Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 34

Su Hua felt a sharp pain in her heart, as if being strangled by something, she felt terribly uncomfortable, and wanted to say to him: We won't leave, we won't leave.

But thinking of what Gu Aoting said, she was chosen as Gu Beixian's wife because Chu Suosuo went abroad, and she just happened to look like her.

This person can be her, or anyone who looks like Chu Suosuo.

Su Wei instantly felt that she was not that important.

If it were any other woman, he would be reluctant to stay with Gu Beixian for three years.

It's like raising a kitten and puppy, and suddenly it gets lost. It will definitely be sad for a while, but it won't take long, and it will be forgotten. Occasionally, when I think about it, I just sigh.

Su Wei restrained her tears from falling, touched his chin tenderly, and said with a smile: "It's getting late, you should go back soon."

Gu Beixian held her hand, "I'll take you downstairs."

Su Hua didn't refuse.

The two got out of the car and walked into the community.

The night breeze is slightly drunk, the shadows of the trees are whirling, and the crescent moon hangs in the sky like a wound.

For a short distance, the two walked very slowly.

The shadows that fell on the ground were stretched thin and long by the light white street lamps. They were obviously in pairs, but they looked so lonely.

Neither of them spoke.

At times like this, saying anything feels superfluous.

When they got downstairs, Gu Beixian turned and left after Su Wei's figure completely disappeared.

Back in the car, he picked up his mobile phone, dialed the assistant's number, and said, "Don't look for the person who smashed the left hand of Chu Suo Suo."

I had been urging to look for it before, but suddenly I was not allowed to look for it. The assistant didn't understand, and asked, "Mr. Gu, what happened?"

"It's okay." Gu Beixian pinched the phone.

The person who smashed Chu Suo Suo's hand was undoubtedly A Yao.

Once they divorced, it won't be long before A Yao will return to Su Wei's side.

If he sent someone to hurt her beloved brother A Yao, she would definitely hate him.

Gu Beixian didn't want to be hated by her.

After smoking a cigarette in silence, he started the car.

At noon the next day, the hospital.

Su Hua took the meal prepared by her mother and sent it to her grandmother.

She has an elegant temperament, a graceful figure, and a radiant white skin. Even if she is naked and only wears a simple shirt and long skirt, she is a beautiful scenery when walking on the road, attracting the attention of passers-by.

When passing through a boulevard with few people, Su Hua suddenly heard a female voice from behind, "Sister Su Hua, what a coincidence."

That familiar voice made Su Hua's scalp tingle slightly.

She turned to look over.

Chu Suosuo, dressed in fancy dress, walked towards her quickly, shook his left hand, and said eccentrically, "Thanks to you, I'm here to remove the splint today."

Su Hua glanced at her hand indifferently, and said coldly: "Your hand injury has nothing to do with me. As for my hand injury, whether it has anything to do with you, I don't know."

Chu Suosuo paused, then sneered, "Show me the evidence, don't slander people without evidence."

Su Hua smiled faintly, "I will give you the same words."

Chu Suosuo raised his eyebrows, and walked half a circle around her, "I heard you signed the divorce agreement?"

Su Hua tightened her hand holding the thermos.

It seems that Gu Aoting can't wait to tell her.

Chu Suosuo said triumphantly: "I said it last time, I will definitely snatch Brother Beixian here. So what if Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Qin and Nanyin all like you? You are still kicked out. "

Sometimes Su Wei thinks that Chu Suosuo is very smart, and sometimes she thinks that she is too impatient.

For example, now, she was determined to divorce Gu Beixian.

But when Chu Suosuo provoked her like this, she felt an urge to snatch Gu Beixian back.

Su Wei said lightly: "I just signed the divorce agreement, and I haven't gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the formalities. Even if I go, there is still a one-month cooling-off period before I can get the divorce certificate. Nights are long and dreamy, I advise Ms. Chu Don’t be too pretentious, and be careful about slapping your face.”

Chu Suosuo laughed, "It's a certainty, one day sooner or later, does it make any difference?"

Su Wei smiled, "Really? But what you are doing now is clearly saying that you are very nervous. Also, the man who was snatched with the help of a rich father should indeed be nervous. Once the Gu family meets a better marriage Object, maybe you will be eliminated soon. Ms. Chu is a stepping stone, and she can be complacent, which is quite admirable."

The smile on Chu Suosuo's face disappeared instantly.

She raised her hand abruptly, and slapped Su Hua across the face.

Su Wei was unprepared, her ears were ringing and her eyes were dazzled by the beating, and gold stars appeared in front of her eyes.

She slowed down, put the thermos bucket in her hand on the ground, and straightened her messed up hair leisurely.

Suddenly he raised his hand and slapped Chu Suosuo hard on the face.

In those two years, she took care of Gu Beixian personally, and she did a lot of physical work. After a long time, she developed a lot of strength, which is incomparable to a delicate young lady like Chu Suosuo.

Chu Suosuo was hit by this slap, and his face was swollen immediately. He took several steps back and supported the tree next to him to stand still.

She covered half of her face in pain and cried bitterly.

Crying and crying, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she shouted in the direction behind Su Hua with aggrieved words: "Brother Beixian, sister Su Hua hit me..."

Su Hua turned around.

I saw a tall, graceful man walking towards them with a pair of long legs, striding towards them, holding in his left hand a special packing box like the one in the hotel, which was super big.

It's Gu Beixian.

Su Hua's heart was in a panic.

When Chu Suosuo hit her, Gu Beixian might not be able to see it.

But when she hit Chu Suosuo just now, Gu Beixian definitely saw it.

She was a little afraid that Gu Beixian would lose his temper at her, and she was even more afraid that if he defended Chu Suosuo, she would lose face and be very sad.

But she didn't say anything, just stood there quietly, looking at Gu Beixian expressionlessly.

Gu Beixian's handsome face was cold, unable to distinguish between emotions and anger.

When he got closer, he nodded at Chu Suosuo very lightly, put the packing box in his hand on the table next to him, picked up Su Hua's right hand, checked it, saw that the palm of his hand was red, and asked, "Does your hand hurt?" ?”

Su Hua froze, thinking that she was hallucinating.

It is clear that Chu Suosuo is his childhood sweetheart's first love, and also the object of his future marriage, but he chooses to care about himself.

Su Wei was a little dazed, and hurriedly shook her head. After shaking her head, she felt that something was wrong, so she changed her words and said, "It hurts."

Gu Beixian held her hand in his palm and rubbed it, angrily said: "Use your hand when it hurts? Are you stupid?"

The implication: don't you know how to use your feet?

Chu Suosuo immediately petrified, staring blankly at the two of them, it took him a long time to react, and raised his voice and said, "Brother Beixian, my face was swollen by Sister Su Wei, it hurts like hell."

Not to be outdone, Su Hua said, "She hit me first, and I fought back."

Gu Beixian pursed her lips and said nothing, rubbed her hand for a while before letting go, raised her chin slightly, pointed to the packing box next to her, and said, "Just now I was having dinner with a client, and the Buddha Jumping Wall in that hotel did a good job. .I packed a copy for you, it’s for three people, go back and eat it while it’s hot.”

If Chu Suosuo is not around, Su Wei will politely say to him: We are going to get divorced on Monday, please stop doing this, it will be messy if you keep cutting.

But right now Chu Suo watched eagerly.

Su Hua rolled her eyes and said sweetly to him, "You are so kind to me, you think of me in everything."

Gu Beixian noticed her small thoughts, and cooperated: "I just realized that I treat you well, you little thing with no conscience."

His voice was deep and magnetic, as sweet as a double bass, his eyes were gentle and doting, looking at her affectionately, there seemed to be light in his brows and eyes.

Su Wei thinks that he looks so handsome and warm, so Su.

The anger that was provoked by Chu Suosuo just now disappeared all at once.

She really wanted to kiss him and hug him, but it was just thinking about it in her heart.

Gu Beixian looked down at her face and touched it gently, "Your face is a little red, remember to apply ice cubes when you go back."

"Okay." Su Hua smiled sweeter, her big eyes were curved like crescent moons, and slightly raised.

Half of his face was red and swollen from the beating, but Chu Suosuo, who was ignored the whole time, couldn't take it anymore, covered his face, and ran away crying.

When she ran away, Su Hua returned to normal, and said politely, "Don't bring me food next time."

Gu Beixian murmured, restrained the tenderness in his eyes, and said without emotion: "I only realized that we are going to get a divorce on Monday after the hotel is finished. I will try my best to pay attention in the future."

Su Hua felt sour in her heart, "Just now, thank you."

Gu Beixian looked indifferent, "She hit you first, I saw it."

Su Wei paused, "Thank you very much, you can go back and do your work." Her voice was dry, but her heart was wet.

"Well, I'll take you back first." Gu Beixian lifted the packing box and her thermos together.

Send her to the gate of grandma's ward.

Gu Beixian turned and left.

Early the next morning.

As soon as Su Wei opened her eyes, she received Gu Nanyin's WeChat message, which was a photo.

She opened it curiously, zoomed in, and was startled.

The photo showed the face of a young woman, her cheeks were red and swollen from beatings, like a shaved pig's head.

The forehead is also high and swollen, a bit like a birthday boy.

It took careful identification to recognize that the face that had been beaten beyond recognition was Chu Suosuo.


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