Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 38

Su Hua changed into her own clothes and came out of the fitting room.

The assistant helps her measure the body size, and it must be accurate to every part.

After measuring, Su Wei walked to the sofa and sat down, looking down at her phone.

In the fitting room just now, she took a few photos of herself in the wedding dress in front of the mirror, and wanted to keep the most beautiful one as a souvenir, but after choosing and choosing, she thought that all of them looked good, and she couldn't bear to delete any of them.

Gu Beixian looked sideways, glanced, and said with a smile: "I like it so much, I might as well take a set of wedding photos."

Su Hua raised her eyes from the phone and looked at him in surprise.

That means, you are about to get divorced, so why take wedding photos?

Gu Beixian raised his hand and rubbed her head, "Shoot as much as you want, don't worry too much. Tomorrow weekend, I'm free in the afternoon, and I'll pick you up when I'm done. That's the deal."

Qin Shu took a glass of milk and handed it to Su Wei, "The wedding photo is taken next door. The proprietress knows me very well, so you can go to her house to take pictures. I'll say hello in advance and add a temporary stop."

Su Hua reached out to take it, and gave her a grateful look.

Shoot, of course I want to shoot.

Except for the photo on the marriage certificate, she and Gu Beixian never took a photo together again.

It is also very good to take a set, which can be kept as a souvenir.

When you are old, take it out and look through it, and recall that you loved such a man deeply when you were young.

She turned her head and looked at Gu Beixian quietly.

The pale orange light casts a faint shadow on the outline of his jaw and the high bridge of his nose.

The man she loves is shockingly good-looking.

the next afternoon.

Gu Beixian came to the hospital to pick up Su Hua on time.

When they arrived at the wedding photo studio, Su Wei was going to make up, and Gu Beixian was waiting outside.

The women's dressing room is very large, and several people are doing makeup in it.

Su Hua closed her eyes and sat quietly in front of the dressing table.

The makeup artist used a foundation brush to apply foundation to her face, and asked while brushing, "Miss Su, what brand of skin care products do you usually use? The skin is so good, a little foundation is enough."

Su Hua didn't know what brand of skin care products she was using.

It was sent by Gu Beixian, imported from France, with a long list of French names, it is said to be high-end customization.

She doesn't understand French, and she can't remember the brand after using it for three years. She smiled apologetically and said, "I'll ask my husband later, and I'll tell you, okay?"

The makeup artist said enviously, "Your husband loves you so much, he even arranges skin care products for you."

The word "love" made Su Wei pause.

He was nice to her, but was that love?

Suddenly, a delicate female voice came from next to my ear, "Sister Su Wei, you also come to take a photo."

Su Hua's scalp felt numb, and she slowly opened her eyes.

One meter away, Chu Suosuo, who had already put on makeup, was wearing a yellow fluffy gauze dress, looking at her with a smile.

There were a lot of people in the dressing room, Su Hua didn't want to talk to her, so she nodded slightly.

Chu Suosuo didn't intend to let her go, so he pulled the corners of his lips and said with a malicious smile: "Miss Su Wei lived in a valley since she was a child, and this is probably the first time she took a photo?"

Her voice was not low, everyone in the dressing room heard it, and looked at Su Hua in a flash.

Those eyes are quite exciting, they are clearly the eyes of country bumpkins.

Su Hua was quite speechless.

My grandparents actually worked in urban areas when they were young. After retiring, because my grandfather had asthma, the doctor suggested to live in a place with a better environment, so I moved back to my hometown at the foot of the mountain.

She is a single-parent family, and her mother has to work. She was left alone to take care of her when she was a child, so she went back to her hometown with her grandparents.

She didn't think there was anything bad about the mountain village, the environment was good and the folk customs were simple.

Su Hua met Shang Chu Suosuo's triumphant eyes, and wrote lightly: "I don't take photos, I take wedding photos."

Chu Suosuo's delicately made-up face collapsed immediately, it was very ugly, and he said angrily, "Is there any mistake, you and brother Beixian are going to divorce, why do you still take wedding photos? It's superfluous."

Su Wei's expression was indifferent, "Gu Beixian suggested to shoot."

Chu Suosuo didn't believe it, "You must be the one who pestered him to take pictures. Brother Beixian never liked to take pictures."

Su Wei didn't bother to talk to her, closed her eyes, and let the makeup artist continue to make up for her. New Pen Fun Pavilion

Chu Suosuo stood where he was, staring at her sullenly for a long time before leaving.

When Su Hua finished her makeup and went to the waiting area to look for Gu Beixian, she saw Chu Suosuo sitting next to him, next to him, with a smile on her face, whispering to him softly, very intimately.

Su Hua couldn't hear what he was talking about because he was far away.

She felt a shock in her heart, and walked over quickly.

Chu Suosuo caught a glimpse of her coming, and deliberately raised his voice and asked Gu Beixian: "Brother Beixian, you and sister Su Wei are going to divorce, why is she still pestering you to take wedding photos?"

Gu Beixian said lightly: "I want to shoot."

Chu Suosuo choked, "You don't like taking pictures, do you?"

In the past, she wanted to take a photo with him, but he declined every time, saying that she didn't like taking pictures.

Gu Beixian raised his eyes and looked at Su Wei, who was walking towards him with bright makeup and a white wedding dress, his eyes lit up, and he returned to Chu Suosuo absent-mindedly: "It depends on who I'm taking pictures with."

It's like pouring cold water on your head.

Chu Suosuo was cold from head to toe, extremely frustrated.

She suppressed her emotions and said with a coquettish smile, "Brother Beixian, Uncle Gu said that he would marry me after you divorced Sister Su Hua. Don't you think it's an offense to me when you take wedding photos with her?"

Gu Beixian glanced at her coldly from the corner of his eye, "Divorcing Su Wei and I are two different things from marrying you."

"But Uncle Gu said that we are in the same family, childhood sweetheart, and he believes that I am your prospective daughter-in-law." Because he was eager to save face, Chu Suosuo's tone was a bit aggressive.

Gu Beixian frowned imperceptibly, already impatient.

Everyone has a rebellious mentality.

Originally forced to divorce by Gu Aoting, he was already very upset, and he witnessed Chu Suosuo provoking Su Wei one after another.

The guilt towards her is almost exhausted.

"Whoever promised you, who do you go to?"

After saying this, Gu Beixian stood up, walked towards Su Wei with a pair of long legs.

Holding her hand, he looked at her with a smile on his face, his eyes seemed to be filled with gentle stars, and said in a gentle voice, "You are so beautiful today."

Su Wei stared at him cooperatively, with eyebrows and eyes curved, and said sweetly: "You too, you are super handsome today, the most handsome groom."

She gave him a playful thumbs up.

The two had a tacit understanding, smiled at each other, and walked away holding hands.

Walking to the front and turning a corner, the two let go of their hands at the same time.

Su Wei said, "Thank you for giving me face."

Gu Beixian put one hand in his pocket and said casually: "It should be, the matter also happened because of me."

The two walked into the studio side by side.

Here, Chu Suosuo watched the two leave hand in hand intimately, and was so angry that his lungs would explode.

She picked up her mobile phone and called Gu Aoting, "Uncle Gu, Brother Beixian and Su Wei are here to take wedding photos, what are these two doing? They are about to get divorced, and they look like they are newly married. Do you want to leave?"

When Gu Aoting heard this, the muscle on his forehead twitched with anger.

But in order to stabilize Chu Suosuo, he said: "Maybe the two of you are going to divorce, let's take a wedding photo as a commemoration. Both Su Wei and Bei Xian have signed the divorce agreement, and there is only one final procedure left." Don't panic, you must hold your breath."

Hearing that Gu Beixian had also signed the divorce agreement, Chu Suosuo's hanging heart sank back into his stomach.

She grew up with his childhood sweetheart and has a relationship foundation of more than ten years.

She believed that as long as the two divorced, she would be able to snatch him back.

In the studio.

Su Wei and Gu Beixian stood in front of the background cloth, posing in various poses for taking pictures according to the photographer's request.

The two hooked their shoulders for a while, hugged their waists for a while, and kissed for a while, and they cooperated seamlessly.

Those who didn't know thought this was a sweet and loving newlyweds.

Even the photographer praised them again and again, saying that the two are handsome and beautiful, they are the best-looking and most compatible couple he has ever photographed.

Su Wei smiled, but felt a little sad in her heart.

What's the use of a so-so appearance?

If the family is not in the right place, they will get divorced soon.

Gu Beixian caught the sentimentality in her eyes, hooked her waist, and whispered in her ear: "If you don't want me, don't leave, just make do with me. I can change what you don't like about me. "


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