Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 103

"Ye Mei, you were sent to MR by Mr. Huo, but don't forget that the president of MR is Huo Mushen, not the Huo family." Song Zhe coldly dislikes back.

The lines on Ye Mei's face twisted inch by inch, and eventually her entire face became hideous.


Ye Mei directly walked forward, picking up Song Zhi's slim neck with one hand, forcing Song Zhi to only look at her.

Song Ru didn't expect Ye Mae to be a practiced fighter, she backhanded and yanked Ye Mae's hair, forcing her to only woefully loosen the force of her next step.

"Song Ru, you're despicable, actually yanking my hair?" Ye Mei's words were filled with anger.

Song Zhi was torn to the wound, his face stiff and miserable, there was not a trace of relief in his eyes from having the upper hand, there was only cold in his tone, "Aren't you just as despicable, suddenly striking out at me, and I haven't even provoked you yet."

Ye Mei saw Song Zhi's sinister face, and with dense pain coming from her scalp, she knew that if she wasn't still choking Song Zhi's neck, I'm afraid that with that one blow just now, all of her hair would have been ripped out, and the whole person would have tumbled down from the railing.

Song Zhi also didn't expect this love rival to make a move as soon as they met!

Does she really think she's easy to bully?

"I'm just trying to teach you a lesson and fulfill my responsibilities as a secretary, you're the one who barged in here and blamed me?" Ye Mei's nails pinched tighter, leaving pinch marks on her white neck.

"I've seen shameless ones, I've never seen you so shameless!" Song Zhi pulled her hair harder.

Women's fights consisted of nothing more than hair pulling and face scratching, but Song Zhi and Ye Mei were frozen at the door of the president's office.

"Song Zhi, let me tell you I was ordered by Mr. Huo to take care of Mr. Huo's side, you should understand what kind of status I will have in the future!" Ye Mei threatens fiercely.

"Then I'll also tell you that the woman who appears on the marriage license with Huo Muchen is me, even if I send you over here you're still just a see-saw!" Song Zhi stared at her red moist pupils, staring at Ye Mei's arrogant and domineering face.

She gripped tighter in a moment of anger.

"Song Zhi! You won't be Mrs. Huo for long anyway, so why don't you have the sense to give up your position to me!" Ye Mei's strength was greater than Song Zhi's, so she pinched her neck harder.

Song Zhi's breathing was obstructed, and her body soon felt suffocated by the lack of oxygen.

She had no choice but to open her mouth and inhale desperately.

For the first time since she was born again, she lost a fight!

Aggrieved and angry!

She obviously married into the Huo family, but the Huo family doesn't love her, and even her father-in-law sent someone to seduce her husband!

Is she that unworthy of love?

Her chest churns with anger as she looks toward Ye Mei dragging her toward the railing to fall, suddenly fuming, "You have to want me to die, then I'll die dragging you with me!"


Huo Mushen walks out of the elevator to see the scene of Song Zhi being choked by Ye Mei, half of her body hanging outside the railing, about to fall.

He surges forward and grabs Ye Mei's shoulders, fishing the powerless Song Zhi out of her hands.

Lu Ziyan also rushed to follow, and seeing the purple and blue pinch marks on Song Zhi's neck, he tightened his brows and walked towards Ye Mei.

He was even more vicious than Huo Mou Shen, grabbing Ye Mei and slamming her towards the ground.

The back of Ye Mei's head fell to the ground, hurting her internal organs so much that they were on fire.

On the other side, Song Zhi was held tightly in Huo Mushan's arms, his nose was sore, his hands hooked around Huo Mushan's neck, and he cried in a stoic and silent manner.

It can be hard to bear.

She is crying because no one loves her, in this world, except for Huo Mushan, she really has no one to love her.

"Xiaozhu, good girl, don't cry, don't cry."

Huo Mushan's jaw tightens, clenching his fists, his arms pass over Song Zhi's armpits, his knees bend, and he holds Song Zhi horizontally in his arms.

He gets up and walks towards Ye Mei.

Ye Mei was surrounded by a powerful hostile aura, and when she saw the man's eyes like ice picks, she was so scared that she kept retreating until she reached the corner of the wall.

"Huo Shao, you can't make a move on me! I was sent by Mr. Huo to take care of you, and I follow Mr. Huo's orders in everything." Ye Mei speaks sharply.

"So you dare to touch my woman?" There isn't a hint of easing in Huo Muchen's eyes, they are still ice cold.

The current Huo Muchen is a time bomb that will make Ye Mei fall into hell in the next second!

"I'm just following Mr. Huo's orders, Huo Shao I didn't mean to take a shot at Song Zhi, Mr. Huo just wants you to return to the Huo family."

Everything is at Mr. Huo's command?

Huo Mou Shen exudes a thick hostile aura and says in a cold voice, "You think that I won't dare to make a move on you if you have my father to protect you!"

He pressed on, his voice even colder and more suppressed when he said this.

Song Zhe's heart choked with pain.

She didn't want Huo Mushen to break up with his parents because of her.

Song Zhi suddenly hooked onto Huo Moushen's neck, "Moushen, I'm having a hard time, let's go."

Huo Moushen's thin lips pursed up, words like knives, "Go back and tell him, next time, I won't even let the Huo family go!"

After saying this, Huo Moushen walks towards the office.


The door is slammed hard!

Ye Mei's heart in her throat steeply falls back into her chest, cloaked and leaning against the wall, her eyes crawling with fear.

Lu Zi Yan looks down at the wretched woman, smiling coldly and sarcastically, "Delusional thought of relying on Mr. Huo's relationship to climb up to Mrs. Huo's position, you a woman with no family background whatsoever dares to make a move, living out of patience."

Hearing this, Ye Mei glares at him.

In her eyes, Lu Ziyan is nothing more than an adopted son with no status whatsoever, so who is he to lecture her?

"Scram! Don't let me see you again, or I'll beat you once!" Lu Zi Yan was not a compassionate person.

Ye Mei propped up half of her body from the ground, she didn't get Huo Muxian's scowl even if she didn't, but she also pissed him off, and there's no way to account for it when she goes back!

She can only stay by Huo Xishen's side if she can stay by Mr. Huo's side in peace!

Thinking of this, she stepped on her high heels and left M&R!


Song Zhi is brought to the room by Huo Mushan and doesn't stop crying.

Huo Mushan hugs her onto his lap, his palm patting her shoulder.

"Don't cry, the clothes are dirty."

Song Zhi's eyes are red and she looks straight at Huo Moushen, "Then I'll go down and find a place to cry by myself."

Huo Mushen sees her pushing his arm to climb down, helplessly hooking the person back up and stretching his wrist over.

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm aggrieved." Song Zhi responds.

Huo Mou Shen's brow furrowed, "Why did you stop me from doing it just now, who said what to you?"

"No one said anything to me, I'm just aggrieved!"

Song Zhi's stoic crying was heartbreaking.

"Who dares?" Huo Mushen's fingers swabbed the teardrops at the corners of her eyes.

Song Zhi is shocked by the gentleness in his eyes and hugs his shoulders, sobbing uncontrollably.

"I obviously didn't provoke anyone, I just want to be by your side properly, why do they always target me?"

"Why are they always trying to throw me out?"

"Everyone wants me to die, no one loves me at all, why ah ......"

"I love. Xiaozhu I love you, I only love you." Huo Mou Shen hasn't coaxed anyone, but when he hears Song Ru crying sadly, he is inexplicably annoyed in his chest.

"Huo Mou Shen, I only have you." Song Zhi hugs even tighter, the tears that have been suppressed for so long spilling out, and her face faintly trembles.

In this world, everyone has abandoned her, only Huo Mushan still wants her.

Huo Mushan dragged her waist, as if he was holding the whole world.

His eyes were filled with determination, and he would never again let Xiaozui suffer the pain he had suffered before!

From the depths of his heart, the nerves were tugged and numerous hostile qi surged out, sweeping through Huo Moushen's entire body, and he hugged her tighter, earnestly saying, "Xiaozhu, your Huo Moushen is back."

Lu Ziyan had just entered the door when he heard Song Zhi's cries, and his heart didn't feel the same way.

He had also empathized.

But still, he walked in, "Third brother, the person has already left, it was uncle Huo who picked him up."

Song Zhi's body stiffens.

Huo Xishen really wanted her to die!

Huo Mushen lowers his voice to pacify Song Zhi, seeing her face pale and covered in gloom, his eyes are chilly, "Send someone to stop the project between M&R and the Huo family, wait for the Huo family's people to come to the door."

"Third brother, you're shelling towards your own door, okay?" Lu Ziyan wrinkled his eyebrows.


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