Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 101

Song Zhi didn't know much about shopping malls, but he could learn slowly.

Soon someone found the HR manager, and according to the rules, they took away all the people who made trouble just now.

And An Lina was still firmly rooted in place, pressing the fire towards Song Ru: "Song Ru, I just helped you, with my ability I shouldn't even go ...... to brush the toilet."

Everyone had heard the agreement just now, now that An Lina wanted to go back on her word, how could Song Ru allow it?

Song Ru stared for a while, raised his eyebrows, the corner of his lips hooked up, that look seemed to say, "You think I'm easy to bully just because you see that I'm beautiful?"

"An Lina, then what position do you think you should be in?"

Seeing Song resigned a step back, An Lina put up a fight and said bluntly, "I think I should still be in the director position, after all, my ability is enough to match, while Mrs. Huo you know a program can only you have the ability to take charge of this team, but you're not necessarily good in other areas."


What a stinker!

The melon eating crowd expresses their displeasure.

Especially the little fairy backing group was more anxious, and cried out in their hearts, "Song Ru, you mustn't agree, that's obviously a set up!"

Song Ru looked at a 'don't be anxious' look and walked towards An Lina without haste, "Such as?"

"...... What for example?"

An Lina did not want to let out the position of director, and even thought ...... if Song Zhi to her hands, is not at her mercy to rub and pinch flat?

"Director An, people should keep their word, M & R reputation has always been very good, can not because of a fish fishy a pot of soup, so you better fulfill your promise." Song Zhu said.

An Lina wrinkled her eyebrows and gazed at Song Zhi's face, itching to fling two slaps over!

She forced herself to hold back her anger, "Even if I go down, this position shouldn't be taken by you, it should be taken by someone else, and you still have to sift through layers and layers!"

Anyway, it tore the skin with Song Zhi.

Song Zhi was calmly looking at An Lina's face grimacing, and was not angry, instead he smiled.

"Are you trying to bully me?"


"Are you thinking that because my husband isn't here, you can bully me with impunity?"

"Is it hard to believe that you want to use your Mrs. Huo status to pressure me? Let me tell you Song Zhi, even if you use your identity to suppress me, it's inevitable that you don't deserve to sit in the position of E-Star's program director!"

The air was silent for a few seconds.

Gazes of mistrust were cast around the room.

Song Zhi of course knew that there were all sorts of gods and goddesses in the room, trying to convince people with a single competition would be completely lowering Huo Mu Shen's compulsion, okay?

She narrowed her eyes and looked straight at An Lina, turning to get her bag.

The crowd was curious, what was in the bag?

With that, Song Zhi pulls out a piece of paper from inside making An Lina sneer, "With a piece of paper alone you can prove your ability?"

"Why don't you take a look at the words on it?"

Song Zhi reminded slyly.

Annelina glanced at it indifferently, a line of words swept by and her eyes widened!

"You ...... you you you ...... you are actually a special recruit!"

"How could it be you!"

Last night, Song Yanyan was still cursing that anonymous person in the cafe and was trying to find that person.

I didn't expect ...... that it was actually Song Ru!

An Lina's teeth tightened, Song Zhi actually lied to everyone!

Exempt ......

Mrs. Huo is actually the winner of the contest!

This is staging a real-life version of a wife giving her husband a gift?

Why do they think the CEO is trying to please his wife?

All of a sudden, tons of dog food pressed towards them!

"It's not for you to worry about where and how I go, but I know you'll just have to go scrub toilets." Song Zhe smiled sweetly.

Innocence killed!

An Lina couldn't believe it, and after carefully scanning it a few times to be beyond certain that all the words on it were real, she nearly failed to raise her breath.

"Did you design the logo?"


She stepped closer to Annelina.

An Lina instantly felt her cheeks burning hot, more painful than a direct slap to the face from Song Zhi.

"What are you so proud of, it wasn't Huo Shao who helped you." An Lina couldn't believe from the bottom of her heart that it was really Song Ru's skill.

Song Zhi was completely indifferent to what the little bitch thought, deliberately stepping on her chi points and pressing them down to the point where only the two of them could see them, "But so what? Who let me have a husband on the side?"

"......" An Lina inclined her head to glare at Song Zhe.

"If you have the ability to find one yourself, you also find a mansion, maybe we'll meet again in the future, otherwise we won't see each other again in this life, right?" Song Zhi managed to irritate An Lina.

She lifted her breath, her chest heaving.

An Lina said darkly, "F*ck, you have a husband you're great?"

Song Zhe: "Yes, I'm marvelous when I have a husband!"

"Song Zhe, aren't you still relying on the fact that you have Huo Mushen's favor nowadays? I'm afraid you still don't know what's going on online, Huo Mou Shen already has a mistress, let's see how long you can run wild?"

"Oh, then I should be even more rampant now, lest you forget about me later!"

"Who else can you seduce without this face?" Annelina sneered.

"Just because I tolerate you talking in front of me doesn't mean you can humiliate me as much as you want, you really should go to the toilet oh, the smell in there is just right for your mouth!" Song Zhi didn't want to continue wasting time with Annelina, and wanted to take back his special appointment book from Annelina's hands.

But who knew that before she could touch it, she saw An Lina suddenly tear the paper into pieces in anger and ruthlessly sprinkle it at Song Zhi.

She said, "I'd like to see how long you can stay when General Huo has a new favorite!"

Afterwards, An Lina's figure disappeared from the E-Star Project Department.

How long could it be?

She lived, as long as she lived.

Huo Mou Shen loved her for one more day!

Speaking of which, Huo Mou Shen had never said he loved her.

Song Zhi shouted towards An Lina's back, "So are you going to scrub the toilet or leave M&R?"

When An Lina heard the words behind her, her ten centimeter high heels didn't step on them at once and fell straight to the ground.


It hurt just to hear the sound.

Immediately following, there was a burst of laughter!

Song Zhe gathered his sight, his two black and white eyes staring roundly, full of friendship and cuteness as he looked at everyone present, slowly hooking his lips, completely different from the strong person he was just now.

"Everyone, I'm M&R's specially recruited E Star Program Director, here I'm just like anyone else, just an ordinary employee of M&R." Song Ru stood in the center of the hall.

At the end, she added, "I want to tell everyone that besides Mrs. Huo, I have another name, Song Ru!"

All the employees didn't dare to question Song Ru's ability anymore and looked at Song Ru with a look of approval.

"Of course whoever dares to betray the E-Star project, I can guarantee that he won't necessarily see tomorrow's sun oh." Song Zhi made a barefaced threat.

The scene of Song Ru's domineering defense was captured by certain people in the M&R large group.

The comments at the bottom instantly exploded!

Lu Ziyan, who had just come out of Zhao Group, heard the sound of his cell phone prompting him to immediately look down, and at a glance, he saw that Song Zhi had indeed come to M&R to apply for a job with a special offer letter, and his eyes lit up with excitement, unable to help but hook up his lips, "Third brother, you must save my neck this time."

Huo Mou Shen furrowed his brows, coldly sweeping over the suit that had been grabbed, his eyes were sharp as they looked directly at Lu Ziyan: "If you don't let go, I'll let you break your neck now!"

Lu Ziyan resentfully retracts his two claws.


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