Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 17

A piece of softness on the lips.

It was sweet in the mouth, the sugar melted slowly in the mouth, and Su Qing felt that every cell was soaked in the honey pot.

Even if the two have already done the most intimate thing, a kiss still makes their hearts beat faster.

Su Qing's face flushed quickly, and her body became hot for a while.

Lu Rongyuan endured a little uncomfortable, he let her go, his voice was hoarse: "What a little fairy, I really want to do you."

If it wasn't in the hospital, Lu Rongyuan really wanted to love Su Qing and love her as soon as Su Qing's fever subsided.

He asked himself that his restraint was extremely strong, but with Su Qing, he had no restraint at all.

She is like a deadly poppy, addictive.

Su Qing had no doubts about Lu Rongyuan's words.

She has seen how powerful this man is in that respect.

Su Qing was ashamed by Lu Rongyuan's explicit words of love, but also moved by his restraint.

Seeing that he endured so much, Su Qing suddenly raised her lips and smiled, pinched Lu Rongyuan's chin, and said provocatively: "Who is afraid of whom."

Saying that, Su Qing took the initiative to hook his neck, and lit a fire on him with her hands,

Su Qing was also surprised by her initiative.

But at this moment, she felt sorry for him for enduring so hard.

Lu Rongyuan was startled, this was the first time that Su Qing took the initiative to be intimate with him soberly.

Ecstasy welled up in Lu Rongyuan's heart, and he murmured emotionally: "Qingqing."

"Stop talking nonsense." Su Qing buried her in his arms, "I'll regret it after a while."

Lu Rongyuan smiled, and kissed Su Qing's forehead, but did not continue: "I owe you first, and I will satisfy you later."

She just had a fever, and he was afraid that she would not be able to bear it.

Su Qing blushed even more, she said this as if she was very hungry.

"Boss, that me..."

Wan Yang came in a hurry, and when he saw the scene in the room, he quickly covered his eyes: "I didn't see anything, you continue."

Wan Yang hurriedly backed out, closed the door, and then patted his chest, it was too dangerous, fortunately he was quick.

Lu Rongyuan got up from Su Qing and straightened his clothes indifferently: "Take a rest first."

"Uh!" Su Qing pulled off the quilt and covered her head, she was really ashamed.

Fortunately, I didn't do anything just now, otherwise it would be embarrassing to be bumped into.

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Su Qing who was hiding under the quilt, smiled, and walked out.

Wan Yang was waiting in the corridor, seeing Lu Rongyuan coming out so soon, he was very surprised: "Boss, is it over so soon?"

Could it be that the boss's fighting power is so weak?

Lu Rongyuan looked over with a cold look, and Wan Yang immediately shut up.

"What's up?"

"The old man asked you to go back. The old man should know what happened last night."

"Yeah." Lu Rongyuan said blankly, "Got it."

He made such a big commotion last night, he must not be able to hide it from the old man.

Now that Su Qing's fever has subsided, he has to go back and give the old man an explanation.

Lu Rongyuan asked Su Qing to stay in the hospital on the grounds that he had something to do, waiting for him to come back.

Lu Rongyuan was still worried, so he let Wan Yang stay again.

Su Qing's mobile phone was thrown away by the kidnappers, and Lu Rongyuan asked Wan Yang to buy another one to send over.

Su Qing immediately called Su De'an: "I'll let you know that this time, I will never let Qin Suqin go. This relationship between me and her has been settled."

After speaking, Su Qing hung up the phone.

She just informed Su De'an.

This kidnapping must have something to do with Qin Suqin.

Just now she didn't ask about the kidnappers in front of Lu Rongyuan, but she just didn't want to involve Lu Rongyuan in it.

Lu Rongyuan is just an online car-hailing driver, how can he compete with Qin Suqin, this is her grievance with Qin Suqin, she will resolve it by herself.

Su Group.

Su De'an stared at the phone for a long time before he came to his senses. He didn't know what Qin Suqin had done, and now he was worrying about the company's capital chain.

Su Qing felt that there was nothing wrong with her body, so she got off the ground and walked around the hospital.

The whole floor was very quiet, and there was no one in the other wards.

Su Qing was strolling in the corridor, Wan Yang came back from the outside: "Miss Su, are you hungry, do you want something to eat?"

"No need." Su Qing didn't have much appetite, and she didn't want to bother others: "Mr. Wan, how long have you known Lu Rongyuan?"

Su Qing knew too little about Lu Rongyuan, so she wanted to find out from Wan Yang.

Wan Yang answered kindly: "I really can't remember how long we've known each other. Anyway, it's been a long time. Boss is a nice person. Miss Su, it's definitely the most correct choice for you to follow him."

"He's really nice."

So far, Su Qing can't find anything bad about Lu Rongyuan: "By the way, Mr. Wan, why do you call him the boss?"

When Wan Yang talked about nonsense, he was serious: "Because the boss is the boss in the family, everyone calls him that."

"Does Lu Rongyuan have any brothers or sisters?" Su Qing was puzzled, "But he told me that there are no brothers or sisters in the family."

Wan Yang's heart skipped a beat.


It is true that Lu Rongyuan has no real brothers and sisters, but there are quite a few half-brothers, and all of them are ambitious.

Wan Yang reacted quickly, and said with a smile, "I mean cousins and sisters."


Wan Yang quickly changed the subject: "Miss Su, why don't I go out and buy you something to eat, you just got rid of your fever, how about I buy you some light porridge?"

If you continue to ask about this, you may be able to reveal your truth.

"Then trouble Mr. Wan." Su Qing couldn't refuse anymore.

Su Qing was bored in the hospital. An Ruo called her at this time and came within half an hour after learning about her hospitalization.

"Su Qing, what's going on, you just separated for a day, and you put yourself in the hospital."

Su Qing smiled: "If it wasn't for your fate, you would almost never see me."

An Ruo asked anxiously, "What's going on?"

Regarding An Ruo, Su Qing had nothing to hide, so she roughly explained what happened last night.

An Ruo was terrified and furious after hearing this: "Did Qin Suqin really do it? It's too vicious to even do kidnapping. Su Qing, are you alright?"

"It's okay." Su Qing sneered: "Qin Suqin has sent me one big gift after another, and I have to reciprocate the gift properly."

"If you need help, just ask." An Ruo was very loyal: "I've seen your stepmother upset for a long time."

"Okay, I really need your help then." Su Qing already had a plan in mind.

Just as he was talking, Su Qing's phone rang, and it was Su De'an calling.

Su Qing hung up directly, and Su De'an called again.

Su Qing connected, her tone was cold: "What's the matter?"

"I'm downstairs in your company, you come down." Su De'an's tone was also very cold, with a somewhat commanding tone, without any emotion.

Su Qing was very surprised when she heard that Su De'an had gone to the company where she worked, but the tone of the order made her very unhappy.

"No time."

Su Qing replied two words coldly.

"The wings are really hard, right? Aunt Qin personally called me to pick you up for lunch. Don't be ignorant."

Qin Suqin asked her to go back for lunch?

This is probably a Hongmen banquet.


Su Qing hung up after finishing speaking.

After staying with the hospital for a while, An Ruoyou left beforehand, Su Qing sent her to the hospital gate, and happened to meet Lu Rongyuan coming back from the outside.

Lu Rongyuan saw Su Qing at a glance, got out of the car and walked towards Su Qing: "Qingqing, why did you come out?"

"For a friend, by the way, let me introduce you. This is my best friend, An Ruo." Su Qing introduced, "Ruo Ruo, this is my boyfriend, Lu Rongyuan."

When An Ruo saw Lu Rongyuan, his eyes glowed, and his face was nympho: "Wow, so handsome!"

"Boyfriend? Lu Rongyuan?" An Ruo reacted: "When did you have a boyfriend? Lu Rongyuan? You, you are Lu Rongyuan, young master Lu, my god, isn't it rumored that your face is ruined and your legs are lame? Why do you look so long? handsome."

Su Qing explained with a smile: "This is not Young Master Lu, he just has the same name and surname. Look at him, except for the same name, he doesn't look like Young Master Lu in any way."

Lu Rongyuan stood beside Su Qing with a smile on his lips.

An Ruo looked carefully again, and smiled awkwardly: "That's right, I was scared to death, Su Qing, just now I thought you were really with that short-lived ghost Master Lu, it's fine."

Short-lived ghost?

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

For the sake of being Su Qing's friend, Lu Rongyuan agreed with a gentle smile: "It's just the same name and surname. Thank you for coming to see Qingqing. We will have dinner together after Qingqing is discharged from the hospital."

"Okay, then I won't be polite, I will remember this lesson." An Ruo smiled and whispered to Su Qing: "This boyfriend is good, he knows how to deal with things, and has a good temper. I will torture you later how did you know him?" of."

Su Qing glanced at Lu Rongyuan and smiled: "Ruoruo, don't you have something to do?"

After being reminded, An Ruo remembered: "Yes, I have to leave quickly, see you later."

After An Ruo left, Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan returned to the ward, just as the nurse said that the examination report had come out.

As soon as the inspection report came out, Su Qing couldn't help feeling worried.

She gave birth to a child, if Lu Rongyuan finds out something, will she be abandoned if Lu Rongyuan finds out?

Su Qing wanted to stop Lu Rongyuan, but before she could open her mouth, Lu Rongyuan said: "Qingqing, you go back to the ward first, and I'll go get the report."

"Lu Rong..." Yuan!

Su Qing was still talking, Lu Rongyuan had already gone to the doctor's office.

Lu Rongyuan went there for more than ten minutes. During this time, Su Qing was restless and her palms felt cold.

When she was with Chu Tianyi, she was also worried that this secret would be known, but she was not as scared as she is today.

She was afraid of losing Lu Rongyuan.

Thinking about it, even Su Qing herself finds it unbelievable.

She has been with Lu Rongyuan for less than a month, but she is used to it, and she is even afraid of losing it.

Su Qing walked back and forth in the ward, when she was about to go out to find Lu Rongyuan, she met Wan Yang coming back from outside.

"Miss Su, where are you going?" Wan Yang was very good at observing words and expressions: "Why is your face so ugly?"

"I'm going to the bathroom." Su Qing lied: "My stomach feels a little uncomfortable."

She tried to hide it.

One lie needs to be covered up with countless lies.

Like a snowball, it gets bigger and bigger in the end.

With Wan Yang around, Su Qing had no choice but to go to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the glasses, and her complexion was indeed not very good.

Su Qing took a deep breath and prepared herself mentally.

If Lu Rongyuan knew that she had given birth and could not accept it, then she would let it go.

Su Qing stayed in the bathroom for a while, and she also thought about her speech. When she returned to the ward anxiously, she saw that Lu Rongyuan had already returned and was packing her things.

Su Qing's heart was a little cold. It seems that he knew, so did he pack up his things so quickly and prepare to break up with her?


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