Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 23

Su Wei hurriedly turned her head to avoid it, her eyes widened, and she looked at him warily, "What are you doing?"

"What do you think?" Gu Beixian pinched her delicate chin and said casually, "Anyway, I don't want to study advanced math problems with you."

Su Hua put her finger on his chin, not letting him approach her mouth, and said seriously: "You said you wanted a divorce."

"Today in the hospital, you also said that you would never leave."

"I was so angry on purpose."

He stared at her with deep black eyes, "I take it seriously."

Su Hua lowered her eyelashes, "I don't want to do this kind of thing with you now."

Gu Beixian raised his eyebrows slightly, "Who seduced me just now?"

"I didn't, I did, I..." Su Hua suddenly didn't know how to express it.

In a hurry, her face turned red again.

Not only the face, neck, and wrists were covered with a light layer of red frost from the hot water, like blossoming begonias falling on the white snow.

The beauty is mixed with coquettishness, pure and lustful, which makes people want to stop.

Gu Beixian pressed her lips, not allowing her to speak, and rubbed her soft lips with his thumb, "You are quite attractive now."


Su Hua was in a daze for a moment, she didn't expect that she could match up with such a charming word.

She stepped back, looking at him with big watery eyes, "Can you go out first?"

Gu Beixian brushed away her hanging hair with fingers, tied it behind her ears, and said softly, "Let's go out together."

Before Su Hua could answer, he bent down and fished her out of the water, turned on the shower to wash off the foam from her body, wrapped her in a big bath towel, and carried her into the bedroom like a child.

Put her on the bed, carefully move her injured hand to the top of her head.

He leaned over, bit her chin lightly, and kissed her along the collarbone, very delicately.

Su Hua couldn't stand his teasing physically, but she resisted in her heart.

She pushed him with her good hand.

But he was too strong, and she couldn't resist with her strength, but it added interest to him...


Su Wei gasped for breath and said, "Don't you like to wander? Why do you still touch me?"

Gu Beixian didn't know what she was awkward about, so he pinched her waist and said casually, "You were quite sloppy just now, I like it very much."

Su Hua would not believe a man's flirting words on the bed.

She raised her head, looked at his beautiful jawline, and thought to herself: Men are indeed a kind of magical creatures. They love one person, but it doesn't prevent them from sleeping with another person.

Women can't do it. If you don't love in your heart, your body won't be able to accept it.

Gu Beixian's hand slid down her back, wrapped her arms around her waist, rubbed her hair with her chin, and said, "The end of the month is my mother's birthday. You don't go to work recently, let's go to play at night, it's lively That's right, you're too quiet."

He does not mean that.

There was a wave of turmoil in Su Wei's heart, and she asked, "You are too quiet, isn't it boring?"

Gu Beixian thought for a while, "No, you're quite funny, the one that seduced me just now, you can laugh for a year."

"Hit you." Su Hua lightly thumped his chest.

Gu Beixian smiled and held her hand, "I mean, you are so young, you should be full of vitality, too depressed is not good for your body and mind."

"Okay, I'm going to buy mom a birthday present tomorrow, what should I give her?"

"Whatever, send a bag, she likes bags."


The two lay quietly for more than ten minutes.

Gu Beixian picked up her injured hand to examine it carefully, and asked, "Did you touch your hand just now?"


"What about the legs, are they sore?"

Su Hua moved her legs and said, "Sour."

"I'll rub it for you."

He lifted the quilt, picked up one of her legs, and rubbed it lightly. After rubbing the calf, he rubbed the thigh, and his fingering was quite proficient.

Su Wei was extremely sensitive to his touch. After rubbing it a few times, her face turned red and her heart beat, her breathing quickened, and her body gradually became hot.

She got the certificate the first time she met him. In the first two years, he couldn't stand up on his legs and had a bad temper.

No matter how handsome his face was, he was gloomy all day long, and it was difficult to fall in love. At that time, she was mostly thinking of repaying him.

It was in the last year that she really fell in love. For her, she is still in the stage of passionate love, but it is a pity that he cut it off abruptly by saying "separate".

She was a little sad in her heart, and her eyes were covered with fog unconsciously.

Gu Beixian didn't know what was going on in her mind, looked at her wet eyes, remembered how she was teasing her in a serious manner just now, and became interested again, and said: "If the legs are sore, if you do it again, it won't be sore anymore. "

Su Hua always felt that his reasoning was very crooked.

But he didn't give her time to think carefully, so he pushed her up again...

The phone rang suddenly.

But a man at a time like this is not in the mood to answer the phone.

He held Su Hua's soft waist with one hand, and stretched out the other hand to the bedside table. He flicked the phone casually with his fingers, and the ringing stopped abruptly.

He thought he hung up, but in fact he accidentally pressed the connect button.

Chu Suosuo on the other end of the phone, with his ears pricked up, heard bursts of delicate shouts coming from the phone.

That voice was so flattering.

The blockage in her heart was like being stuffed with a cactus, and it hurt.

She gritted her teeth and listened for a while, then hung up the phone angrily, threw the phone on the sofa, and said to Hua Qirou angrily, "Mom, I want to kill Su Hua."

Hua Qirou stared at her splinted left hand, then touched her nose, and said bitterly, "I want to kill her too."

"Is there any news about that Huang Que?"

"I found out that she was sold to a poor mountain valley in the northwest region. The place is poor, the people are tough, the mobile phone has no signal, and the electricity is not working. She will be forced to have many children. If she escapes, her legs will be broken and her husband will be killed. Tortured insanely, I can’t leave there for the rest of my life.”

Chu Suosuo nodded, with a hint of mischief in his eyes, "I want to sell Su Wei to that place too, can you contact that trafficker?"

Hua Qirou suddenly became emotional, "No! You must not act rashly!"

Chu Suosuo gritted his teeth, "But I was upset when I saw her making out with Brother Beixian!"

"Damn girl surnamed Su, once your hand is injured, your hand will be smashed to pieces two days later. The man who smashed your hand is blatantly warning you not to mess with Su Wei, otherwise you will end up It will be worse than her. Before you get that man out, you must not touch Su Hua, remember?"

Chu Suosuo frowned irritably, "Who is that man? It's been so many days, why haven't he been caught yet?"

"That man is very cunning. The police sent a detachment to search for him overnight for more than ten days, but they couldn't find him. There was only a blurry photo of his back, and he couldn't even issue an arrest warrant. Your father and brother also sent people to look for him. , to no avail."

Chu Suosuo rubbed his swollen temples, and said impatiently, "Did someone check Suhua's call records?"

"Tuned, there are not many people in her call log, and there is no suspicious person. Looking at Su Wei, she probably doesn't know who it is."

Chu Suosuo sneered, "Listen to you, is that man silently guarding behind his back?"

"It should be, I don't know what he's planning." Hua Qirou pouted contemptuously.

Chu Suosuo taunted: "A bumpkin from the countryside has such a loyal licking dog. Is that man blind? Why do you like Su Wei? Apart from her good-looking face and ability to repair an ancient painting, what else does she have?" ? Like lumps of wood."

Su Hua, who was like a lump in her mouth, was tossed hard by Gu Beixian tonight.

Lying in his arms as if he had no bones, he fell into a deep sleep not long after.

Gu Beixian got up and went to take a shower.

When he came back, he lay down beside her, propped his chin with his palms, and stared at her quiet and soft face for a long time.

He lowered his head, kissed her lightly on the forehead, and said in a low voice, "If I call you Brother A Yao again in my dream tonight, I'll be really angry."


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