Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 21

Seeing that both of them doubted him, Chu Suosuo hurriedly stretched out his injured hand and said, "Grandma, within two days, my hand was also smashed with a hammer, and I suffered a comminuted fracture. I was so sad that I didn't want to live anymore." .”

The old lady raised her eyelids, "Why such a coincidence?"

Chu Suosuo said with red eye circles: "Sister Su Wei and I were injured the same way, both on the left hand and four fingers. The police deduced that someone was maliciously retaliating."

The spearhead was directed at Su Hua.

The old lady sneered, "Really? Why didn't you take revenge on others, but you?"

With tears in his eyes, Chu Suosuo said aggrievedly, "Maybe Brother Beixian and I got too close, which made Sister Suhua unhappy."

The meaning couldn't be more obvious, it was Su Hua looking for someone to take revenge.

Su Hua's expression remained the same, but a faint sarcasm flashed in his eyes. This villain's ability to complain first was getting better and better.

The old lady snorted coldly, ignored Chu Suosuo, and turned to look at Gu Beixian, "Send someone to bring back that tomb robber's sister, and ask carefully to see if someone encouraged her, or allowed her What's the good? I always feel that things are not that simple."

"Okay." Gu Beixian pondered for a moment, took out his mobile phone and called his assistant.

The old lady looked at Chu Suosuo coldly, "Do you have anything else to do?"

Chu Suosuo said obediently: "It's okay, I just came to see your old man."

The old lady lowered her face, "Let's go after reading."

Chu Suosuo's face turned pale, "Grandma, you watched me grow up, can you stop being so fierce to me? Before, you loved me very much."

The old lady pursed her lips and remained silent.

Chu Suosuo choked up and said, "Brother Beixian was injured three years ago, and I wanted to stay by his side and be with him, but my mother sent someone to force me to go abroad and find someone to watch me 24 hours a day. I think Brother Beixian was seriously depressed because I loved him so much, but he was separated abruptly. I heard that he was married, and I cried for three whole days. I was so desperate that I didn't want to live."

She stood there tearfully, eyes downcast, like a wounded puppy.

Anyone who sees it feels pitiful.

The old lady's expression softened a little, "Three years ago, the doctor announced that Bei Xian's legs would never stand up again. I can understand you leaving. After all, the gap is too big, and most people can't accept it. Whether you take the initiative or are forced You have already broken up, Bei Xian is also married. If you come to destroy their marriage again, it will be your fault, you know?"

Chu Suosuo wiped his eyes, "I didn't destroy Brother Beixian's marriage, I just couldn't help but want to see him. Grandma, I don't mean anything malicious, really."

Su Hua held back a bit, and said in a casual and cold tone: "I've hugged and hugged, and it's still called not destroyed. Then, Miss Chu, what is called destroyed?"

Chu Suosuo bit his lips, "Brother Beixian and I have been childhood sweethearts for more than ten years, and we can't change our habits for a while. I will try my best and pay attention as much as possible in the future."

"Being in love for more than ten years" sounds light and fluffy, but it is extremely lethal.

Su Hua felt an indescribable shock in her heart, like a big stone was stuffed, causing her chest to hurt.

Compared with their more than ten years of relationship, her three-year substitute marriage is too insignificant.

With a "click", the door opened.

Gu Beixian finished the phone call and walked in.

Su Wei paused, stood up, went up to him and took his arm, and said with a smile, "Honey, we won't get a divorce, okay?"

Gu Beixian's expression froze slightly, and he looked down at her with unclear meaning.

Su Hua stretched out her hand to support his waist, stood on tiptoe, leaned into his ear and whispered, "Promise me first."

The words were addressed to him, but his eyes flicked towards Chu Suosuo's direction.

The temperament that has always been indifferent and uncontested was forced out of fighting spirit.

It doesn't matter whether she loves or not, she just wants to win Chu Suosuo.

She wants to tell her, what about childhood sweethearts? So what if you have been in love for more than ten years?

It's all past tense.

She is his wife.

Gu Beixian glanced at Chu Suosuo, who was teary-eyed, and hummed very lightly.

Su Hua's heart thumped to the ground, and she reached out to hold his hand, just now she was really afraid that he would refuse.

After holding it for a while, Gu Beixian wanted to pull it back, but Su Wei grabbed it tightly to prevent him from pulling it.

Chu Suosuo stared at the tightly held hands of the two, tears streaming down his face.

She covered her mouth, turned and ran out.

Gu Beixian said to Su Wei: "I will send her back to the ward. She is severely depressed, and it is easy to get into trouble if she runs out like this."

"I'll go with you."

Gu Beixian frowned slightly, "Su Wei, what happened to you today?"

"You are my husband..."

"I didn't say no."

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, the old lady hurriedly said, "You two go together."

The two went out one after the other, and saw Chu Suosuo standing at the elevator entrance, waiting for the elevator, covering his mouth with his hands, crying silently, his shoulders twitching, very pitiful.

The people next to her looked at her curiously.

Gu Beixian strode over, took out a handkerchief from his trouser pocket and handed it to her, and said softly, "Wipe your tears."

Su Hua stood there frivolously, watching her husband caring for his ex-girlfriend from a distance, feeling as uncomfortable as a needle prick in her heart.

Chu Suosuo took the handkerchief, glanced at Su Hua, choked and said, "Brother Beixian, you go back with Sister Su Hua, otherwise, she should be angry again."

She looked down at her hands, and said in a low voice: "I'm afraid that she will misunderstand and blame me again. My left hand is already useless, and I don't want to use my right hand as well."

Although they were not close, there were not many people in the corridor of the VIP ward, so Su Wei could hear them clearly.

This is the first time she has met such a person, who can put the shit pot on others with a few words.

No wonder Gu Nanyin said that she has been thieves since she was narrow-minded. Really, there are too many crooked minds, I have learned from it.

Su Wei looked at Gu Beixian quietly, wanting to hear what he had to say.

After a moment of silence, Gu Beixian said: "Su Hua didn't find someone to do it. I know her well. She is a very good person."

Su Hua turned and left.

This sentence made her feel a little better.

She was afraid to stay any longer, and she was heartbroken.

Back in the ward, Su Hua sat down quietly by the bed.

Sitting here, but his heart is hanging on Gu Beixian, constantly guessing what the two of them are doing now?

Seeing that she was in a state of despair, the old lady took her hand distressedly and said, "Hua'er, you should hurry up and have a child. After you have a child, your marriage will be stable. A child is the bond of marriage, and it can bind the two of you tightly." Together."

Su Hua had mixed feelings in her heart.

Two years before their marriage, Gu Beixian was in poor health and could not lead a married life.

After the leg healed, she was able to pass. He kept taking safety measures, so she couldn't get pregnant.

Besides, can this precarious and precarious marriage be stabilized after having a child?

In case of leaving in the end, it would hurt the child too much, she is a single-parent family, and she can understand the pain best.

But looking at grandma's expectant eyes, Su Hua couldn't bear to let her down, and smiled slightly: "Okay, I will work hard."

The old lady smiled happily, and lovingly patted her head, "You are beautiful and smart. You have such good genes. If you give birth to a big and fat son in the future, you will definitely be liked."

Su Wei was a little embarrassed by her praise, and said, "Grandma, you can just praise me."

"What I said is true. Three years ago, I picked a daughter-in-law for Beixian. I went to the university to pick a wife. She had to look good, study well, and be good. After picking and picking, I was not satisfied. In the end, the principal chose you Bring me the information. I looked at the photo, hey, I want this girl! It’s almost tailor-made for our Beixian."

Su Wei knew in her heart that everything else was secondary, the most important thing was that she looked like Chu Suosuo.


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