boss Fu is anxious about his son's lifelong affairs, and I understand, but I don't think this eldest daughter of the Su family is worthy of your son , this little girl is quite suitable."

These words made the whole hall silent, Su De'an and Fu Zhen were both guessing what Lu Rongyuan meant.

This Su Xue is already married to the Chu family, how can she marry again?

Su Qing didn't know what Young Master Lu meant.

When Su Xue heard that she was married to the fool of the Fu family, she was anxious: "I don't want to marry, I am the young wife of the Chu family now, so I don't want to marry that fool." Exit the transcoding page, please download the app to read novels latest chapter.

Hearing the word "fool", the lady who had been sitting was angry and said: "Just now you said that my son is handsome and handsome. This is a good marriage. How can you say that my son is a fool? How dare you talk So vicious."

Su Xue was ashamed to death, she wanted Su Qing to marry him just now, of course she had to boast.

"Oh? I didn't expect Second Miss Su to be so fond of Mr. Fu's youngest son." Lu Rongyuan had a playful smile on his lips: "Mr. Fu, if you are satisfied, I can go to the Chu family for you."

Hearing this, Su Xue panicked: "No, Dad, talk quickly, I don't want to marry that idiot, I was talking nonsense just now."

Su De'an didn't know what to do, and couldn't get off the stage.

A little carelessness will offend both Fu and Lu.

Qin Suqin was also in a hurry: "No, Xiaoxue is already married, how can she marry again, Young Master Lu, please stop joking, please show your respect and let Xiaoxue go, she is still young and doesn't understand anything."

Su Qing sneered in her heart, already twenty-six, still young?

"Aunt Qin, just now you all said that this is a good marriage. I think my sister also wants to marry into the Fu family. She married wrongly before. Now Young Master Lu is in charge. It is a good thing to have a chance to marry again."

Su Xue was so angry that she stared at Su Qing with hatred: "I want to marry you."

"That idiot, how can he be worthy of my daughter." Qin Suqin regretted it after finishing speaking.

Seeing the faces of Qin Suqin and Su Xue clearly, Fu Zhen and Mrs. Fu were extremely angry.

"Just because of your Su family, you still can't climb up to my son. If you hadn't begged to come to the door, we wouldn't have come." Mrs. Fu said angrily: "You are young, with such deep scheming and vicious intentions, you are not worthy of my Fu family. Daughter-in-law, the Chu family is really unlucky to have such a daughter-in-law."

Fu Zhen's face was also livid and ugly: "Boss Su, you really raised a good daughter and married a good wife."

Su De'an apologized in a hurry: "Boss Fu, Mrs. Fu, calm down."

Su De'an was almost pissed off by the mother and daughter. He spoke out of his head, completely offending the Fu family.

"I see the cooperation we talked about just now, so let's give it up and leave." Fu Zhen said, and said goodbye to Lu Rongyuan: "Mr. Lu, if you are free some other day, let's drink tea together. I have something to do, so I will leave first."

Lu Rongyuan's tone was light: "Boss Fu, go slowly."

Su De'an said anxiously: "Mr. Fu, Mr. Fu..."

Fu Zhen took his wife and left in anger.

Seeing that he completely offended the Fu family, Su De'an gave Qin Suqin a hard look.

Qin Suqin and Su Xue were about to die of anger, their hearts were on fire, they obviously wanted to push Su Qing into the fire pit, but they caught fire and burned themselves, but Su Qing acted like nothing happened.

The two blamed all this on Su Qing, and their hatred for Su Qing deepened.

Even if Su De'an gets angry again, he doesn't dare to attack now, Lu Rongyuan is still here.

He couldn't offend the Fu family and then offend the Lu family.

After Fu Zhen left, Su De'an was so nervous that his palms were covered with cold sweat, he said tremblingly: "Master Lu, are you here today?"

Su De'an still doesn't know what Young Master Lu is here for.

Lu Rongyuan set his eyes on Su Qing.

Su De'an also looked at Su Qing suspiciously.

Did he really come here for Su Qing?

Lu Rongyuan still wants to marry someone back?


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