Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 19

The latter statement, Su Qing is pure nonsense.

How can she do anything, all she wants is to trick Su De'an out and watch a good show.

Since Su Qing refused to go back to the Su family for dinner last time, she had no contact with the Su family, and Qin Suqin's mother and daughter also surprisingly did not come to make trouble.

Su De'an was in a state of desperation, and when he heard that Su Qing had a solution, no matter whether it was true or not, he quickly agreed: "Okay, Dad is here to find you, you haven't got off work yet."


These two words are really ironic.

This face also changed too fast.

"No, I'll send you the address, you just go there."

After Su Qing finished speaking, she hung up the phone, and took a taxi to go to the place to eat. It was the private restaurant in a villa that Lu Rongyuan took her to last time.

Su Qing has no membership and is not qualified to enter, so she had to ask An Ruo for help.

When Su Qing arrived, An Ruo was waiting at the door: "Su Qing, here, you are here, I just saw your stepmother has already gone in."

"No hurry, there is still an important guest not here." Su Qing flashed a sly look in her eyes, and said with a sneer, "Let Qin Suqin pay back the interest first tonight."

An Ruo became excited when she heard this: "Su Qing, what are you going to do? The box has been booked, and it's in the Narcissus Pavilion."

Just then, a familiar car drove over.

Su Qing smiled, and her smile was full of calculations: "The stage is set up."

Su Qing pulled An Ruo to hide aside, and waited for the car to get in before coming out.

An Ruo stared at the car, caught a glimpse of the person sitting inside, and became even more at a loss: "Isn't that Zhou Xiongfei? Su Qing, what are you trying to do?"

Su Qing patted An Ruo's shoulder and said, "You'll know if you go in."

With An Ruo present, Su Qing went in very smoothly.

Su Qing deliberately asked An Ruo to arrive first, and then booked a box next to Qin Suqin's.

The two entered the Narcissus Pavilion, Su Qing opened the door a little, and saw Zhou Xiongfei enter the Haitang Pavilion next door.

An Ruo said in surprise: "Su Qing, isn't your stepmother just next door? Zhou Xiongfei came to look for Qin Suqin? One is the chairman of the Zhou Group, and the other is Mrs. Su. Why are these two related? ..."

An Ruo is not stupid, she guessed it: "Could it be that the two are having an affair?"

Su Qing hooked her lips and smiled: "These two have been sneaking around for many years."

Su Qing didn't know exactly when it started. When she was a tutor or part-time job, she bumped into it a few times before she felt there was a problem.

"Qin Suqin gave your dad a cuckold." An Ruo was very excited: "What are you waiting for, tell your dad about this, then Qin Suqin will definitely be kicked out, holding such a big advantage, why don't you know how to take advantage of it?"

It's not that Su Qing never thought of exposing Qin Suqin, but Qin Suqin did it too secretly, and the other party was Zhou Xiongfei, and Su De'an would not believe him if he hadn't caught the adulterer in bed, let alone trouble him.

When Qin Suqin blows the wind beside her pillow, she will be the one who is unlucky.

Qin Suqin offended the Fu family before, but Su De'an still didn't do anything to Qin Suqin, which shows the status of this woman in Su De'an's heart.

"It's useless without substantive evidence. Jojo, you wait for my dad in the box first, and I'll find a chance to go next door."

"Why are you going to the next door? Isn't that just to startle the snake?" An Ruo pulled Su Qing to the front, and said mysteriously: "There is a hole in this box, not only can you hear the voice from the next door, but you can also see it."

"Really?" Su Qing was very pleasantly surprised: "Why didn't I know before?"

Su Qing came here several times with An Ruo, and Chu Tianyi brought her here before, so I really didn't know about it.

An Ruo said: "Every room has it, but not many people know it. I also know it from that kid An Yu. As for how he knows it, I don't know."

Regardless, Su Qing hugged An Ruo and kissed her, excitedly said: "Ruo Ruo, you are really my lucky star."

An Ruo proudly said: "That is."

An Ruo moved away a landscape painting hanging on the wall. There was really a hole in the wall, not big, only the size of an eye.

"Let me take a look." Su Qing couldn't wait to take a look from the hole. She thought she could see some scenes that were not suitable for children, but unexpectedly she heard something that shocked her.


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