Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 102

Huo Muchen glanced at him, that glance cool, "Speak."

"Third Sister-in-law went to work at M&R, don't say I said that, and that the design was also drawn by Third Sister-in-law." Lu Ziyan's rhythm was strained and he spat it all out in fear.

"En." Huo Mushen's low voice drifted into his ears from the side.

Lu Ziyan looked at Huo Mushen's expressionless face, and always felt that even the third sister-in-law would go to M & R had long been within the third brother's calculations?

He quietly moved his butt over to him, "Third brother, you picked the major for your sister-in-law, right?"

When Huo Mo Shen heard this, his handsome eyebrows wrinkled.

In his mind, a tiny person's brain shook like a rattle when he was told that he would be pursuing three majors.

When Aunt Tang was still around, Song Zhi had been forced to learn a lot of things, and every time, he hid, not wanting to learn.

On the contrary, he guessed every time.

When he called Aunt Tang to tell her, Song Zhi was spared a beating!

The corner of Huo Mou Shen's mouth floods with a touch of helpless favor, he really misses the time when Aunt Tang beat her up, she unconsciously hides behind him and likes to press her dirty paws on his white shirt, causing him to be scolded by his mother.

It was just that Song Zhi didn't even seem to remember.

Lu Zi Yan swept into that arc, as if he had seen a ghost, completely unable to believe it, "Third ...... third brother, you actually smiled?"

In an instant, Huo Mou Shen collected all his emotions and glanced over twice before saying, "Move back."

The corners of Lu Ziyan's mouth twitched twice, "Did third sister-in-law tell you that she went to M&R?"


Huo Mushen faintly said.

"I didn't expect third sister-in-law to actually play with surprises ah, she must have wanted to secretly make out something before telling you, not quite the same as I imagined." Lu Ziyan stroked his chin.

Huo Mu Shen's upright posture leans lazily against the leather seat, the single thin lens of his glasses glows with a shadowy light, covering the dark aura that flashes across his eyes, his fingers quickly signing a few contracts, and then he looks up from his paperwork.

"So what's she like?"

"At least you can rely on you, after all, Third Brother, you are not ashamed of yourself, with your identity to want which position can not be, she preferred to ask for the position of E Star Project Director, but also whisked people to the toilet." Lu Ziyan tsked twice.

Huo Muchen's eyes flinched and he spoke coldly, "Send someone to watch the original E-Star Program Director."

At the end, he added, "All dissatisfaction with my wife, all hold it back!"

"Third brother ...... you are?"

Lu Ziyan couldn't understand Huo Mushan playing his cards, although he had doubts, he would immediately go and execute Huo Mushan's orders.

"How can someone who messed with my wife stay in M&R properly?"

Lu Ziyan: "......"

He feels like his little life is at stake!

Huo Mushan ignores him worrying and instead dials Song Zhi.

Song Ru is still organizing her brand new office, turning over quite a few things ...... M&R documents that Annelina kept, Durex, and the intimate apparel that women often use.

Suddenly, an abrupt cell phone ring rang in the office.

She smoothly answered it.

"Xiao Ru."

Huo Mushen's low vocal cadence came from across the room, and Song Ru couldn't help but blush restlessly, her deer eyes blinking with a few more points of brightness.



"Very well behaved."

Huo Mou Shen listens to the pampered tone, the corner of his mouth pulls up a slight shallow arc, and doesn't reveal that she has come to the company without his knowledge, but gives enough respect and guarding to Song Zhi.

Since his wife wanted to make a scene, then M & R all played along with her, so what?

Even if Song Ru couldn't, he was still capable enough to protect her and love her.

Song Ru curled her lips in satisfaction, "Husband, you're the best husband under the sky."

"Sweet mouth today." Huo Mou Shen can't wait to hug her, his voice is sexy to the point of excess, "It's noon, come over to eat with me in a while."

Song Zhi responds to Huo Muk Shen with force, in fact she left home this morning in a huff and forgot to eat breakfast, this will be so hungry that her chest is stuck to her back.

"Go to my office and wait for me, don't run around and jump around, the injuries on your body aren't good yet, if you hurt and fall, see how I go back and clean you up!" Huo Mou Shen looks down at his wristwatch, there's still an hour to go before he can see his little wife.

Song Zhi is like eating honey, and joyfully responds.

"Baby, good boy."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Ziyan looks at Huo Mushan with a jaw-dropping look.

His clear and cold face, coaxing his wife is simply titillating.


Song Zhi's fair cheeks were haloed with bright translucent pink, full of tenderness, like peach blossoms being muffled and blooming with a warm fragrance.

The tip of her heart was coaxed to tremble.

After packing up her room, Song Zhi went all the way to the 18th floor.

She went to Huo Mou Shen's office with an excited mood and just pushed open the office door, but another arm was yanked by an arm, pulling her back and pushing her hard.

Although it was only for a few seconds, Song Zhi was still caught off guard and slammed into the cold wall.


She grunted in pain.

Looking up again, she saw the woman in front of her provoking her with a guarded gaze.

Song Zhi contained a mouthful of her lower lip, straightened her spine, shook her head, didn't let herself wallow in dizziness for too long, and gazed at the arrogant woman across from her.

"Ye Mei?"

Song Zhe grabbed in front of the woman and spoke.

The woman's eyes flashed with dismay, she hadn't expected Song Zhi to recognize her, so she also directly revealed her identity, "I'm Ye Mei."

"Why are you here, shouldn't you be in Huo's?" It's really too much of a surprise that Ye Mei would appear in this situation, she thought she'd have to wait a few more years for her to appear?

Ye Mei ruffled her hair, commanding a tough tone, "Since you know who I am, then roll down."

"Why do you want me to roll?"

"I'm the secretary that Mr. Huo sent to Huo Shao's side, so don't feel free to come back to the company to delay Huo Shao during work."

The implication is that you can get lost.

Song Ru is not the kind of person who casually lifts herself up to the heights of a lady, lying and tearing things up, all in good hands.

"I haven't heard that there is still a secretary existing beside my husband, even if there is, it shouldn't be you, Ye Mei you'd better not covet people and things that don't belong to you!" Song Zhi low warning, face but not a trace of emotional changes, low cover eyelashes are also like wrapped in cold ice silk thread, root immovable.

For Ye Mei this person, Song Zhi does not know to put her to what position, but always will not be too meddlesome.

Unless, she was insensitive!

A mistress who could outlaw her mother-in-law was still somewhat capable!

It's just that she didn't expect her father-in-law to actually shove Ye Mei to Huo Mushan's side, which is categorically intolerable!

"So you're Mrs. Huo." Ye Mei feigned ignorance.

"Yes, I'm Mrs. Huo." Song Zhi smiles but doesn't laugh.

When dealing with the love rival that her father-in-law had stuffed in, Song Zhi didn't have a soft hand, but rather punched when she needed to be punched!

"I was personally sent by General Manager Huo, Mrs. Huo if you're dissatisfied, you can talk to General Manager Huo, I'm just responsible for carrying out General Manager Huo's orders." Ye Mei's pair of pupils teasingly looked at Song Zhi's calm face, as if hoping to see something from her face.

However, Song Zhi's face was unperturbed, so calm that she couldn't even find a trace of jealousy.

In fact, Song Zhi's heart hated it, and she couldn't wait to grab Ye Mei and hang her three thousand times.

The first thing you can do is to seduce your father-in-law, then seduce her husband.


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