Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 40

Holding Su Wei to the parking place, Gu Beixian opened the car door with one hand and put her into the co-pilot.

Su Hua had already cried to the point of tears, her pale little face was covered with pear blossoms, her whole body was devastated, anyone who saw her would feel distressed.

Gu Beixian got into the car and helped her fasten her seat belt, hugged her, and whispered in her ear: "Be strong, I'll take you to the hospital right away."

Su Wei couldn't hear what he was saying, her mind was full of grandma, and grandma left.

She has no grandmother.

Gu Beixian drove the car very fast all the way.

Finally arriving at the hospital, he got out of the car and opened the door.

Su Wei got out of the car and almost fell down, her legs were so weak that she couldn't walk.

Gu Beixian simply hugged her in his arms again and strode towards the inpatient department.

When she came to the ward, Su Peilan was covering her face and crying bitterly.

Grandma was lying on the hospital bed with a white sheet covering her body and her face.

As if something collapsed suddenly, Su Hua's heart suddenly tightened, as if being strangled by a rope, the pain was so painful that she couldn't breathe.

She struggled to get out of Gu Beixian's arms, and staggered towards the bed.

Gu Beixian hurriedly supported her.

The doctor lifted the white cloth and asked her to take one last look.

Grandma's eyes were tightly closed, her face was pale and gray, and her lips were already blue.

With a "plop", Su Hua knelt down on the ground, her eyes blurred with tears.

She wiped desperately.

She wanted to take a good look at grandma, but she couldn't wipe it dry no matter how she tried.

She lay on the side of the bed, hugged grandma's waist, and cried hysterically, "Grandma, grandma", but grandma could no longer answer her.

She went to pat her face, trying to wake her up, but grandma couldn't wake up again.

She cried like a child, feeling that she was so lonely, so lonely, and there was a bottomless sadness in her heart.

Grandpa is gone, and so is grandma.

The two closest people left her one after another.

She seemed to have become an orphan, alone.

Gu Beixian was afraid that she would catch cold when kneeling on the cold floor, so he helped her up.

Su Hua stubbornly knelt down and couldn't get up.

Gu Beixian had no choice but to take a pillow and put it under her knees, then went to the bathroom to get warm water, wet the towel, and kept wiping her tears.

At the end of crying, Su Hua could no longer shed tears, and her voice became hoarse from crying, so she knelt there dumbly, looking at grandma's face, motionless.

Su Peilan wants to send her mother's body back to her hometown of Su Village to be buried with her father.

Gu Beixian went out to call his assistant to arrange the hearse and funeral.

An hour later, the subordinates found the hearse and carried the grandmother's body into the car.

A group of people drove several cars to Su Village.

The professional funeral team I found quickly set up the coffin, put the grandmother in a shroud, and put it in the coffin.

In the evening, Su Hua put on a filial piety and guarded the spirit, accompanied by Gu Beixian.

It was late at night, and he advised her to go to sleep for a while.

Su Hua shook her head very lightly.

Gu Beixian sent someone to move the quilt to make a bed on the floor, and forced her into the quilt to let her lie down for a while.

During the past few days of vigil, Su Wei spent most of the time kneeling in a daze. She couldn't hold on any longer, so she squinted for a while.

She didn't sleep, and Gu Beixian didn't sleep either, just looking at her.

Afraid that she would pass out due to excessive grief, afraid that she would be lonely and afraid, afraid that she would be overwhelmed, and even more afraid of losing her.

He didn't know how to comfort her, but he just held her hand tightly, leaned on his shoulders, and accompanied her silently.

Under the ever-burning lamp.

Her pretty little face was as pale as the cold moon, her big furry eyes were as painful as water, and her long eyelashes drooped like a dying butterfly drooping its wings.

She was so emaciated that she knelt stubbornly in front of her grandmother's coffin, motionless.

In the orange light and shadow, his thin and thin body stood out.

These days, he loves her more than ever.

So many years later, Gu Beixian couldn't forget this scene, and when he thought of it, his heart ached.


A relative with a bad mouth came over to Su Peilan and said, "Your son-in-law has good legs and feet. I heard that he is disabled and can only use a wheelchair?"

Su Peilan knew that they all laughed at her behind her back, and sold her daughter to a cripple for money.

She raised her red and swollen eyelids, and gave the relative a sideways look, "My son-in-law was just injured and temporarily in a wheelchair. His leg recovered a year ago."

The relative pouted, "Really? That got better pretty quickly."

"Of course, my son-in-law has great fortune and destiny, and auspicious people have their own fortune."

The relative smiled and said in a strange way: "I heard that your in-laws are very rich. Will Xiao Hua be offended at their house? A small family like ours is incomparable to a big family like others."

Su Peilan flew over with a cold look, "It's nothing, their family respects my daughter.

The relative smacked his lips, "Then why is there no one from your in-laws? I still look down on us from the bottom of my heart, Gao Zhi'er is not easy to climb."

"The person didn't come, but the gift money arrived. My in-laws and my mother-in-law each sent 200,000 yuan to my card. My son-in-law is very kind to my daughter. He has been guarding her day and night these days without closing his eyes." To this level, your son-in-law can't do it without money, right?"

Su Peilan has always been quick to speak, and if there is a grudge, she can avenge it on the spot, and she will never keep it overnight.

That relative was a cousin of hers, who had been jealous since she was a child that she was better than herself.

Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to give her a good meal, but he got bored and left with a black face after a few clicks.

three days later.

Granny's body should be cremated.

It was just dawn, and Gu Beixian brought a bowl for Su Wei to eat.

How can she be in the mood to eat, but the customs of her hometown are very strict, and her descendants cannot have an empty stomach before cremation.

Su Hua hastily took two bites.

The hearse came, and Gu Beixian's subordinates and a few relatives carried grandma into the hearse.

Su Peilan and several relatives, aunts and aunts cried loudly.

Su Hua stood next to the hearse with tears streaming down her face, at the place closest to her grandmother.

She said quietly in her heart: Grandma, don't be afraid, I'm here.

The custom is for the family of the deceased to go out with the help of the hearse, and the procession behind the car is quite spectacular, not only relatives and neighbors, but also grandma's students.

The hearse started slowly.

Su Hua grabbed the handle of the hearse and burst into tears, and followed the hearse out of the village.

The hearse drove towards the road and began to accelerate, and her outstretched hand was getting farther and farther away from the cold door.

The sky seemed to be falling.

She was so sad that she didn't know what to say, she just stretched out her hands desperately, and ran to chase the hearse.

Gu Beixian was afraid that she would be in danger, so he hurriedly stopped her.

Su Hua cried so weakly that she fell down.

Gu Beixian helped her up and hugged her tightly like a child.

She couldn't walk, so she reached out to reach for it, but she couldn't touch it, and the hearse got farther and farther away from her.

She watched the hearse gradually disappear, crying until she couldn't make a sound.

On the way home, I threw up and threw up on the side of the road.

Gu Beixian helped her wipe the dirt off her mouth and comforted her in a gentle voice.

She could hear his voice around her ears, but couldn't make out what he was saying.

All she knew was that the person on the hearse was her grandmother, and she was about to be burned by fire.

She is going to lose her grandmother completely.

She no longer had a grandmother, never again.

Grandma was cremated and her ashes were sent back.

On the day of the burial, the sky was overcast, with drizzle in the sky.

The long wind blows through the muddy path, which is bone-chillingly cold.

Supported by Gu Beixian, Su Hua, her mother and relatives came to the willow forest behind the village to bury her grandmother next to her grandfather's grave.

The willow forest is very gloomy, and in broad daylight, it feels cold.

But grandpa was buried here, and grandma was about to be buried here, Su Wei didn't feel terrible at all.

Not far from her grandfather's grave, A Yao, who had saved her life, was buried.

The three people she loved were all buried here.

She finds it very intimate here.

Su Hua leaned quietly on Gu Beixian's body, watching the loess sprinkled on grandma's coffin one after another, gradually filling up the pit, creating a new grave, and soon erecting a carved stone tablet.

The paper sedan chairs and paper figurines were burned, and the flames ignited ragingly. With the whimpering of the wind, half of the gloomy willow forest was burnt red.

Crows quacked and flew to a distant tree.

Su Hua stared at the photo of grandma on the stele, tears streaming down her face.

Gu Beixian kept wiping away her tears.

Crying and crying, Su Wei suddenly smiled, and said to him with red eyes: "I shouldn't be sad, I should be happy for grandma. She went to find grandpa, and grandpa is the person she most wants to accompany. They Bury together, keep each other company, never be alone again."

Gu Beixian hummed, stared at her red and swollen eyes silently, and wanted to say: After a hundred years, let's be buried together.

He opened his mouth, but didn't say anything.

It's not the right time, and I'm also afraid of the impermanence of the world, and I can't keep the promise.

He didn't say anything, just held her hand even harder, and turned all the umbrellas in his hand to her side.

After the funeral, Gu Beixian helped Su Wei walk back.

For several days in a row, without thinking about food and tea, Su Hua became extremely thin.

The thin figure is like a thin bamboo, with thin bones, as if it will fall if the wind blows.

Gu Beixian saw it in his eyes, felt pain in his heart, and held her tightly in his arms, wishing to bear all the pain for her.

while walking.

Suddenly, his pupils hardened, and he glanced at the broken bridge at the edge of the village, where a tall figure was standing, looking over here from afar.

The man has a sharp figure, wearing a black jacket, short black hair, a mask on his face, and long legs. He exudes an aura that ordinary people don't have.

He stood there like a stone statue, motionless, looking at Su Hua with deep and quiet eyes.

Even at such a distance, you can feel the deep affection in his eyes.

Gu Beixian's heart sank suddenly.

Instinctively, it was A Yao.

The figure was almost exactly the same as that of the person in the photo given by Chu Mochen.

Frost gradually filled the eyes, Gu Beixian tilted the umbrella forward, blocking Su Wei's sight, preventing her from seeing A Yao, and preventing A Yao from seeing her again.


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