Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 27

When she came to Gu Beixian's side, Su Wei raised her face and smiled at him.

He was very tall, standing there tall and straight like a pine, against the light, he was so handsome that it was unreal.

Su Hua looked at him with crooked eyebrows, her eyes were as bright as stars, and her little finger gently rubbed against his finger which was a bit bigger than hers.

Gu Beixian felt it, held her hand with a smile, touched the back of her head with the other hand, and said softly, "There is a traffic jam on the road, I'm late, sorry."

Su Wei smiled slightly, "It's okay, I just arrived too."

Gu Fengjiao was disturbed by the sight, and wanted to say a few words, but he was afraid that he would offend Gu Beixian, and he would not be able to come down to the stage again.

She took the wine glass and moved away.

Gu Beixian held Su Wei's hand, walked to the table, and sat down.

He picked up a piece of fish sashimi with silver chopsticks, and handed it to Su Wei's mouth, "Bluefin tuna, just shipped from abroad this morning. This is the most delicious fish belly, try it."

Known as the "King of Sashimi" and "Rolls Royce of fish", bluefin tuna is the world's top fish delicacy.

Su Hua opened her mouth to hold it in her mouth, and chewed slowly.

The sashimi has a refreshing taste, full of elasticity, and a lingering fragrance in the mouth, which is particularly delicious.

After Su Hua swallowed, she smiled at him, "It's delicious."

She took a piece with her chopsticks and handed it to his lips, "You eat too."

Gu Beixian pushed back, "You eat by yourself, don't worry about me."

In the midst of her busy schedule, Qin Shu glanced towards Gu Beixian and Su Wei from afar, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly when she saw this scene.

A lady next to her, who was wearing a green cheongsam, also saw it, and said, "Your son is really kind to your daughter-in-law."

Qin Shu said modestly: "It's okay. My daughter-in-law deserves it. The little girl has a very good character."

The lady in the green cheongsam said, "That's pretty good. It's just that this scholarly family doesn't seem to be of much use to those of us who do business, right?"

Qin Shu smiled perfunctorily, bent down to pick up a piece of cake from the table, and handed it to her, "Mrs. Li, the dessert I ordered this time is not bad, try it." ŴŴŴ.

"Thank you." Kuo Tai in green cheongsam took it, took a spoon to eat in small bites, and the good thing's mouth was gagged.

Suddenly there was a small commotion outside the door.

Su Hua turned her head and looked towards the door.

A man in his sixties, wearing a black suit, strode in. His figure was still tall and straight, his shoulders were broad, his short gray hair was neatly trimmed, his brows were sharp, and he was not angry.

It was Gu Beixian's father, Gu Aoting.

Su Hua was about to stand up and go to say hello.

Seeing a petite young woman behind Gu Aoting, it was Chu Suosuo.

Coincidentally, she also wore a night blue starry sky dress, which was embellished with countless bright diamonds, sparkling.

It's just that Su Hua's is a floor-length long dress, while Chu Suosuo's is a short dress with a fluffy hem, revealing two straight and white legs.

Su Wei walks in a dignified and gentle style.

Chu Suosuo is delicate and cute.

Su Hua turned her head to look at Gu Beixian, "You invited this person?"

Gu Beixian shook his head slightly, "My mother and I didn't invite her, my father should have called her. He and Suosuo's father were classmates since childhood, and later joined their own company to take over at the same time. They have always had business contacts and have a good relationship. "

Su Hua pursed her lips and remained silent.

She had very little contact with Gu Aoting.

Only during Chinese New Year and holidays, when we go to the old house for dinner together, we occasionally meet and say hello.

After Chu Suosuo entered the room, he was busy greeting those male and female guests familiarly, shouting one by one: "Hello Uncle Zhang, Hello Aunt Li, Hello Aunt Tang..."

With the injured hand behind her back, she smiled sweetly and looked gentle and well-behaved.

Those people praised one after another: "Women's big eighteen changes, Suo Suo is really getting longer and more beautiful."

Chu Suosuo smiled until his eyes narrowed, "Thank you Uncle Zhang, thank you Aunt Li, thank you Aunt Tang..."

Seeing that Su Hua was staring at Chu Suosuo, Gu Beixian patted her hand lightly, and said, "They all belong to the same circle. These people grew up watching Suosuo, so they know each other very well."

I don't know if I was overthinking, or what, at this moment, Su Wei felt like a different kind, accidentally broke into their circle, and couldn't get in.

Soon, Chu Suosuo saw Gu Beixian, his eyes lit up, he ran over with high heels, and shouted happily, "Brother Beixian!"

Compared with her enthusiasm, Gu Beixian's attitude was obviously much more indifferent, he only slightly hooked the corners of his lips, and nodded slightly as a response.

Chu Suosuo didn't feel embarrassed, so he ran over, stood beside him, looked at Su Wei, and praised: "Ah, sister Su Wei is dressed so beautifully today."

She pushed down the exaggeratedly puffed skirt, and said shyly, "We have collided with each other today, what a coincidence."

Following Gu Beixian's example, Su Wei also nodded slightly at her, reached out to pick up a tiramisu, and lowered her head to eat.

For Chu Suosuo, she didn't even bother to perfunctory.

Chu Suosuo said to Gu Beixian aggrievedly: "Sister Su Wei doesn't seem to like me very much."

Gu Beixian raised his chin slightly, pointed to the opposite location, "Go over there and eat."

Chu Suosuo looked at him, hesitated to speak, and reluctantly said, "That's fine."

When she walked to the opposite side and sat down, her eyes kept lingering on Gu Beixian.

Gu Aoting and a group of people walked over to Gu Beixian and Su Hua after the entertainment was over.

When he was approaching, Su Wei stood up, smiled and called to him: "Dad."

Gu Aoting glanced at her coldly, responded very softly, and said to Gu Beixian, "You follow me upstairs to the study."

Gu Beixian hummed lightly, and said to Su Wei in a warm voice: "Eat slowly, and eat with your belly open if you want to eat. Don't be restrained at home. Call me if you have anything to do."

Su Wei smiled and said, "Okay, you can go now."

As soon as Gu Beixian left, Chu Suosuo came over with a wine glass, with a rather smug expression, "So what if everyone in the Gu family likes you? Uncle Gu likes me, and I'm the best candidate for his daughter-in-law. "

Su Wei thought of Gu Aoting's indifferent attitude towards her just now, it must be due to Chu Suosuo.

After all, she added oil and vinegar, and the villain sued first, not once or twice.

Su Wei felt very uncomfortable. It felt like swallowing countless flies alive, and the stomach would die.

She clenched the cup tightly in her hand and said coldly: "Have you finished? After you finished, please disappear from my eyes immediately. You can squat wherever you like. Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. I don't want to make a fuss." Everyone is unhappy."

Chu Suosuo looked at the cup she was holding in her hand, and remembered that she had smashed the thermos cup directly on her mother's face last time.

She instinctively felt pain in the bridge of her nose, touched her nose subconsciously, turned and left.

It was almost nine o'clock.

Qin Shu came over and asked Su Hua, "Where's Beixian?"

Su Wei stood up and said, "Dad called me upstairs to the study."

Qin Shu raised her wrist and looked at her watch, "It's time to cut the cake, go upstairs and call them."

Su Hua replied with a smile, "Okay, Mom."

She carried her skirt and came to the second floor.

The second floor was extremely quiet, Su Wei was afraid of disturbing their conversation, so she walked very lightly.

Go outside the study door.

She raised her hand and was about to knock on the door when she heard Gu Aoting's voice from inside, "Suosuo is more suitable for you. I have cooperated with her father for so many years, and many businesses have been in perfect harmony, regardless of you and me. If you two get married, It is of great help to our family's business. On the way here, I asked Suo Suo insinuatingly, and from what she said, she still likes you very much."

Su Wei's heart skipped a beat, as if someone had poured a basin of cold water on her head, cooling her head to toe.

I do not know how long it has been.

She heard Gu Beixian say: "In my most difficult and desperate times, it was Su Wei who was always with me."

Gu Aoting sneered, "It's enough to give money, there is nothing that money can't solve. Three years ago, if you had no money, she would not marry you. Over the years, you have given her so much money, return it to them The family bought a house, helped her grandma find a kidney source, took care of all the medical expenses, and supported three generations of their grandparents.

Gu Beixian was silent for a moment, and said, "The biggest difference between humans and animals is that humans have feelings."

Gu Aoting frowned, "You are a man, and a man can't just be obsessed with the love of his sons and daughters. The business world is ups and downs, with ups and downs, and it is safer for two ships to travel together than one boat alone. After marrying the Chu family, in case the company goes out of business The Chu family can also lend a helping hand. Su Wei, what can she do?"

Su Wei stood quietly outside the door, like a dead tree that had been struck by lightning and had lost its prosperity, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

A deep, powerless sense of sadness surged deep in my heart.

That's right, as a restorer of ancient paintings, no matter how well she repairs them, what can she do for the Gu Group?

There is nothing like a mountain between each other, she can't help.

But she didn't leave, she wanted to hear what Gu Beixian had to say.

But she waited for a long time, but she didn't hear his voice.

She smiled self-deprecatingly.

I thought before that he filed for divorce because he could not forget his old relationship with Chu Suosuo, but now it seems that not only his old relationship is unforgettable, but also this important reason.

Su Wei turned around and walked away. When she lifted her legs, she realized that her legs were very weak.

When she leaned on the wall and finally moved downstairs, Gu Beixian's voice came from the study: "Sorry, I can't do it."

It's a pity that Su Hua couldn't hear it anymore.


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