Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 37

"Suo Suo!" Chu Yanru yelled, and from the corner of the eye he gave Su Hua a cold sideways look, and chased after him.

Quietness returned to the small garden.

Su Wei stretched out her arms and hugged Gu Beixian silently, her heart was surging, and something was stuffed in her throat.

She buried her face in his chest and couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

At this moment, my heart was full of reluctance, unwilling to leave him, not wanting to divorce him.

She hugged his waist tightly, very tightly, but felt very powerless.

Feeling wet on the shirt, Gu Beixian pinched her small chin, "Crying?"

Su Hua didn't make a sound, her eyes were red, and she pressed her face to his shirt again.

"Don't cry, your eyes will be swollen if you cry again." His voice was soft and he coaxed her patiently.

Su Hua's throat tightened, "Why are you so nice to me?"

Gu Beixian raised his eyebrows slightly, with a teasing smile on his lips, "Just a word of applause? Why is our Huahua so easily satisfied?"

"Why are you so nice to me?" Su Hua ignored his teasing, and asked again stubbornly.

Gu Beixian's eyes narrowed slightly, and she patted her head, "People's hearts are sinister, and you don't have a good father to protect you. You only have a paper tiger mother and a sick grandmother. Orphans and widows, I won't protect you , who will protect you?"

Su Hua's heart suddenly ached.

The nicer he was to her, the more uncomfortable she felt.

"Is it worth it?" she asked softly.

What she wants to ask is, for me, is it worth it to offend the partners of the Gu Group, your future father-in-law, and your childhood sweetheart?

Gu Beixian heard what she wanted to say, and pressed her into his arms, "From a business point of view, it's really not worth it, but if I don't do this, my conscience will hurt."

Su Wei didn't say anything, but hugged him even harder, wishing to be one with him.

That deep sense of powerlessness surged up from the depths of her heart again, trapping her deeply.

Chu Suosuo's saying is correct, she will be reincarnated, and she will win from birth.

Go back to the museum.

As soon as Shen Yuan met Su Wei, she kept asking: "Listen to my brother, that handsome guy is called Gu Beixian, he is the second son of the Gu Group, and he is a distant relative with you?"

For a moment, Su Hua wanted to tell her that that man was her husband who was about to divorce.

But she really wasn't the kind of person who would just talk about everything when she saw someone. Even if she did, according to Shen Yuan's personality, she would definitely break the casserole and ask the end.

It's not a glorious thing, she doesn't want to make a fuss.

After a moment of silence, Su Hua hummed lightly, and walked into the restoration room without interest.

She sat quietly in the corner, watching a group of experts from all over the country arguing over whether to use the southern repair method or the northern repair method to repair the holes in the painting.

Su Hua's head got dizzy from the quarrel, and she wished she could get started and leave after repairing.

With the effort of this discussion, she has already patched up the hole in the painting.

In the afternoon, the meeting ended, and the experts went to the hotel for dinner and drinks.

Su Hua left.

As soon as I came out, I received a call from Gu Beixian: "My mother wants to see us, my car is parked at the entrance of the museum, come here."

After getting in the car, Su Hua asked him, "Have you been in the museum all this time?"

Gu Beixian started the car, "No, I came here an hour ago. The curator held a donation ceremony and it just ended."

The two came to Qin Shu's bridal shop.

Located in the downtown commercial shopping center location.

The entire ten-story building belongs to her, and it is very elegantly decorated.

Qin Shu is a proper strong woman.

Take the elevator with Gu Beixian to her office.

As soon as she entered the room, Qin Shu warmly greeted her, took Su Hua's hand, brought her to the computer, pointed to the design drawing on the screen, and said, "Mom designed three sets of wedding dresses for you, take a look, Which one do you like best?"

Su Hua was slightly startled, her heart hurt like a needle, she glanced at Gu Beixian, smiled and said to Qin Shu: "Mom, no, auntie, I don't need it anymore, Beixian and I will be going soon divorced."

Qin Shu paused, her eyes were a little sad, "Mom knows, Mom just wants to give you a wedding dress, no matter who you marry in the future, Mom will give it to you."

Su Wei was moved and uncomfortable, feeling like a cat was scratching her heart, she pulled up the corners of her lips, and smiled a little forcedly, "Thank you, auntie, I really don't need it."

She has a slow temper, it is difficult to fall in love with someone, and once she falls in love, it is also difficult to get out.

As for remarriage, that is very, very distant.

Qin Shu was a little upset, "Don't call me auntie, even if you divorce Bei Xian, I will still be your mother. If you can't be my daughter-in-law, you can be my daughter. I have already drawn the design and stayed up for several nights Painted, you don’t want it, you just look down on me.”

Su Hua's tears welled up in her eye sockets, and she was so moved that she was about to cry, but she couldn't hold her back, so she sat beside her and began to choose seriously.

She likes simple and elegant styles, so she chose a white slim-fitting style with long tails. The fabric is light and white like clouds.

Qin Shu picked up the mouse and asked, "Are you sure you want this set?"

"Sure, thank you Mom."

"Wait a while, I'll ask someone to come over and measure your body size. Measure it well. I'll arrange someone to make a pattern tomorrow. It takes a lot of time to make a wedding dress."


Qin Shu called the inside line and called her assistant to come in.

Su Hua raised her head and looked around the office.

The office is also Qin Shu's design room. It is spacious and bright. There are many beautiful wedding dresses against the wall, which are worn on the display models.

Women's love for wedding dresses is innate, and Su Hua couldn't help walking over.

The impact of the actual objects is far greater than that of the design drawings. Su Wei felt that these wedding dresses were so beautiful, she couldn't help but reach out and touch them, the fabrics were silky to the touch.

She imagined herself wearing a wedding dress in her mind, the corners of her lips curled up, and she felt a little sad again.

When he married Gu Beixian three years ago, he couldn't stand up on his legs, and the two of them didn't have a wedding, so it was always regrettable in their hearts.

As soon as Qin Shu raised her head, she saw Su Wei staring at the wedding dress in a daze, and said with a smile, "Try it if you like it, try it casually, whatever you want, Mom will give it to you."

Su Hua's gloomy mood suddenly jumped up, her big eyes sparkled, "Then I really tried it?"

"Just try." Qin Shu smiled softly, looking at her with loving and tolerant eyes, like looking at her own daughter.

Just in time, the assistant knocked on the door and walked in, took off the wedding dress from the display model, and accompanied Su Hua to the fitting room to try it on.

Putting on the wedding dress was a bit troublesome, and the assistant helped Su Hua put it on.

More than ten minutes later, Su Wei walked out gracefully from the fitting room.

The white and slim wedding dress set her off with a slender waist and a slim figure. She has a small melon-seed face that is fair and well-proportioned, with big watery eyes, cherry red lips, and delicate nasal bones.

The backless style perfectly reveals her beautiful back and butterfly bones.

Taking a picture in front of the mirror, Su Hua felt that she was so beautiful.

Sure enough, the wedding dress is the most beautiful dress.

Gu Beixian's long legs were crossed, sitting on the sofa in a casual posture, watching from a distance, his expression was very calm, but there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Qin Shu walked over to help Su Hua arrange the skirt, and praised: "My daughter-in-law has a slender waist, long legs, a swan neck, fair skin, and a good temperament. She is more beautiful than a celebrity in this wedding dress. Why don't you just come and be a model for me in the future?" Bar."

Gu Beixian hooked her lips, "Su Hua makes a lot of money restoring ancient paintings. How much money do you pay a month for being a model? Overqualified."

Su Wei remembered that not long ago, she told him that she made a lot of money restoring ancient paintings, and threatened to support him, her ears turned red.

Qin Shu gave Gu Beixian a disgusted look, "Yes, my daughter-in-law is talented, beautiful, kind-hearted, and someone has bad eyesight, so she insists on a divorce."

Su Wei said softly, "Don't blame him."

Qin Shu said angrily: "Don't speak for her, his father is responsible, but he is the most responsible."

Su Hua was very moved.

What kind of fairy mother-in-law is this? Everyone's mother-in-law looks towards her son, but she looks towards her daughter-in-law.

After trying on the wedding dress, the assistant helped Su Hua carry the skirt and went into the fitting room to change it.

Qin Shu took a glass of water, walked to Gu Beixian, sat down next to him, looked at him in silence for a while, and said in a sad tone: "Obviously I like her, why don't you think of a way to keep her?"

Gu Beixian was slightly distracted, picked up the coffee, took a sip, and said absent-mindedly: "My father disagrees, and she is also angry if she stays."

"Your father disagrees, but according to your ability, you can live a good life without being attached to him. People still have to go to their feelings when they live. Material things serve the seven emotions and six desires. At my age, you will understand , What money, power, fame, and profit are all secondary, and feelings are the most important. Once some people miss it, they will regret it for the rest of their lives." Thinking of the person in the accident, Qin Shu looked far away, lightly Sighed lightly.

Gu Beixian's eyes darkened. He raised his eyes and stared in the direction of the fitting room. After a long while, he said, "That's her decision. I respect her."

In fact, the real reason is very clear in his heart.

Su Hua has a sweetheart.

She doesn't love him.

He didn't want to keep her by his side, and he was so wronged that he had nightmares all night, calling out to her Brother Ayao in his dreams.

There is a kind of love called letting go.


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