Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 36

The two came to the parking lot and got in the car.

Su Wei fastened her seat belt and asked curiously, "Why did you come to the museum?"

Gu Beixian started the car, and said casually, "I went abroad to deal with official business, and took a batch of cultural relics by the way, and donated them to the museum when I came back."

Su Wei was in awe, "I thank you for the country and the people."

Gu Beixian glanced at her indifferently, "I haven't seen you for a few days, and it's so official to talk to me? Don't think I'm so great. Donating cultural relics can increase the company's reputation, and it can also avoid taxes reasonably."

Su Wei paused, looked at his handsome and profound side face, and said with a smile: "Now you are more and more like a qualified businessman."

Gu Beixian hooked his lips, "Are you kidding me that I smell like copper?"

Su Hua smiled, "Don't dare."

"Where to eat?"

"It's all right."

Gu Beixian drove her to a small independent building in Linjiang.

The antique plaque is engraved with two big characters flying like dragons and phoenixes: Tang Palace.

Looking at the Qionglou Yuyu from the outside, it is magnificent and looks like a small palace.

All the cars parked at the door were luxury cars with their license plate numbers covered.

After getting out of the car, Gu Beixian handed over the car keys to the parking boy at the door.

Su Hua followed him in. The clubhouse is a membership system, with excellent privacy.

Gu Beixian was obviously a regular visitor. As soon as he entered the lobby, the manager warmly greeted them. After greeting them, he graciously led them inside.

There is a faint sound of silk and bamboo in the corridor, babbling, a bit like "singing flowers in the backyard across the river".

From time to time, maids in Tang suits shuttle slowly, as if dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty.

Go to the private room at the end of the corridor.

After entering the room and taking a seat, the manager said some polite words and then left.

Gu Beixian handed the menu to Su Hua, "Order whatever you want."

Su Hua took the menu, and only ordered one of her favorite dishes, while the others all ordered Gu Beixian's favorite foods.

After three years of marriage, she knew everything about him so well that she couldn't forget it even if she wanted to.

Gu Beixian waited for her to finish ordering, moved the menu in front of him, and asked the waiter to remove the dishes he liked, and replaced them with Su Wei's favorites.

The waiter who ordered food had a lot of question marks in his mind at this moment, and couldn't understand such a subtle love.

After the food came, Gu Beixian took the serving chopsticks to pick up food for Su Wei, "Eat more."

Su Wei also picked up a dish for him, looked at his slightly thin face, and asked, "Are you busy after going abroad for a week? You seem to have lost some weight."

Gu Beixian picked up another piece of fish and put it on the plate in front of her, "Fortunately, foreign dishes are not as delicious as yours."

Su Hua smiled, knowing that he was deliberately teasing herself.

No matter where he goes, he always stays in the best hotel and eats the best food.

How could the dishes made by world famous chefs be inferior to her home-cooked dishes?

When the meal was almost finished, Gu Beixian went out to answer a business call.

Su Hua got up and went to the bathroom.

The decoration here is very distinctive, even the bathrooms are antique and very elegant.

After coming out of the bathroom, Su Hua walked back along the corridor.

Just when she was about to turn a corner, a force suddenly came from behind, grabbed her clothes, and pushed her into the small garden next to her.

Su Hua hurriedly turned her head to look.

The person who arrested her was Chu Suosuo.

Being entangled one after another, no matter how good-tempered Su Hua was, she became a little impatient, and asked with a frown, "What are you going to do?"

Chu Suosuo didn't say a word, and directly dragged her behind a tall and dense banyan tree, stared at her aggressively, and said angrily: "I just slapped you, and you find someone to slap me in the face!" Swollen, you vicious woman!"

Su Wei straightened her ripped clothes unhurriedly, and looked at her coldly, "I really didn't find that person. Maybe Ms. Chu is always arrogant because she has offended too many people." .”

"Nonsense! I just returned to China not long ago, and there is no one else except me who doesn't deal with you!"

Su Hua looked indifferent, "You can think whatever you want, it's still the same sentence, please show evidence."

However, Chu Suosuo couldn't produce any evidence, and couldn't swallow the breath, so his face turned blue and he choked, "What are you doing here?"

Su Hua's tone was flat, "Come to the restaurant to eat, of course, what else can I do."

Chu Suosuo bit his lip, "Are you with Brother Beixian?"


Chu Suosuo's eyes changed, he looked very sinister, and said sarcastically: "The divorce agreement has been signed, and the divorce is about to happen, and I followed Brother Beixian out to eat and drink, so shameless!"

This is too harsh to say.

The two haven't divorced yet, and if they stay together for a day, they are still a legal couple. Even if they have a meal together, she will make irresponsible remarks.

Su Wei stood up straight, and said coldly, "Miss Chu, it's not that I look down on you. If you and I are on equal terms and we compete fairly, you really can't compete with me, because you are too impatient."

Chu Suosuo sneered, "So what if you can hold your breath? If you don't have a good father, everything is useless. I am better at reincarnation than you. It is my ability to be reincarnated. I have won you since I was born!"

Su Wei laughed angrily, "I used to envy you, but now I realize that you are so pathetic, you have nothing but a good father!"

To Chu Suosuo, who claimed to be the proud daughter of heaven, such words were a great shame and humiliation.

She was already suffocated, but suddenly she became furious, raised her foot and kicked Su Hua's leg.

Su Wei hurriedly hid back, and suddenly heard a rush of footsteps.

In a blink of an eye, her eyes went dark, and she was pulled into her arms by a tall figure.

Chu Suosuo kicked in the air, staring dumbfounded at the man who appeared out of thin air.

Su Wei smelled the familiar male fragrance, clean and gentle, with a faint smell of tobacco, looked up, it was Gu Beixian.

She secretly breathed a sigh of relief, clutching her thumping chest, and smiled at him, "Why are you here?"

The waves on Gu Beixian's face remained the same, but his eyes were cold. He looked at Chu Suosuo coldly, and said to Su Wei: "After calling, I didn't see you when I went back, so I asked the waiter, and they came here .You're not hurt, are you?"

Su Hua shook her head.

Chu Suosuo reacted very quickly, and immediately restrained the arrogance and domineering just now, stood there obediently, lowered his eyebrows and said pleasantly: "Brother Beixian, I didn't want to kick Sister Su Wei just now, I just felt uncomfortable with my shoes, lift up Your feet want to see the heels, you misunderstood me."

There was a sneer on Gu Beixian's lips, "I'm not blind."

Chu Suosuo was slightly taken aback, and wanted to cry, "Brother Beixian, don't wrong me."

"Suosuo, Suosuo, where have you been?" A slightly aged bass voice suddenly came from not far away.

Chu Suosuo's eyes lit up, he tilted his head, and responded, "Dad, I'm in the small garden here."

The footsteps were getting closer.

Soon, a man in his sixties walked over, with gray sideburns, thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a burly figure. He was wearing a dark gray formal suit with a good texture and an expensive watch on his wrist. He had a profound and elegant temperament.

It was Chu Suosuo's father, Chu Yanru.

Chu Yanru glanced at Su Wei, and greeted Gu Beixian with a smile: "Beixian, you are here too."

Gu Beixian hummed lightly, with the corners of his lips raised, but there was no smile in his eyes, and he said distantly: "Uncle Chu, please restrain Ling Qianjin's words and deeds in the future, if this continues, you will spoil her. "

The title "Ling Qianjin" is too distant.

Chu Suosuo's tears flowed out suddenly.

She touched her face and said tearfully, "Brother Beixian, you are eccentric. It was obviously Sister Su Hua who bullied me first. She found someone to beat my face into a pig's head, and it took a whole week for the swelling to subside. It hurt me to death." .”

Gu Beixian rested his fingers on Su Hua's shoulder, and said softly, "Su Hua didn't know about that matter. Don't mess with her again, and you will be fine."

Chu Suosuo wanted to say something else.

Gu Beixian lost his patience, looked down at Su Wei, and said softly, "I'll take you back to the museum first."

Su Hua nodded.

Gu Beixian walked away.

Su Wei didn't move, because Chu Yanru was staring at her with a very strange look.

Those eyes were gloomy and complicated, as if they contained contempt, contempt, disgust, resentment, and hatred, which made her feel uncomfortable, as if her whole body was roasted on a fire, or pressed into a frying pan, saying Can't help feeling uncomfortable.

It's hard to imagine that such uncomfortable eyes will appear on this elegant old man.

It is said that eyes can kill, Su Wei really realized it today.

She wanted to flee from this place immediately, but her legs seemed rusty and she couldn't move a single step.

Gu Beixian walked out a few steps, and saw that Su Wei was still standing there motionless, her face extremely pale.

"Why don't you go?" When he came back, he caught Chu Yanru's gaze from the corner of his eye.

Gu Beixian paused for a moment, then pulled Su Hua's hand into his palm, and without looking at Chu Yanru, he just looked ahead indifferently, and said in a casual tone: "This woman has been with me through adversity, Anyone who touches her will have trouble with me."

His tone of voice was not heavy at all, and there was no expression on his face, but it just gave people an invisible sense of oppression.

Like a warning, like a threat.

Chu Yanru's face turned dark immediately.

Chu Suosuo let out a wow, and ran away crying.


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