Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 16

When Lu Rongyuan arrived, he happened to see Su Qing jumping into the sea.

At that moment, looking at Su Qing's figure falling into the sea, it seemed as if countless explosive packets were ignited in his mind, and exploded with a bang.

Lu Rongyuan jumped into the sea without hesitation.

Xia Dong and Wan Yang who followed closely were shocked deeply.

Wan Yang muttered: "It's over, it's over, the boss has completely fallen."

"Boss." Xia Dong shouted, glanced at the turbulent sea, and said that he was about to jump off.

Wan Yang grabbed him: "What are you doing jumping off? The boss hero saved the beauty, what trouble are you making?"

Wan Yang glanced at the tall and fat man who had fled, and smiled coldly: "That's what you should do."

Xia Dong's face turned cold, and he picked up two stones on the ground and threw them, hitting the legs of the two of them, causing them to kneel down.

in the water.

Lu Rongyuan found Su Qing's figure and pulled him into his arms.

Su Qing had passed out, Lu Rongyuan quickly kissed her lips, breathed for her, and brought her out of the water.

Seeing Lu Rongyuan swimming out of the water with Su Qing in his arms, Xia Dong immediately went over: "Boss."

"Go to the hospital." Lu Rongyuan glanced at Su Qing who was in a coma, his eyes filled with horror.


in the hospital.

VIP ward.

This floor was covered by Lu Rongyuan.

Su Qing had a fever, and it was not life-threatening, but she was temporarily unconscious.

The doctor's words made Lu Rongyuan's expression soften a little. He stood beside Su Qing's hospital bed, his eyes were full of tenderness.

Wan Yang walked in: "Boss, Xia Dong has already interrogated the two people who kidnapped Miss Su, but the result was quite unexpected."

Lu Rongyuan's eyes turned cold: "Who is the person behind it?"

"It's not those from the Lu family, but the Zhou family, Zhou Xiongfei." Wan Yang was also very surprised by the result: "By the way, I also found an unexpected piece of news that Qin Suqin is Zhou Xiongfei's lover, Miss Su was taken into captivity , should have something to do with Qin Suqin, with Zhou Xiongfei backing her up, it's no wonder Qin Suqin is so arrogant."

Lu Rongyuan was also very surprised. Immediately, his eyebrows were pressed coldly: "No matter who it is, whoever dares to hurt her will seek death."

"Boss, kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred." Wan Yang hurriedly persuaded: "With the strength of the Lu family, it is true that they can compete with the Zhou family, but we will also suffer heavy losses. If there is a big commotion, it will only make Miss Su into a more dangerous situation."

The Zhou family is one of the four major families in the imperial capital. It has a century-old heritage, and it is not easy to shake it.

But, it's not impossible.

However, the Lu family will also suffer heavy losses.

Lu Rongyuan spread rumors that his life was not long, in order to pull out the moths in the Lu family.

Su Qing's appearance was originally an accident. If Lu Rongyuan changed his plan again for Su Qing, causing internal and external troubles, the consequences would be very troublesome.

Lu Rongyuan pondered for a moment, held Su Qing's hand in his hand, and a trace of coldness flashed across his deep eyes: "I took off Zhou Zhe's leg."

Zhou Zhe is Zhou Xiongfei's favorite youngest son.

"Boss, if you really do this, then you will have a problem with the Zhou family."

Lu Rongyuan cast a cold glance at Wan Yang: "It was the Zhou family who forged a bond with Lu Rongyuan and me. One leg is just interest."

Wan Yang knew that this was Lu Rongyuan's last concession, otherwise with Lu Rongyuan's temperament, he might really die.

Su Qing, who was in a coma, didn't know that Lu Rongyuan was so angry that she became a beauty and avenged her.

A leg is just a little interest.

How can it make up for Su Qing's almost drowning injury?

In just three hours, Zhou Group's market value inexplicably evaporated by 10 billion.

Su family.

Qin Suqin was waiting for news while wearing a facial mask. When the phone rang, she happily connected it.

"Xiongfei, is the matter over? That girl Su Qing is dead."

"Who is behind Su Qing's backing? None of the people I sent came back. Su Qing was tied up on my front foot, and one leg was removed from my back foot by Zhou Zhe. The company was attacked from many sides. Lost ten billion."

Zhou Xiongfei was furious on the other end of the phone, furious.

Qin Suqin's smile froze, and she was stunned: "Xiongfei, how come, Su Qing has no one to support her, did Zhou Zhe offend someone? If Su Qing really had someone to support her, how could she be kicked out by me. "

Zhou Xiongfei questioned: "You said today that Young Master Lu went to Su's house, why?"

"I don't know. Young Master Lu and Old Su went to talk in the study." Qin Suqin hurriedly said, "But it's definitely not the Lu family who supported Su Qing. Su Qing escaped from marriage. It's lucky that Young Master Lu didn't pursue it."

Zhou Xiongfei was silent for a while, he thought it was the Lu family, but he also knew that the Lu family was shortly after taking power, so he hardly ever went out and did not show his face, and also resigned from the Su family's marriage.

A small Su Qing is not enough to make the Lu family and the Zhou family enemies.

Then Zhou Xiongfei called Qin Suqin and asked if there was anyone behind Su Qing.

"You give me some peace recently, don't provoke Su Qing, I want to see who is behind her."

"Okay." Qin Suqin didn't dare to say anything more: "Xiongfei, Zhou Zhe is fine. Which hospital is he in? I'll go and visit."

"What are you going to do, take care of Su Xue and let her be her Mrs. Chu in peace."

Zhou Xiongfei hung up after finishing speaking.

Qin Suqin's face was ugly, and at this moment Su Xue walked in: "Mom, what's the matter? Did Uncle Zhou succeed?"

"Something happened." Qin Suqin's face was pale: "Su Qing is not dead, Zhou Zhe's leg was removed, and your Uncle Zhou is angry."

"Zhou Zhe is abolished?" Su Xue's face was full of joy: "It's what he deserves. He is Uncle Zhou's favorite son. If Zhou Zhe is abolished, then Uncle Zhou will like me a little more. Will give it to me, let me recognize my ancestors and return to my ancestors."

"Xiaoxue." Qin Suqin quickly covered Su Xue's mouth, looked outside the door vigilantly, and closed the door: "Be careful that the wall has ears."

"Mom, what are you afraid of?" Su Xue said, "Mom, the Su family is going bankrupt, and you have to find a way out for yourself. This daughter of the Su family is not as famous as Miss Zhou. Uncle Zhou promised me before." , will let me recognize my ancestors and return to my ancestors."

"Xiaoxue, this matter is not so easy." Qin Suqin sees more clearly than Su Xue. She has been Zhou Xiongfei's mistress for so many years, and she has always been sneaky. The surname Su.

Unfortunately, what she gave birth to back then was not a son, but a daughter.

"Uncle Zhou loves me so much. I am bleeding from the Zhou family. It will be a matter of time before I recognize my ancestors and return to them."

Qin Suqin looked at Su Xue's expectations, and she couldn't bear to say what Zhou Xiongfei said.

"Mom, by the way, how is that woman Su Qing?"

"I don't know, none of the people sent by your uncle Zhou have returned." Qin Suqin remembered something and asked, "Xiaoxue, you said that Su Qing had a boyfriend and gave her a goddess worth eight million." Xin, you don't know what the origin of that boyfriend is?"

Su Xue said disdainfully: "That's a poor boy, wearing a street stall and driving a car worth more than one hundred thousand yuan, how can he afford such an expensive bracelet? Su Qing probably lied, and the bracelet must be fake, Andy Just look away."

Su Xue didn't believe that it was a real bracelet at all, even if it was, it must have been bought by some upstart Su Qing betrayed herself.


It was already the next morning when Su Qing woke up, and after the fever subsided, her whole body was limp and weak.

When she opened her eyes, she looked at the leaves outside the window, the sun was dancing on the leaves, and she had the illusion of being apart for years.

Her throat was very uncomfortable, and Su Qing coughed a few times before she realized that she was still alive and not drowned.

Memories of last night flooded into Su Qing's mind. After entering the water, she seemed to hear Lu Rongyuan's voice.

Could it be that he saved her?

The movement inside the house alarmed the people outside, Lu Rongyuan pushed the door open and entered, seeing that Su Qing woke up, his heart filled with joy.

"Qingqing, I'm awake." Lu Rongyuan helped her sit up, and asked concerned: "Is there any discomfort?"

Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan, her eyes suddenly turned red, her heart moved, she threw herself into Lu Rongyuan's arms.

She almost died last night.

Thinking about it now, I am still very scared.

Lu Rongyuan hugged Su Qing into his arms, and said in a warm voice: "With me here, don't be afraid."

He felt Su Qing trembling in his arms. She must have been terrified last night.

At that moment, Lu Rongyuan had never had such a strong thought in his heart, he wanted to protect the woman in his arms for the rest of his life.

Su Qing held Lu Rongyuan's clothes tightly, sniffed, and got up from his arms after her emotions eased.

These years, no matter what happened, she had to bear it by herself. For the first time, someone told her not to be afraid.

"how did you find me?"

Lu Rongyuan had already thought up a set of excuses: "I called you, and the phone was turned off. I had a premonition that something happened to you, so I called the police immediately. The police found you, but the kidnappers who kidnapped you all escaped."

Naturally, Lu Rongyuan would not tell Su Qing that the two kidnappers disappeared in the capital.

Su Qing couldn't imagine that if Lu Rongyuan hadn't looked for her, would she have died?

The rest of my life.

Su Qing didn't think about whether Lu Rongyuan's words were true or not.

What she felt from him was unprecedented warmth.

After she entered the water, it seemed that someone jumped down and kissed her lips.

"Lu Rongyuan, you are so kind to me, what if I can't do without you in the future."

After what happened with Chu Tianyi, Su Qing didn't dare to give up all her heart. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

But Lu Rongyuan was too kind to her.

She is like a child who has never eaten candy. Once she tastes the sweetness, she can't quit.

"Stupid girl, what are you thinking." Lu Rongyuan nodded Su Qing's nose, and said dotingly, "You are already my woman, unless I, Lu Rongyuan, die, you will never leave me in this lifetime."

Hearing the word "death", Su Qing subconsciously placed her index finger on Lu Rongyuan's lips: "Don't talk nonsense."

Lu Rongyuan held her hand with a smile, put it on his lips, and kissed her lightly.

There was a tickle in the palm of the hand, and Su Qing's cheeks flushed.

At this moment, the nurse came in with the medicine: "Miss Su, it's time to take the medicine."

Su Qing blushed and withdrew her hand, and glared at Lu Rongyuan.

The smile on Lu Rongyuan's face deepened.

The nurse put down the medicine, gave some instructions and left.

Su Qing was most afraid of taking medicine, and when she saw the medicine, she became frightened: "Can I not take it? It's too bitter."

"No." Lu Rongyuan poured water and handed it to her: "The good medicine tastes bitter."

Su Qing frowned, took the medicine, and swallowed it with determination, and quickly drank water, but the bitter taste was still in her mouth.

Before she could recover from the bitter taste, she heard Lu Rongyuan say: "Open your mouth."

Su Qing subconsciously opened her mouth, but before she could react, Lu Rongyuan kissed her lips with a candy in her mouth.


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