Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 20

In the next room, Qin Suqin served Zhou Xiongfei with a smile on her face: "Xiaoxue has been unhappy because of Su Qing recently, Xiongfei, why don't you make another move and teach that girl a lesson?"

Zhou Xiongfei's tone was bad: "I have already warned you, don't provoke Su Qing again. The Zhou family lost 10 billion last time, and I still haven't figured out who did it."

"Is Zhou Zhe feeling better then?"

Zhou Xiongfei was not in a good mood at first, but when he heard Zhou Zhe's name and thought that his most beloved son had his leg removed, his mood became even worse, with a cold face.

"The doctor said that Zhou Zhe's left leg was crippled, and he will never be able to stand up again." Zhou Xiongfei slapped the table angrily, "Have you figured out who is behind Su Qing? Who hurt my son? My son has one leg."

Qin Suqin was so frightened that she shook her body and regretted it very much.

"That dead girl is not coming back now. Last time I asked Su De'an to look for it in person, that girl didn't show any face." Qin Suqin said cautiously: "Xiong Fei, have you figured out that Zhou Zhe's leg was really replaced by someone? What did she do? How can that girl have that ability, who can stand up for her. "

Hearing this, Su Qing was shocked.

It turned out that the person who kidnapped her was sent by Zhou Xiongfei.

But someone stood up for her and removed Zhou Xiongfei's son's leg.

Who will it be?

The Zhou family is one of the four major families in the imperial capital, who would dare to mess with the Zhou family?

And Su Qing thought that she didn't know the boss who was powerful enough to teach the Zhou family a lesson.

Could it be that Wan Yang stood up for Lu Rongyuan because of Lu Rongyuan's face?

That's not right, Lu Rongyuan never said anything about it.

An Ruo and Su Qing looked at each other, An Ruo asked: "Could it be Chu Tianyi?"

"It's absolutely impossible." Su Qing said: "If Chu Tianyi has that kind of courage, he and I can't get to where we are today."

Chu Tianyi is an illegitimate son, and even the succession of the Chu family depends on Su Xue's help, how could he dare to touch Zhou Xiongfei's son.

In order to calm Zhou Xiongfei's anger, Qin Suqin's hands began to reach out to Zhou Xiongfei's thigh restlessly: "Don't be angry, or you lie on the sofa, and I will give you a good massage."

Here comes the good show.

And at this moment, Su De'an came excitedly: "Su Qing, there is a bit of traffic jam on the road. Dad is late. By the way, you said that there is a way to solve the problem of the company's capital chain breaking. What can you do?"

"Dad, don't worry." Su Qing and An Ruo looked at each other, Su Qing said with a smile: "Dad, if Ruo Ruo said she has something to do, I'll take her out first, you just sit and wait for a while, I'll be right back. "

"Okay." Su De'an also knew An Ruo, no matter how anxious he was, at this moment, he could only maintain the appearance of a loving father.

Su Qing and An Ruo went out first, and when they left, the landscape painting on the wall was still removed.

Leaving the room, An Ruo asked: "Su Qing, what if your father didn't see it?"

"Impossible." Su Qing said, "Ruoruo, just wait."

Su Qing did not leave, but hid at the corner with An Ruo, waiting to watch the play. iread novel app read the full content

Less than five minutes later, Su Qing saw Qin Suqin come out of the Haitang Pavilion in a panic, and Su De'an also came out of the Shuixian Pavilion angrily.

"Old Su, why are you here?" Qin Suqin looked guilty, and looked back at the room, for fear that Su De'an would rush in.

"Who are you eating with? What were you doing there just now? Qin Suqin, I, Su De'an, are not mean to you. How could you cuckold me." Su De'an's face was contorted with anger, but he didn't dare to make too much noise Well, after all, family ugliness should not be publicized, and it would be even more embarrassing if it made a big fuss and alarmed other people.

"Old Su, listen to my explanation." Qin Suqin panicked.

"I'll go in and see who's inside." Su De'an said and was about to open the door and go in.

"Su De'an." Qin Suqin was anxious, and blocked the door: "You don't want the Su family to go bankrupt, so don't go in, and come back with me."

Su De'an stared at Qin Suqin, gritted his teeth with hatred, raised his hand and slapped her face, her face turned green with anger: "Qin Suqin, you watery woman, why did I, Su De'an, marry a woman like you."

That slap was so severe that Su Qing could hear the slap even several meters away.

After so many years, it was the first time she saw Su De'an attack Qin Suqin.

Su Qing was very happy.

Su De'an was so angry that the slap was so strong that Qin Suqin was bled.

Qin Suqin was stunned for a few seconds, then suddenly screamed: "Ah, Su De'an, how dare you hit me, you are heartless, I didn't do this for you, watching you worry about the company's affairs every day, I also did it for you You share your worries."

As she said that, Qin Suqin was pissed, pulling Su De'an's clothes and crying and making noise, crying so much that she felt wronged.

"I'll go, this acting is amazing." An Ruo couldn't help but exclaimed, "Why didn't your dad rush in, he's so useless."

Su Qing is used to it, and she also knows that Su De'an dare not go in.

"It's Zhou Xiongfei inside, he doesn't have the guts." Su Qing lowered her voice and said to An Ruo, "You go first."

"Okay." An Ruo understood and withdrew from the side.

As soon as An Ruo left, Su Qing pretended to be puzzled and walked out: "Aunt Qin, you're here too, Aunt Qin is dressed up really beautifully today, is she going on a date with Dad, and live a two-person world?" ?”

Su Qing seemed to be praising Qin Suqin, but in fact she added fuel to the flames. The woman was a pleasing woman, and Qin Suqin's elaborate grooming was not for Su De'an, but for Zhou Xiongfei.

Su Qing learned this trick from Qin Suqin.

Hearing this, Su De'an's face turned even more ugly, and his whole face turned green with anger.

I have never seen Qin Suqin so beautifully dressed.

Came out on a date with a guy and dressed like that.

The top of his head is probably green into a grassland.

Seeing Su Qing's appearance, Qin Suqin was very surprised: "Why are you here?"

Su Qing smiled and said: "I asked Dad to have dinner together. Aunt Qin, I didn't expect you to be here. Since you and Dad are going to live together, then I won't bother you. It's the same when I have dinner with Dad another day." of."

"It's you, you damn girl, you framed me." Qin Suqin reacted, gnashing her teeth with hatred for Su Qing.

"What did I frame you for? Why can't I understand? Ah, Aunt Qin, why is the corner of your mouth bleeding?" Su Qing pretended to be dazed, and looked at Su De'an again: "Dad, have you had a conflict with Aunt Qin?"

Qin Suqin's eyes were tearing apart: "You still pretend to me, Su Qing, you damn girl, I..."

Qin Suqin raised her hand and wanted to hit Su Qing.

How could Su Qing let Qin Suqin beat her?

Su Qing stopped Qin Suqin's hand, and said coldly in a voice that only two people could hear: "I will not offend if I am not offended. I warned you, if you mess with me again, you will be at your own risk."

Su Qing is not afraid that Qin Suqin will know that she planned today's incident, and Qin Suqin will know sooner or later.

Rabbits will bite when they are anxious.

"You you you..." Qin Suqin's facial features were distorted with anger.

The movement here has already alarmed the people in other boxes to come out, and the anger in Su De'an's heart surged up.

"Enough, don't you think it's not embarrassing enough?" Su De'an's face remained dark. He stared at the next room and grabbed Qin Suqin's hand: "Go back, don't embarrass me."


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