Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 14

Seeing Lu Rongyuan looking at Su Qing, Qin Suqin and Su Xue also had a look of complacency in their eyes.

Lu Rongyuan must have come to settle accounts with Su Qing.

How could the Lu family let Su Qing escape so easily?

Su Qing was also stared at with horror, just when everyone thought that Lu Rongyuan was going to make trouble, Lu Rongyuan looked away and said to Su De'an in a flat tone: "Go to the study and talk about it."

"Okay, Young Master Lu, this way please." Su De'an led the way.

Seeing that someone went upstairs to the study, Su Qing secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Su Qing felt that although Young Master Lu was ugly and lame, he was still a good person.

She used it so clearly just now, she couldn't believe Young Master Lu didn't see it.

Su Qing felt a little regretful and sympathetic. She heard that before the accident, Young Master Lu was very good-looking and had a face that even women were jealous of.

Su Xue felt unwilling, and glared at Su Qing viciously: "Don't think that you can disturb the marriage of the Huang family. The Su family company is short of funds. Without the help of the Fu family, the Su family is waiting to go bankrupt."

"What does it have to do with me?" Su Qing sneered: "It is you who should worry about whether the Su family will go bankrupt, not me."

Su Xue gritted her teeth: "You are also the Su family, Su Qing, and the collapse of the Su family will not do you any good."

"It won't do me any good if the Su family doesn't fall." Su Qing replied flatly: "By the way, let me remind you that today you mother and daughter offended Mrs. Fu. I heard that Mrs. Fu and Chu Tianyi had a relationship. Mother, that is, your mother-in-law is good friends, you are still worried about your position as Mrs. Chu, whether you can sit firmly."

"You..." Su Xue's face was livid with anger, almost going crazy.

Qin Suqin said coldly: "Su Qing, don't be too pretentious, don't forget, the bastard you gave birth to is still in my hands."

He threatened her with that child again.

The light in Su Qing's eyes became colder inch by inch.

She didn't believe that the child was in Qin Suqin's hands, otherwise she wouldn't just talk about it.

Su Xue sneered: "As expected, like a mother, like a daughter, a mother gives birth to a wild seed and brings it back, and you also give birth to a wild seed..."


Before Su Xue finished speaking, she was slapped across the face.

Her face was already swollen and still in pain, but Su Qing's slap was undoubtedly salt on the wound.

Su Xue screamed like a slaughtered pig in pain: "Su Qing, you madman, you dare to hit me?"

Seeing Su Xue being beaten, Qin Suqin could shoot poisonous needles from her eyes: "Su Qing, you dare to beat my daughter."

Qin Suqin raised her hand in the air, but she didn't dare to drop it, because Su Qing said: "Young Master Lu is upstairs, if you disturb Young Master Lu, I don't need to tell you what the consequences will be."

Qin Suqin didn't dare to fight anymore, her whole face turned blue and white with anger.

Su Qing smiled coldly, took two steps forward, and said in Qin Suqin's ear with a voice that only two people could hear: "I'll also talk to Dad about why Aunt Qin goes to Nanshan every month and what she saw there. Man, what did you do?"

Seeing panic flashing across Qin Suqin's eyes, Su Qing sneered and warned, "You'd better stop thinking about me, and don't threaten me with anyone, or you will bear the consequences."

Qin Suqin's mother and daughter could only watch Su Qing leave helplessly.

Su Xue was so angry that there was a venomous look in her eyes: "Mom, I want Su Qing to die, no matter what method you use, you teach her for me, teach her severely."

"Don't worry, Mom will definitely vent this anger on your behalf." Qin Suqin saw that her daughter's face was swollen from the beating, and her heart ached.

Not long after Su Qing left, Lu Rongyuan also left.

Su De'an sat in the chair with a pale face, and Lu Rongyuan's words before he left echoed in his ears.

Qin Suqin went in with a cup of tea: "Old Su, what's the matter? What did that Young Master Lu say? His face is so ugly."

Su De'an came back to his senses, wiped his face and the cold sweat on his forehead, and asked, "Where's Su Qing?"

"Let's go." Qin Suqin said with a cold face, "Su Qing's wings are really hard now, and my stepmother can't control it. Just now, she slapped Xiaoxue, her face was swollen, and she was bleeding. .”

Based on Qin Suqin's understanding of Su De'an, when she heard that Su Xue was beaten, she would definitely be very angry and teach Su Qing a lesson.

Qin Suqin sneered complacently in her heart, waiting for Su De'an to get angry.

But this time, Su De'an not only didn't get angry, but also warned: "Don't provoke Su Qing in the future, you and Xiaoxue should restrain yourself recently, look at the good things you mother and daughter did today, I don't know how to clean up the mess of the Fu family."

Su De'an is not a fool, of course he knows that Qin Suqin's mother and daughter make things difficult for Su Qing on weekdays, but he just turned a blind eye.

Qin Suqin was taken aback: "Old Su, what's wrong with you? Xiaoxue was beaten, she..."

"It's time for her to learn a lesson. Also, from now on, just pretend that the Su family doesn't have Su Qing." Su De'an was very impatient.

He couldn't afford to offend the Lu family.

He is not qualified to make decisions about Su Qing's marriage.

These are the original words that Young Master Lu left before he left.


Su Qing, who left the Su family, did not go far when a car stopped beside her.

This is Young Master Lu's car.

Xia Dong got off the car and respectfully walked to Su Qing's side: "Miss Su, our University Lu rarely invites you."

Su Qing glanced at First Young Master Lu who was sitting in the car. There was no expression of joy or anger on that ferocious and terrifying face.

Thinking of his escape from marriage, he suddenly became nervous.

Su Qing got into the car anxiously, thinking of Su Xue being beaten into a pig's head, she didn't dare to get too close, so she only occupied a small space in the car, keeping a distance from Young Master Lu.

"Are you afraid of me?" Lu Rongyuan glanced at her lightly, and patted the seat beside him: "Sit down."

Su Qing forced a smile: "I'll just sit here, thank you Young Master Lu for your help just now... Ah!"

Lu Rongyuan pulled him into his arms: "Since you want to thank you, then show some sincerity."

"What?" Su Qing's mind went blank.

"I, Lu Rongyuan, have married three wives. You are the first one to escape marriage. How do you settle this account?"

Sure enough, it was to settle accounts.

Su Qing settled down: "Master Lu, this is a misunderstanding!"

"Eh? So you want to marry me?"

"Young Master Lu, it's the first time I've met you. The prerequisite for marriage is that we have feelings for each other. I..."

"Emotions can be cultivated."

Su Qing was speechless.

With her face ruined like this, no matter how much she pays attention to the beauty of her heart, she can't cultivate her feelings.

"Young Master Lu, twisted melons are not sweet." Su Qing was so frightened that she almost lost her soul. She didn't want to be the fourth person to be tortured to death: "And I also have a boyfriend. If you lack a woman, don't make it difficult for me, a little girl."

"I just like twisted melons." Lu Rongyuan squeezed Su Qing's chin, and said coldly, "Who is your boyfriend? I'll find someone to destroy him."

Really brutal.

She thought the other party was a good person before, but it seemed too early to draw conclusions.

In order to break the other party's mind, Su Qing looked at death like home: "If you want to touch him, then step over my corpse."

These words shocked Lu Rongyuan's heart.

Su Qing defended him like this?

Seeing that Lu Rongyuan didn't speak, Su Qing said again: "My boyfriend and I really love each other, don't try to break us up."

Lu Rongyuan stared at Su Qing for a few seconds, then suddenly let go of Su Qing.

After being free, Su Qing secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and she quickly sat back in her original position.

"You love him very much?"

Su Qing thought about getting away, and blurted out: "I don't want to marry unless it's him."

As for the question of whether to marry or not, Su Qing never thought about it.

The corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth unconsciously raised an imperceptible arc.

"What do you like about him?"

"I like him everywhere." Su Qing was afraid that the other party would think that she disliked him as a crippled face, and added: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My boyfriend is very ordinary. He has nothing to do with Mr. Lu." Incomparable, but I just like him."

Lu Rongyuan's smile deepened.

The car moved forward steadily, and soon arrived at the community where Su Qing lived.

Su Qing wondered: "Young Master Lu, how do you know that I live here?"

She didn't say where she lived.

Lu Rongyuan's tone was cold: "I want to know one thing, it's not difficult."

Su Qing has no doubts, with the power of the Lu family, it is not easy to know where she lives?

After getting out of the car, Su Qing walked faster than a rabbit.

Watching Su Qing's back going away, Lu Rongyuan in the car smiled.

Xia Dong in front of the car was so shocked that he almost thought he was dazzled.

Boss laughed?

"Go back to Lu's house." Lu Rongyuan withdrew his gaze and ordered in a calm tone.


Xia Dong has been with Lu Rongyuan for many years, never asking more questions, just following orders.


As soon as Su Qing returned to the rental room, before she could sit down, she received a call from the hospital.

Su Qing hurried to the hospital.

There was no one in the ward, Su Qing suddenly panicked.

She immediately asked the nurse, "Where's Xiaojie?"

"I was still in the ward in the morning, and I didn't see anyone in the afternoon, so I was in a hurry to call Miss Su."

It's getting dark now.

Su Qing was impatient, and was about to go out to look for it, when she saw a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy walking in in a baggy T-shirt.

The boy's body was particularly thin, and his face was also very pale, but his whole body exuded rebelliousness, and he walked out with steps that his relatives did not recognize.

"Su Jie, did you go racing again? You have a heart attack, and you ignored my words, didn't you?" Su Qing grabbed the boy's ears as soon as she got up.

As soon as the rebellious boy saw Su Qing, he immediately coaxed: "Sister, take it easy, it hurts."

Su Qing didn't use any force at all, and when she heard the pain, she still let go: "Xiaojie, you can't make fun of your own life, if something happens to you while racing..."

Su Jie suffers from congenital heart disease, so racing is like killing his life.

"Sister, if I live my life for one more day, I will earn it." Su Jie's eyes revealed the vicissitudes of his age, and he shrugged nonchalantly, "Rather than waiting to die in the hospital, it's better to live happily for a while."

"Xiaojie." Su Qing was very distressed.

Seventeen or eighteen is the best age. People of the same age are squandering their youth in school, but Su Jie is different. He has a congenital heart disease and takes the hospital as his home. Maybe his life will stop in the next moment.

Su Jie was brought back by his mother, and has no blood relationship with Su Qing, and Su Jie's life experience is unknown.

But these years, she has long regarded Su Jie as her own brother.

Su Jie didn't take it seriously, he suddenly saw Su Qing's face was swollen, and the smile on his face stopped: "Who hit it? The Su family?"

"No." Su Qing didn't want Su Jie to worry about her, nor did she want Su Jie to tear himself apart with the Su family for her.

After all, she is unable to pay Su Jie's high treatment fee now, and Su Jie's life depends on Su De's safety.

In the past few years, Su Qing worked desperately, thinking that one day she could take Su Jie away from the Su family completely.

"Sister, for so many years, you dare not look me in the eye every time you lie." Su Jie's eyes flashed a strange light: "The Su family owes you, and I will get it back for you sooner or later."

"Okay, don't mention those unhappy things." Su Qing changed the topic: "How are you doing recently? Have you improved?"

"As usual, I can't die." Su Jie looked cynical and disregarded life and death.

Su Qing didn't know what else to say.

Su Qing stayed in the hospital until Su Jie took medicine and fell asleep before leaving.

It was already ten o'clock at night.

There were no people near the hospital, and there were very few vehicles passing by.

Su Qing waited at the entrance of the hospital for a while, but she didn't get a taxi, so she walked a few hundred meters ahead.

A white van passed by Su Qing, and the car stopped suddenly. Two people got out of the car, one covered her mouth from behind Su Qing, and the other lifted her foot, and abducted them into the car.


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