Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 35

It was true that Su Hua slapped Chu Suosuo yesterday, but only half of his face was slapped, and the swelling was not so bad.

Apparently someone made up for it.

Su Hua found Gu Nanyin's number and dialed it, and asked, "Nanyin, what happened to Chu Suosuo's face?"

Gu Nanyin burst out laughing, and after laughing for a long time, she stopped and said: "Last night, she went to the bar to drink, and she drank until midnight, when she was stopped by someone on the way home, she was pulled out of the car, knocked unconscious, and her face was slapped. Pig head. She brought a bodyguard, and the bodyguard was also knocked out. No, I can't help it, let me laugh for a while, hahaha."

Su Hua waited for her to finish laughing, and asked, "Did you call the police?"

"Reported, the police checked the surveillance, and found that the surveillance of that section of the road was broken, and the case could not be solved."

Su Hua secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

No matter who played Chu Suosuo, an enemy's enemy is a friend.

She was silent and asked, "Have you gone to see her?"

Did she actually want to ask Gu Beixian to watch it?

Some things are almost subconscious and out of control.

Gu Nanyin seemed to have guessed what she was thinking, and said, "Sister-in-law, don't worry, my brother didn't go, he had something to do last afternoon, so he left by plane. My dad and I went to see it, and Chu Suosuo cried so badly. , deserve it!"

After chatting with Gu Nanyin for a while, Su Wei hung up the phone.

After washing up, I went to the living room.

With breakfast on the table, Su Peilan went to the hospital.

The account book is placed next to the breakfast, with a note on it.

Su Wei picked it up and looked at it. The note said: My daughter, I have found the household registration book for you. Happy divorce! Leave early and leave the sea of suffering early! In a few days, Mom will arrange a blind date for you! Two in one day, one early and one late! Gu Beixian was so mad! That old bastard Gu Ao Ting was so mad!

Su Hua burst out laughing, smiled, and became sad again.

She felt that after the divorce, she might not be able to accept other men for a long time.

After breakfast, Su Hua put the account book and ID card into her bag, and made an appointment to divorce Gu Beixian today.

The phone rang suddenly, it was Gu Beixian calling.

His voice sounded a little far away, and he said: "There was something wrong with the foreign branch yesterday afternoon, I came here to deal with it, and I will talk about the divorce when I go back."

Su Hua breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly brought it up again, asking, "How long will it take you to come back?"

"It can be as short as a week, or as long as half a month."

Su Wei paused, "Then wait for you to come back."


Just as she was about to hang up the phone, Su Wei suddenly remembered something, and said, "Chu Suosuo's face was slapped last night, I didn't ask someone to do it."

Gu Beixian said calmly, "I know."

Su Hua was slightly surprised, "You know?"

"Well, it should be the same person who smashed her left hand last time."


"Ah Yao."

In just two words, it hurt Su Hua's heart all at once.

Her emotions suddenly became intense, and she shouted almost instinctively: "It's not him!"

The always gentle voice was sharp and crisp, even she felt strange to herself.

After being stunned for a while, she said softly, "It wasn't him. He died a long time ago. He died in a fire. Last time I was at Grandpa's house, I took you to see his grave. Do you remember?"

Gu Beixian didn't say anything, just hummed lightly.

Su Wei felt that he still refused to believe her words, so she hummed perfunctorily, just to make her shut up.

But she didn't want to argue anymore, she calmed down and said, "Call me when you return home."


a week later.

A young girl named Shen Yuan came to the door, and when she entered the door, she shouted: "Senior sister, hello, my name is Shen Yuan, and Shen Huai is my brother."

Su Wei had already received a call from Shen Huai in advance and let her in.

Ask her to sit down and serve a cup of tea.

Shen Yuan introduced herself: "I am also an archaeologist at Kyoto University, but after only half a year, I went abroad to study international archaeology as an exchange student. I just graduated this year and now I work in the city museum. I have heard the name of my senior for a long time. You were a The man of the hour in our school."

Su Wei smiled, "You don't need to call me senior, just call me by my name. I went to school early and skipped grades in elementary school. Although I graduated early, I may be younger than you."

The two matched their ages, and they were born on the same day and the same month.

Su Wei is a few hours younger than Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan came here to represent the museum and invited Su Wei to participate in the restoration of an ancient painting.

When Su Wei followed her to the city museum, she realized that what was to be restored was a picture of Wang Meng's seclusion of the "Four Families of the Yuan Dynasty".

This picture of hermitage was exactly what the tall, thin man with the bald head had taken her away two or three months ago and asked her to restore it.

At that time, only the painting was uncovered, and the case was solved before it could be repaired.

Su Hua wondered, "Why hasn't this painting been repaired for so long?"

Shen Yuan snorted, "The stolen goods have to go through a procedure. After the process is completed, they will be handed over to the treasury and then distributed to the museum. After entering the museum, experts will be required to identify and study them, and then the restoration experts will issue restoration documents. Once this process is completed, two or three Months have passed. I invite you here this time to participate in the restoration together with other restoration experts, because you uncovered the painting. Of course, this is also what my brother meant."

Su Wei understood that Shen Huai did this for her own good.

As for the folk ones, no matter how well they are done, they always have a wild taste.

Official, it looks more formal.

Involving her in this restoration can be gilded, although she doesn't really need it.

Come to the Department of Cultural Relics Protection.

As soon as Su Wei entered the restoration room, she saw a group of experts sitting in the room.

The youngest people present were around 40 or 50 years old, most of them were gray-haired, and they were all elite talents invited from all over the country.

Su Hua is the youngest.

But because she is Su Wenmai's granddaughter and well-known in the industry, no one dares to despise her.

Spend a morning discussing the restoration options with those experts.

When it was time for lunch, Su Hua didn't really want to eat at the same table with a room full of old men, so she left.

After she came out, Shen Yuan had been waiting for her at the door, and said with a smile: "Our curator asked me to entertain you alone."

The two are both majors in archaeology, have a common language, and are about the same age, so they got acquainted not long after.

Of course, the main reason is that Shen Yuan is lively and familiar with herself.

As they walked, Su Wei received a WeChat message from Shen Huai, asking what was going on today.

Su Hua replied to him while walking.

Suddenly, Shen Yuan's eyes lit up, she covered her mouth and exclaimed: "Wow, handsome guy! Our curator came here accompanied by a super handsome guy. Oh my god, this is too handsome! "

She frantically touched her face, straightened her hair, straightened her clothes, and touched Su Wei with her elbow, "Help me to see, is the makeup on my face intact? My hair and clothes, well enough?"

Su Hua was lowering her hair to send a message. Hearing what she said, she glanced up at her and said, "It's okay."

Shen Yuan blushed, "That handsome guy looked at me and smiled at me, do you think he is interested in me?"

Su Wei followed her gaze and looked over.

The man is quite handsome.

Young, handsome, tall and straight, with cold and fair skin, clear and three-dimensional bones, and delicate facial features like sculptures.

Dressed in a dark formal suit, he is personable and extraordinary.

But this handsome guy is her husband who is about to divorce, Gu Beixian.

His eyes were clearly looking at himself, not Shen Yuan.

Maybe women like to be affectionate, Su Hua thought.

Looking at each other, Gu Beixian smiled and nodded at her, talked to the curator for a few words, and strode towards them.

Shen Yuan stopped in her tracks and wiped her clothes vigorously a few times.

Su Wei also stopped, and looked at her slightly puzzled, "Why didn't you leave?"

Shen Yuan stared at Gu Beixian with straight eyes, she was too excited to return to Su Wei's words.

Wait for Gu Beixian to come to them.

Shen Yuan stretched out her hand first, and said enthusiastically, "Hello, handsome guy. My name is Shen Yuan, and Yuan means eagle. Nice to meet you. How do I call you?"

Gu Beixian didn't reach out to hold her hand, but just glanced at her indifferently, and said, "I'm looking for Su Hua."

Shen Yuan hurriedly took Su Hua's arm, and said with a smile, "She is my good friend. We were born in the same year, the same month, and the same day. You are looking for her and I are the same."

Su Hua couldn't laugh or cry.

I didn't expect Shen Yuan to be so funny.

Gu Beixian obviously didn't have the patience to deal with her, so he directly raised his hand, put it on Su Hua's shoulder, pulled her into his arms, and said, "Let's have dinner together at noon?"

"Okay." Su Hua replied.

Shen Yuan was dumbfounded, "Su Wei, do you know this handsome guy? Who is he to you? Why does he hug you?"

Su Hua smiled, "I know, the relationship is kind of close."

Husband and wife are close relatives and distant. When they are close, they are intimate, and when they are distant, they are like strangers.

Hearing that the relationship was a little close, Shen Yuan thought the two were relatives, her eyes started to shine again, and she was about to speak.

Gu Beixian's patience had run out, and he walked away with his arms around Su Hua.

Shen Yuan was confused.


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